kids playing with music instrument shakers

Over the past 30 years, scientists have identified a number of benefits that musical instruments can have on the cognitive development of your child. It has been proven that music by itself helps to develop your child’s auditory senses more than any other subject on the school curriculum. In the long term, this helps to improve your child’s fine motor skills and overall coordination, which will benefit them throughout their lifetime, both in childhood and as an adult.

In addition to this, music can help your child to improve their focus and memory. Studies have shown that by listening to music from a young age, children significantly increase their ability to focus in school, as well as memorize faster than other children of the same age.

This greatly increases their ability to produce good grades in school, as well as develop life skills at a faster rate. By introducing your child to music at a young age, it could be argued that you are setting them up for a life of success.

If this wasn’t great enough by itself, music can also help to improve your child’s language development. Music is often used by child therapists all around the world to help children understand speech, using it as a base for further development and overcoming any speech deficiencies that they may have.

Once exposed to music, not only can children further develop in their own language, but they will also have the ability to pick up a second language. Music allows children to better understand the flow of language, which consequently allows them to pick up the language more efficiently than adults.

Musical instruments can also have a benefit on your child’s personal characteristics. By learning one from a young age, your child will improve their discipline levels, after all, learning an instrument can be extremely difficult. In addition to this, it can also help to boost their self-confidence, increasing their ability to make friends with other children, as well as interact with people in general.

These facts alone suggest that music should be taught in schools as early as reception. It has a range of uses in the classroom, from music classes to the use of music in lessons to improve productivity and focus among children whilst they are written essays or even during class-based exams.

At Carved Culture, we supply a wide range of music instruments from drums, and shakers to instrument packs, that are a fantastic addition to the classroom. We believe that such instruments are a perfect way to get your children into music. All of them are completely safe in the classroom and are specially designed to spark an interest in any child that interacts with them.

We offer schools a unique educational discount on all of our instruments as we believe that they should be a fundamental aspect of any school, even for the younger years. Contact us directly today and see how the use of instruments within your classroom can help change your class forever.


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