Musical Instruments (Difficulty 4)

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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 products
Wooden This Yulin Kalimba (17 Note)
Yulin Kalimba (17 Note)
Sale price£32.00
17 note board type gecko kalimba
Gecko Arch Kalimba (17 Note)
Sale price£58.00
Unusual lotus clacker from vietnam
Vietnamese Lotus Clacker
Sale price£38.00
17 note solid wood magadi kalimba
Magadi Kalimba (17 Note)
Sale price£68.00
Hashi Metallophone with two beaters
Hashi Metallophone
Sale price£92.00
Flexatone Rattle
Flexatone Rattle
Sale priceFrom £38.00
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Yellow red and black traditional indian damaru drum
Damaru Twist Drum
Sale price£18.00
The front of the 21 note Gecko Kalimba
Gecko Kalimba (21 Note)
Sale price£62.00
large Madal drum from Nepal red with goats skin handle
Madal Drum
Sale priceFrom £152.00
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13 note Morri mettalophone with solid wood frame and metal chimes with beaters
Morii Metallophone
Sale price£28.00
Solid wood base painted black with hanging triangle and beater
Ninja Triangle
Sale price£22.00
Tring tambourine with solid wood handle and frame with six metal bells
Tring Tambourine
Sale price£18.00
Black water buffalo horn musical instrument from Vietnam
Water Buffalo Horn
Sale price£48.00

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