montezumas selection of chocolate

As a teenager I would binge on sugar ladened milk chocolate but as I got older my taste buds changed for the better. At this point I started to enjoy the flavour and richness of a good quality dark chocolate. The leading manufacturer of dark chocolate in the supermarkets and my favourite chocolate at the time was a Swiss company called Lindt. I enjoyed their 70, 85 and 90 percent cocoa chocolate bars and a little while after I found Montezuma's and I have never looked back. 

Montezuma's offer the tastiest chocolate ever, and they have so much more to offer. Their dark chocolate is out of this world and the flavour combinations are the finest. Recently I have made it my mission to try their selection and to rate them with my honest review. All of the chocolate that I have tried have at least 70% cocoa solids and above.

Dark Chocolate Orange and Geranium

Rating: 8 / 10

Fragrant rich dark chocolate that smells of distinct Turkish delight and tastes like flowery goodness which comes from the geranium. Orange always compliments chocolate and in this bar it is subtle and brings out the flavour even more.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Pie

Rating: 9 / 10

As soon as you open it you can smell the cherry, it almost smells like liquor. As you bite down it becomes super soft and creamy and simply melts in your mouth. It has a truffle like centre and as the cherry touches your tongue it immediately makes you want more.

Dark Chocolate Lemon and Coconut

Rating 10 / 10

The smell is a little off putting as it does have a dish soap vibe to it. But look past that and when you taste. You will have flavours of citrussy yoghurt and coconut. If you love lemons as much as I do, then you will absolutely love this chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Buttons 

Rating 10 / 10

These 73% cocoa chocolate buttons are plain but delicious, they are my favourite out of all the other options for various reasons, lets discuss them. They are affordable, in store you can get them on a deal (3 for £10) and this is a real bargain for quality chocolate. As they come in small buttons it also works out easier to eat a little bit per day making sure to not finish off a bar each time I have a chocolate session! As they are plain chocolate they are extremely versatile and suited to so many uses. With mine I enjoy them as a healthy snack, and also make cornflake cakes, chocolate spread, combine with dates to make energy balls and more.

Dark Chocolate with Dragon Ginger

Rating 10 / 10

Yes this is the one, it has a crunchy texture similar to honeycomb. This chocolate is not spicy but has everything warming that you love about ginger. It had a Christmas's gingerbread flavour and is so comforting. Ginger is one of the best chocolate combinations there is and Montezuma's capture the complete essence in this bar.

100% Cocoa Absolute Black with Mint

Rating: unavailable

I was hesitant to buy this one but curiosity got me there, a chocolate made up of such a high percentage was a little scary. This chocolate is without any sugar and is a bar made up of pure chocolate with a hint of mint, and I honestly would say it is un-rateable.

As a general eating bar, it didn't seem possible to enjoy it due to its extremely bitter taste. That being said, it is super delicious when using it to make a cake, in hot chocolate and in other uses combined with additionally ingredients. Here is my initial reaction tasting this bar for the first time.  

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