Tony's Chocolonely Anti Slavery Chocolate

As a self-proclaimed chocolate lover, I'm always on the hunt for new and exciting chocolate flavours to try. Recently, I had the pleasure of trying out some unique chocolate varieties that I'm excited to share with you.

Tony's Chocolonely (Milk chocolate)

First up, the milk chocolate flavours. I tried three different milk chocolate flavours: milk chocolate, milk chocolate caramel sea salt, and milk chocolate with nougat. While the milk chocolate was good as far as milk chocolate goes, it was the milk chocolate caramel sea salt and milk chocolate with nougat that really stood out to me. The caramel sea salt had a crunchy bit of salt that made it taste like a Daim bar, but with slightly better quality chocolate. The nougat had a bouncy texture that was very nice.

Tony's Chocolonely (Dark Chocolate)

Next, I tried out two different dark chocolate flavours: dark chocolate almond sea salt and dark chocolate sea salt. The dark chocolate had a rich smell and a bit more bite to it. It was slightly more bitter but had a lovely sea salt flavour, and the nuts were really nice.

I also tried out the hazelnut chocolate flavour, which was very fragrant and had a nougat flavour similar to a Kinder Bueno. Finally, I have to give a shoutout to Tony's Chocolonely Anti-Slavery Chocolate, a brand that strives to end slavery in the chocolate industry while producing delicious chocolate.

Overall, trying out these unique chocolate flavours was a fun and exciting experience. It's always great to discover new and delicious chocolate varieties, and I encourage you to do the same. Whether you prefer milk chocolate or dark chocolate, there's a flavour out there for everyone. So go ahead, indulge in some chocolate and discover your new favourite flavour!

Trying Tony's Chocolonely (Video review)

Tony's Chocolonely (Frequently asked questions) 

What flavour bars do they make?

Tony's Chocolonely has a variety of flavours, these are available in various sizes and formats, including bars, gift boxes, and mini bars. To date probably have more than these but the typical ones include.

  1. Classic Milk Chocolate
  2. Dark Chocolate
  3. Milk Chocolate Almond Honey Nougat
  4. Milk Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt
  5. Milk Chocolate Hazelnut
  6. Milk Chocolate Pecan Coconut
  7. Milk Chocolate Pretzel Toffee
  8. Milk Chocolate Raspberry Rose
  9. Milk Chocolate Shortbread Caramel
  10. Milk Chocolate with Crispy Pieces
  11. Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt
  12. Dark Chocolate Coffee Crunch
  13. Dark Chocolate Pecan Coconut
  14. Dark Chocolate Pretzel Toffee
  15. White Chocolate Raspberry Crumble
Where to buy Tony's Chocolonely  

You can buy Tony's Chocolonely chocolate bars online or at various retailers including Walmart and Target. To find the nearest store that carries Tony's Chocolonely, you can use the store locator tool on their website.

Why is Tony's Chocolonely expensive?

Tony's Chocolonely is a brand of chocolate that is known for its ethical and sustainable practices. The company's mission is to create 100% slave-free chocolate, which means that they ensure fair wages and safe working conditions for all workers in their supply chain, from the cocoa farmers to the factory workers. This commitment to ethical practices means that Tony's Chocolonely pays a premium for their cocoa beans, which can make their chocolate bars more expensive than other brands that do not prioritize ethical sourcing. In addition, Tony's Chocolonely uses high-quality ingredients and has a unique flavor profile, which can also contribute to the higher price point. Despite the higher cost, many consumers are willing to pay more for Tony's Chocolonely because they appreciate the company's commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. 

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