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Showing 1 - 24 of 48 products
pink bird water whistle
Peruvian Bird Water Whistle
Sale priceFrom £15.00
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handcrafted antares panpipes from Peru
Antares Bamboo Pan Pipes
Sale price£18.00
5 note Indonesian gamelan xylophone
Gamelan Xylophone
Sale price£28.00
shipibo shaker with turtle design
Peruvian Shipibo Shaker
Sale priceFrom £22.00
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Cotton Drawstring Pouch - Carved Culture
Cotton Drawstring Pouch
Sale price£5.00 Regular price£10.00
Plain medium shamanic drum from Indonesia
Shamanic Tribe Drum
Sale priceFrom £52.00
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Purple dot painted small bamboo rainstick
Painted Bamboo Rainstick
Sale priceFrom £18.00
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Cast Iron Wind Chime flower background
Cast Iron Wind Chime
Sale price£25.00
tribal hand carved tarka flute from Peru
Peruvian Tarka Flute
Sale price£18.00
blue white and black stripped rug throw
Mexican Falsa Blanket
Sale price£40.00
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Small peruvian monkey twist drum with red ribbon
Peruvian Monkey Drum
Sale price£12.00
musical instrument shaker made from rubber seeds
Rubber Seed Shaker
Sale price£18.00
quena andean flute with colourful case
Quena Andean Flute
Sale price£62.00
brown fish ocarina
Assorted Animal Ocarina
Sale price£18.00
Plain coconut shell maraca shaker
Coconut Shell Maraca
Sale price£18.00
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Brass and natural rubber vintage horn from india
Indian Replica Vintage Horn
Sale price£32.00
Gobijeu Instrument red dot painted
Gobijeu Instrument
Sale price£25.00
Tagua Seed 250g - Carved Culture
Tagua Nut Seeds
Sale priceFrom £20.00
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Penguin Wool Keyring Gift - Carved Culture
Penguin Wool Keyring
Sale price£15.00
small 15cm sitting buddha on window seal with plant
Sitting Buddha Figure
Sale priceFrom £25.00
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Tree of Life Wind Chime - Carved Culture
Tree of Life Windchime
Sale price£28.00
peruvian design small ocarina pendant
Ocarina Pendant
Sale price£10.00
double caxixi African basket shaker
African Double Caxixi Shaker
Sale price£18.00
Indian Shamanic Maracca - Carved Culture
Indian Shamanic Maracca
Sale price£15.00

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