Musical Instruments (Difficulty 6)

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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products
handcrafted antares panpipes from Peru
Antares Bamboo Pan Pipes
Sale price£18.00
Indonesian spiral didgeridoo with blue dot painted design
Spiral Didgeridoo Tuned C, D
Sale price£92.00
brass singing bowl with beater and necklace in backdrop
Tibetan Singing Bowl
Sale priceFrom £42.00
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South American Bamboo panpipes
Zampona Double Pan Pipes
Sale price£22.00
green metal jaw harp
Hechi Jaw Harp
Sale priceFrom £28.00
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solid cast iron large jaw harp with grey background
Cast Iron Jaw Harp
Sale price£22.00
small jaw harp made with brass grey background
Brass Jaw Harp
Sale price£22.00
Full size hand painted melaya didgeridoo
Melaya Didgeridoo (Full size)
Sale price£82.00
Pocket didgeridoo upright
Pocket Didgeridoo
Sale price£92.00
Tradtional Indonesian gamelan sulling flute
Gamelan Suling Flute
Sale priceFrom £18.00
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Xiao mini brass gong with red loop and beater
Xiao Mini Gong
Sale price£12.00

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