Uses for Italian Limoncello

I would love to start by saying that I am not a person that enjoys drinking alcohol but I do have a soft spot for limoncello and pretty much all things lemon. I'm kind of lemon obsessed. I make my own limoncello and love to use it for baking desserts and cooking in general. After our trip to Italy I have been using limoncello in many different ways and this recipe is going to be a work-in-progess because there's no doubt that I will be updating it with more zingy ways to use limoncello. 

Without further delay; below you will discover the most tastiest uses for Italian limoncello and if you fancy it you can follow the link at the bottom so that you can watch how I make it. Do comment how you like to use limoncello because I would love to know! 

1. Limoncello cheesecake

if you love cheesecake then you will love this limoncello cheesecake, in fact, if you hate cheesecake, you will love this cheesecake and if you hate lemon then you will probably hate this cheesecake. What I'm trying to say is that this cheesecake is the best and 95% of people love this cheesecake, If you don't love it, please make yourself known in the comments! 

Discover our limoncello cheesecake recipe here.

2. Limoncello biscuits

There are so many tasty biscuits that you can make with limoncello, all you have to do is add limoncello to your favourite biscuit. A specific Italian limoncello biscuit that is popular in Italy is called 'Frollini al limoncello' but I love adding a little limoncello to amaretti biscuits, biscotti, and even homemade oat biscuits.  

3. Limoncello mousse

This was surprisingly super tasty, I say surprisingly because mousse can be quite heavy but I really feel that with the lemon twist, it takes it to a new level. A level that you didn't expect, that feeling that you didn't know existed. With this mousse a little bit goes a long way, you only need a small taste to really appreciate the delicate aromas of the lemon.

See the limoncello mousse recipe here.

4. Limoncello sweets 

Making sweets is not my strong point, in fact, I'm pretty terrible at it. If you know how to make sweets though, you could easily add limoncello into a sweet. Caffarel is one of Italy's oldest chocolatiers and they produce chocolates that have a thick dark chocolate outer with a creamy limoncello liqueur filling, the company was brought out by Lindt & Sprüngli in 1988. 

Limoncello boiled sweets are very popular in Italy, the leading brand of lemon flavoured candy is Perle di Sole. I really want to buy some but the shipping from Italy is so high and there are no distributors in England. If you are a sweet maker, this is a great business opportunity for you and we will be your first customer.

Get the limoncello sweets recipe here.

5. Limoncello tiramisu

I had no idea that this was going to work, and I thought it was unique to me but it turns out that there are plenty of limoncello tiramisu recipes out there. The idea for this started after I made up a fresh batch of limoncello and also made a tiramisu for our YouTube channel. I love to cook Italian things and there I was standing there, staring at both the coffee soaked tiramisu sponge fingers and a bottle of homemade limoncello. The lightbulb moment came and my recipe of limoncello tiramisu was born, unfortunately a lemon tiramisu didn't fall out of a tree and land on my head because that would have made a great story. 

6. Limoncello drizzle cake

Lemon drizzle cake is arguably the best cake that exists, it is sweet, it is cake, and the lemon just comes through giving you something different. I prefer my lemon cake to be made with less sugar and more lemon but if you use limoncello and remove a lot of that sugar, you have the perfect base for a semi sweet cake. All you have to do is make your lemon drizzle cake as normal but replace some of the sugar and lemon juice with limoncello. 

7. Limoncello icing

Add some limoncello to icing sugar to create a thick paste that can be used to decorate cakes, fruit pies, and more. 

8. Limoncello simple syrup

When making pancakes, how about cutting out the middle man? Instead of using sugar and lemon juice you could make up a fresh batch of homemade limoncello syrup. It would have so many uses in the kitchen to sweeten foods without adding just sugar. You can use the syrup to sweeten and add flavour. Put a teaspoon in with a salad dressing, replace honey in a lemon tea when you're feeling unwell? What ever you choose to do with this limoncello syrup, I know it will taste beautiful. 

9. Limoncello lemon curd

Make some lemon curd and swap out part of the lemon juice and sugar for a more in depth flavour from the limoncello. This would be delightful on toast but could also be another great way to create useful ingredients in the kitchen.

10. Drink it

I stood here scratching my head for a minute, thinking: "What else can you do with limoncello?" It seems I got so carried away with the abundance of opportunity of what you can do with this lemon elixir that I forgot the main purpose is to drink a small amount before or after a meal as an aperitif to clean your palette and to celebrate great times, in great company with great people. 

Up next: How to Make Italian Limoncello


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