Shamanic Tribe Drum


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These styles of frame drums are widely used by shamans in rituals. The drum is said to enable the shaman to enter a desired state of mind according to the beats per second played. Drumming on these is not restricted to regular rigid tempo playing but can speed up and down according to the musician's will. They are sometimes referred to as a 'bridge' or 'horse' to carry the shaman between consciousness. Frame drums are also perfect for the performance side of shamanism, where the physical gesture of playing is added into a dance.  Origin: Indonesia - Medium Painted Tribe Drum: Wooden framed an octagonal tribe drum, made in Indonesia and decorated with airbrushed stencil work. The beating of the drum is believed to allow the shaman to achieve an altered state of consciousness, sending him or her on a spiritual journey. The drum is often referred to as a bridge to the spiritual world, helping to establish connections to this unseen plane of existence. Approx: 30cm ∅ (corner to corner), Medium Shamanic Drums: Approx: 30cm, large Shamanic Drum:  Approx: 38cm, large Tribe drum: Approx: 40cm  ∅

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