The Best Chairs for Musicians

For any musician, the best chairs are essential for providing the utmost comfort while practicing or performing. Musician chairs are specially designed to be ergonomic, allowing the musician to remain comfortable and relaxed when playing for long hours. With a variety of styles and designs available, there is something for everyone, whether one is a classical musician or a modern DJ.

When choosing a musician chair, consider the material and features that best meet the needs of the musician. Leather and other materials provide a durable and comfortable surface to sit on while playing, while adjustable height and backrests allow the musician to find the perfect fit. Many musician chairs also come with wheels and folding arms, making them easier to transport to different venues. 

For music studios and home recording set-ups, good music furniture is a must. The right furniture will provide both functionality and style, while also creating a comfortable environment for musicians to practice or perform in. Depending on the size of the room and the type of music, there are a variety of furniture pieces available, from desks to seating and storage solutions. When selecting music furniture, consider the size, material and design, to ensure it offers the best comfort and convenience for the musician.

Having the right musician chair and music furniture is essential for any musician. The right furniture can provide both comfort and convenience, while also creating a professional atmosphere for practice and performance. Musician chairs and music furniture can be found in most furniture stores, allowing musicians to find the perfect pieces for their needs. By taking the time to find the best furniture for their needs, musicians can create the perfect environment for their work. Below you will find our shortlist of chairs for musicians in order of cheapest with the least functionality to expensive with the most amount of features. 

Amazon Basics Low-Back

Amazon Basics Low-Back

The Amazon basics low back chair is likely the best musician chair for those on a budget. It's affordable, has a minimalist design and sadly as a result is provides an inadequate lumbar support and is unsuitable for prolonged usage. It has decent wheels to move around your workspace. It may not be the ideal choice for a primary studio chair used full-time. If you require an additional seat for partners or a chair without armrests for recording or playing guitar, it is worth considering. Keep in mind, though, that it may not provide enough back support for longer sessions.

Secret Lab chair

Secret lab musician gaming chair

The Secret Lab chair is great for taller individuals as it provides a high back support and has numerous customisation options available. It is a gaming chair and so the look may not appeal to everyone and the armrests do not fold down. This chair is marketed as a gaming chair, but is also an excellent studio chair considering that both gamers and producers spend long hours sitting in front of their setups. These chairs can recline up to 165 degrees and are wide enough to allow you to sit cross-legged if you wanted to. You can comfortably spend entire days working on music in this chair but you probably shouldn't because exercise is always good!

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Chair
The Herman Miller Aeron is a widely recognized chair, renowned for its remarkable comfort during long periods of use. Its exceptional design has earned it a place in the Museum of Modern Art. It's a popular choice in boardrooms and recording studios worldwide for its mesh back and seat that ensure breathability and ergonomic design that provides long-term comfort. The chair is adjustable to suit every need. The Herman Miller Aeron comes with a hefty price tag, similar to that of a decent computer when purchased new. Nevertheless, investing in this chair is a wise decision, especially for those seeking the best chair for music production.

Steelcase ergonomic chair

Steelcase ergonomic chair


This steel case ergonomic chair offers the ultimate comfort and support for long hours of sitting. This chair features an adjustable seat depth, fully adjustable arms, adjustable lumbar, pneumatic seat height adjustment, recline tension adjustment, 4 position recline lock, wrapped upholstered back and seat. With this chair, you can rest assured that you will get all-day comfort and back support. The seat and back move in sync with your body movements, ensuring long-term support. The chair frame is made of 95% wool and 5% polyamide, certified by OEKO-TEX and EU Flower.

The chair's wheels are suitable for hard flooring such as parquet tiles, etc. Plus, it comes fully assembled and has a 5-year manufacturer warranty, giving you complete peace of mind. The only downfall to this chair is the high price but if you are someone who spends all day sitting then it is worth it. 

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