A-Z percussion instruments

Percussion instruments are one of the oldest and most widely used instruments in the world. They are used in practically every culture and genre of music, from traditional folk music to classical symphonies, from jazz to pop and rock. There are many different types of percussion instruments, some of which have been around for centuries and others which have only been recently developed. 


Castanha Agogo

This instrument that originated in West Africa and was popularized by the Brazilian carnival music of Bahia. It consists of two hollowed-out metal cones with a handle attached, and is usually struck with a stick or mallet. The sound is typically loud, jangling, and piercing. 


asulato cas cas shaker

The Asulato shaker is also known as a cas-cas shaker or kashaka, it can be made from different materials such as natural gourd, come either natural or hand painted


Wrist bells

Bells are versatile and can be used to create a wide range of sounds, from gentle chiming to loud clanging. There are many different types of bells such as wrist bells, fingerbell, cowbell, bell trees and more. 

Bodhran drum

Bodhran frame drum

A bodhran is a type of drum that is typically played with one hand. Its deep, resonate sound is perfect for creating a sense of atmosphere in your music. The word bodhran relates to the type of frame drum, for example shamanic drum is a type of bodhran.

Bongo drums

Atlas bongo drums

Bongo drums are small, Afro-Cuban drums which are usually played in pairs. They are traditionally made of wood, but modern bongo drums are usually made of metal or plastic. Bongos are typically used in Latin-American music, especially salsa and charanga. The sound they produce is high pitched and bright. 

Cajon drum

Cajon drum

Cajón is a Spanish word meaning “box” or “crate”. Cajon is a type of percussion instrument that originated in Peru, and is now popular in many other countries. It is typically a wooden box with a thin front panel, and the player sits on it. The sound produced is low and thumping, and it is often used to provide a basic rhythm in a variety of styles of music. 


Wooden wild man clacker castanet 

Clackers are another type of bell that's popular in Latin music. They're usually played with two hands and are perfect for adding a Latin flair to your music. Also known as a castanet or clacker. 

Conga drum

Conga drum

Congas are a type of drum that's used in Caribbean and Latin music. They can be used to create powerful rhythms or to create sounds that resemble animal calls. 


Daiko is a type of drum that's used in Japanese music. It has a distinctively sharp sound that's perfect for creating fast beats.


Indian damaru twist drum

The Indian Damaru twist drum boasts a hand-painted hardwood body and produces a pleasing tone. Its animal hide top comes in two designs: striped or dot-painted. Played using the same wrist technique as a monkey drum, the twist drum is unique, with each item varying due to its handmade and painted nature.

Darbuka drum

darbuka drumbek drum from Turkey

Darbuka is a drum that is used in East Africa. It's made from a single wooden barrel that is usually either round or shaped like an egg. The Turkish darbuka is played by striking the top of the barrel with the hand and then beating it with the heel of the other hand. It is also known as a goblet drum.

Djembe drum

Carved African djembe drum

This drum is popular throughout West Africa, it's made from a single wooden barrel that is filled with sand and has two jingles - one on top and one on the bottom. The djembe is played by striking the top jingle with the hand and then beating the bottom jingle with the other hand.

Egg shaker

egg shaker

The egg shaker is a percussive instrument that's egg-shaped and originated in South America. It belongs to the idiophone percussion family and is popular due to its low cost and ease of making. Despite its small size, it adds a lot of value to your music, making it great for teaching, performing, or recording. This unique egg shaker is handmade from wood and has an abstract design.


Gamelan metallophone  

The Balinese Gamelan Xylophone is a unique 5-note instrument that originates from Bali, Indonesia. It has metal tubes that amplify sound, producing a vibrating tone. The design and color may vary, but the product's loveliness is standard. It's perfect for meditation, concentration, and relaxation. The xylophone has 4 wooden feet and comes with two beaters. You can play your favorite music as it follows the western scale. Our handmade product may vary slightly from the picture, but we believe in uniqueness over conformity. All our music products are approved by BAFTS accredited producers in Indonesia.


Metal ganza shaker 

This a type of drum that's used in Brazil and Paraguay. It's made from a single wooden barrel that's usually round or triangular in shape. The ganzas is played by hitting the top of the barrel with the hand and then beating it with the heel of the other hand.


Frog guiro 

The wooden guiro is a percussion instrument that is both versatile and durable. This shaker can also be used as a guiro and produces a variety of sounds through shaking, hitting, or scraping. It is ideal for both children and beginners due to its ease of use. It is made of sturdy wooden materials, making it perfect for educational settings.

Jews Harp

Jews harp instrument

The jews harp is a centuries-old instrument made from wood and metal. It's typically played by Jews in religious ceremonies, but it can also be used for jazz and other genres.


