Medium Pitched Musical Instruments

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Showing 1 - 24 of 49 products
pan pipes with blue ribbon
Siku Pan Pipes
Sale price£28.00
handcrafted antares panpipes from Peru
Antares Bamboo Pan Pipes
Sale price£18.00
bamboo thunder drum with metal spring
Bamboo Sanur Thunder Drum
Sale price£28.00
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Indonesian spiral didgeridoo with blue dot painted design
Spiral Didgeridoo Tuned C, D
Sale price£92.00
carved gourd thumb piano instrument
Gourd Thumb Piano Kalimba (9 note)
Sale price£22.00
hand pan musical instrument with two beaters and case
Handpan With Accessories
Sale price£132.00
Rattlesnake Marching Drum
Rattlesnake Marching Drum
Sale price£52.00
Wooden This Yulin Kalimba (17 Note)
Yulin Kalimba (17 Note)
Sale price£32.00
17 note board type gecko kalimba
Gecko Arch Kalimba (17 Note)
Sale price£58.00
Traditional Indian bhangra dhol dholak drum
Dholak Drum
Sale price£42.00
South American Bamboo panpipes
Zampona Double Pan Pipes
Sale price£22.00
17 note hokema kalimba thumb piano
Hokema Kalimba (17 Note)
Sale price£142.00
pakistani cows hide and wood shamanic drum
Khenji Shamanic Drum
Sale priceFrom £62.00
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monkey drum wooden frame goats hide
Kolaka Monkey Drum
Sale price£18.00
quena andean flute with colourful case
Quena Andean Flute
Sale price£62.00
Nose Flute
Nose Flute
Sale priceFrom £22.00
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tribal hand carved tarka flute from Peru
Peruvian Tarka Flute
Sale price£18.00
red and white rattle snake hand drum with beater
Rattlesnake Handrum
Sale price£32.00
Traditional African talking drum with beater
African Talking Drum
Sale price£128.00
Castanha husk agogo instrument with beater
Castanha Agogo
Sale price£82.00
Chisai Pocket Kalimba (8 note)
Chisai Pocket Kalimba (8 Note)
Sale price£22.00
double bird tone block grey backdrop
Double Animal Tone Block
Sale price£28.00
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Wooden Gansu Kalimba (9 note)
Gansu Kalimba (9 Note)
Sale price£22.00
Wooden box type kalimba by Gecko
Gecko Box Kalimba (17 Note)
Sale price£72.00

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