Trying Vegan Prawn Crackers (Review)

As a vegan, it can often be difficult to find snacks that are both delicious and animal-friendly. However, there's a new snack in town that's sure to satisfy your cravings: vegan prawn crackers! 

Despite their name, there are no actual prawns in this snack. Instead, they're made from a blend of tapioca starch, vegetable oil, sugar, rice flour, and salt, along with natural flavorings. At first glance, they look just like regular prawn crackers, but without the fishy smell. Instead, they have a subtle oil scent that doesn't overpower the flavour.

 The best part? These vegan prawn crackers taste just like the real thing! Vegetarians and vegans alike can now enjoy this classic snack without any guilt. There's no difference in flavor, but without the prawn. Plus, they're free from MSG, making them a healthier alternative.

If you're a vegetarian or vegan looking for a tasty snack, we highly recommend giving these vegan prawn crackers a try. You won't be disappointed! It's great to see native food evolving and catering to more dietary restrictions. So go ahead, indulge in this delicious snack and feel good about your choice.

Trying Vegan Prawn Crackers Review (Video)


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