Hokema kalimba b17 

The kalimba is a unique percussion instrument that is played with the thumbs. It's typically used in traditional South African music, and its sound is characterised by its deep, resonant tones. The kalimba is also known as a thumb piano or Mbira. 

Kettle Drum

Hand pan kettle drum

The kettle drum is also known as a tongue drum or hand pan which is a type of percussion instrument that's often used in traditional African music. There are so many variations of this musical instrument but it is commonly made from metal and is often used to create a rhythmical accompaniment to dance.


Kokoriko clacker

The Kokoriko clacker is a versatile wooden instrument that creates a variety of sounds. The blocks are the size of a domino and can be played in different ways, producing a clacking sound with a single hand or a clap sound when folded in half. You can also create a guiro sound by holding both ends and alternating hands. While it originated in Japan, the Kokoriko is now popular worldwide due to its ease of use and unique sound.

Lamber drum

The percussion instrument made from a large, round piece of wood that's been carved into a shallow bowl-shape. The surface is then coated with animal skin or parchment, which is stretched tightly over the top. When the drum is hit, the surface vibrates, producing a booming sound.


This a type of keyboard instrument that uses a wooden plank with metal strings instead of keys. The plank is struck with mallets, producing sounds that can range from gentle to thunderous.

Maraca shakers

Coconut maraca shaker

Maracas are a type of rattle that originated in South America. They're usually made from wood, but can also be made from other natural materials or plastic. They are often decorated with colourful beads, feathers, and they're often used in traditional Colombian and Brazilian music.


This is a type of percussion instrument that's made from two drums - a large drumhead and a smaller shell. The large drumhead is struck with the hand, while the shell is hit with mallets or struck with an object like a stick. The marimba has a deep, mellow sound that's often used in Latin and Caribbean music.

Monkey Drum

Ontong monkey drum

This is a popular instrument in the martial arts world which is why it is also known as a karate drum. It's typically made from wood, but it can also be made from metal or plastic.


This is a type of percussion instrument that's used to create a tinkling sound. It's usually made out of wood, plastic, or metal, and it's mounted on a stand.

Ocean drum

PVC ocean drum

The ocean drum is a instrument that can be made from vegan-friendly synthetic materials or animal hide. It's an ethically-sound and stylish choice, with a unique design that stands out in any collection. Producing a beautiful and loud sound, the drum contains colorful and sparkling beads that create an ocean-like sound when rolled from side to side.


Cactus rainstick from Chile

The Bamboo cane rainstick produces a unique tone that differs from the typical Chilean cactus rainstick. It is typically handcrafted in Chile and can be made from various materials such as bamboo cane and wood. This musical instrument creates a soothing and calming sound by using a hollow tube with small pebbles and other objects inside. Rainsticks have been used for centuries in ceremonies, rituals, music, and meditation.


Fibreglass shekere 

A shekere is a type of drum that is played with the hands. It's typically used in African music, and its sound is characterised by its heavy beat and metallic timbre.


Tabla drum

The tabla is a percussion instrument that is made out of wood or metal. It's typically used in Indian classical music, and its sound is characterised by its deep, resonant tones.

Tam Tam

This instrument is made from two wooden boards that are struck together with a stick. The sound is created by the two boards hitting each other rhythmically.


Taiko drum

Taiko is a type of Japanese drum that is typically played by two people with two sticks. It's made from a large barrel-shaped body and two smaller drums that are hit together.

Talking Drum

African talking drum 

The talking drum is a unique percussion instrument that is made from a hollowed out wooden log. The log is then covered in cloth or plastic, which allows it to produce sound when struck.


Large wooden frame tambourine

The tambourine is a percussion instrument that is often seen in pop music. It's made out of metal or plastic, and it's usually played with the hands. Its sound is characterised by its quick rhythms and high-pitched tones.

Tone block

Wooden tone block

The wooden tone block is a musical instrument that comes in two sizes. The larger 17cm block does not have a handle, while the smaller 22cm block has an attached handle that makes it longer overall. Both sizes come with a maple wood beater and are ideal for children to explore different rhythms. It's also perfect for beginner percussionists who want to start a collection of instruments. The wooden block is durable and easy to play, providing hours of fun.


Rattlesnake triangle

The metal triangle is a unique addition to your music collection. It comes with a solid wood bead and hanging loop for easy storage. Made from durable stainless steel, it also comes with a matching beater. This classic-shaped instrument is perfect for sound therapy, promoting relaxation and mindfulness. Despite its small size, this triangle is a must-have for any musician.

Udu Drum

Udu drum  

The udu is a type of drum that is played with the hands. It's used in West African music, and its sound is characterised by its complex rhythms and catchy melodies.


Wooden rinkik Bunga xylophone 

The xylophone is a percussion instrument typically it is made from wood and a metal version is known as metallophone or glokenspiel. It's typically played by hitting the bars with the hands or a mallet, and its sound is characterised by its soft, mellow tones.

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