What is a pill box?

We used to sell pill boxes but sales were slow, in fact for a whole year we didn't sell even one piece. This is not surprising considering that even though during the past 20 years, the popularity of the pill box has increased but with that so has the competition and the amount of products that have saturated the market unsettling the balance of supply and demand. With too much supply and not enough demand there is less sales. 

Pill box that we used to sell

Pill box that we used to sell

These round mini pillboxes are the perfect size to hold a small pair of earrings, and they make for a wonderful gift. They are approximately 3.3cm x 2.5cm. We offered these in different colour options and each one is decorated by hand from India with sequins, glitter, and beads. If you are up for the challenge you can make a DIY pill box to store anything you want. The disadvantages of a pill box is that they are small and cannot store bigger items, of course you could make a bigger version but then it wouldn't be called a pill box. 

Where did the pill box originate?

Pill boxes were originally invented by David P. Wagner for the use of medication dispensing means in 1964. The reason he made the device is so that he and his wife could use it as a prompt to remember whether they had taken their daily pill or not. Even though he invented the device, it did not look as it does today. Through years of innovation there are more stylish and modern pill boxes that are more attractive which ensures that you do not forget to take your medicine. The best thing about pillboxes are how versatile they are, lets explore their uses.

Uses for a pill box

  • For storing medicine pill tablets or multivitamins
  • For storing trinkets and small jewellery 
  • As a decorative ornament on a shelf
  • For keeping small paper reminders
  • Storing lunch money for school

Popular pill boxes

Sure, you can get a pill box in many shops such as Wilko, Asda, B&M, and Tesco but here we are going to discover the most popular pill boxes on Amazon with the best ratings, sales and reviews so that you can save time searching online. 

1. Rainbow Monday to Sunday pill box

colourful rainbow coloured pill box


This pill box is attractive due to its rainbow colour theme, the eyes will be drawn to the brightly coloured lids stating which day of the week ensuring that you do not take more tablets than what you need in one day. 

2. Yellow weekly pill box

Yellow weekly pill box

If you need something bright to remind you to take your medicine, this one is probably the best. The bright yellow colour will be a constant reminder. Its a shame about the plastic container but it is food grade and will keep your tablets fresh. 

3. Weekly pill box (4 compartments per day)

4 compartment pill box per day weekly


This one is especially useful if you are needing to take multiple tablets at different times of the day. It is great for organisation and will give you a helping hand reminder to not miss taking your medicine. Four compartments include for morning, noon, evening and bedtime.

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