The BEST shamanic musical instruments

Shamanic musical instruments encompass a diverse array of tools utilized by shamans in spiritual practices and rituals worldwide. These instruments, ranging from drums and rattles to flutes and bells, serve as conduits for channeling energy, inducing trance states, and facilitating healing ceremonies. Often crafted from natural materials like wood, leather, and animal hides, these instruments are believed to possess spiritual significance and connect practitioners with the spirit world.

Through rhythmic drumming, melodic chanting, and sacred sound vibrations, shamans utilise these instruments to journey, communicate with spirits, and enact transformative rituals aimed at healing, divination, and spiritual guidance. Listed below is a collection of the best shamanic musical instruments, accessories and where to buy them.

Shamanic Drum Beater

dark brown shamanic drum beater

Investing in a Shamanic Drum Beater crafted from high-quality materials like suede leather and natural wood offers several advantages. Firstly, the combination of these materials ensures durability and longevity, allowing for prolonged and frequent use without significant wear and tear. Secondly, the ergonomic design of the drum beater, with its comfortable grip and balanced weight distribution, enhances the player's control and manoeuvrability, resulting in more precise and expressive rhythms.

The authentic craftsmanship from Pakistan ensures a traditional and genuine shamanic experience, adding cultural richness and authenticity to rituals, ceremonies, or musical performances. Buy the Shamanic Drum Beater here.

Khenji Shamanic Shaker

 cows hide shamanic shaker

The Khenji Shamanic Shaker is a sacred instrument used in shamanic practices across various cultures. Crafted from natural materials such as wood, seeds, and shells, it produces a mesmerizing sound when shaken. Its rhythmic vibrations are believed to facilitate healing, meditation, and spiritual journeys, guiding practitioners on paths of self-discovery and connection with the divine. Check out the Khenji Shamanic Shaker here.

Dhyangro Shamanic Drum

The Dhyangro Shamanic Drum holds a central role in shamanic rituals and ceremonies. Constructed with a frame of wood and animal hide, its resonant beats echo through sacred spaces, calling upon ancestral spirits and energies. The drumming rhythmically induces altered states of consciousness, aiding in soul retrieval, energy cleansing, and communing with the spirit world. Purchase the Dhyangro Shamanic Drum here.

Terre Shamanic Rattle

Terre Shamanic Rattle 

The Terre Shamanic Rattle is a symbolic tool used by shamans to channel intention and energy. Crafted from natural materials like gourds, wood, and seeds, it emits a gentle, yet powerful sound when shaken. The rhythmic shaking of the rattle clears stagnant energy, purifies the aura, and invokes blessings from the earth and sky, facilitating spiritual alignment and harmony. Buy the Terre Shamanic Rattle here.

Wajo Shaker

side angle floral goats hide shaker

The Wajo Shaker is a versatile instrument employed in shamanic ceremonies and rituals. Made from hollowed-out gourds filled with seeds or stones, it produces a soothing sound reminiscent of rain falling upon the earth. The gentle rattling of the Wajo Shaker invokes the primal forces of nature, promoting relaxation, inner peace, and connection with the natural world. Check out the Wajo Shaker here.

Gourd Shaker

Gourd shaker instrument with tribal carvings and wooden handle 

The Gourd Shaker is a simple yet potent instrument used in shamanic practices for its symbolic and sonic qualities. Carved from dried gourds and filled with seeds or beans, it emits a rhythmic sound when shaken. The repetitive motion of shaking the gourd creates a trance-like state, facilitating meditation, journeying, and communion with spiritual guides and guardians. Purchase Gourd Shakers here.

Shamanic Tribe Drum

Plain medium shamanic drum from Indonesia 

The Shamanic Tribe Drum from Indonesia is a sacred instrument deeply rooted in the spiritual practices of indigenous tribes. Crafted with precision and reverence by skilled artisans, it embodies centuries-old traditions and cultural heritage. With its sturdy frame and intricately adorned surface, the drum serves as a portal to the spirit world, guiding shamans and practitioners on transformative journeys of healing, divination, and connection with the ancestral realms. Its resonant beats echo across the landscape, invoking the wisdom of the earth and sky, and facilitating communion with the natural and supernatural forces that shape existence. Buy the Shamanic Tribe Drum here.

Khenji Shamanic Drum

pakistani cows hide and wood shamanic drum 

The Khenji Shamanic Drum, originating from Pakistan and crafted from cow's hide, is a profound tool with deep spiritual significance in shamanic practices. Its construction from natural materials resonates with the earth's energy, fostering a strong connection to nature and the spiritual realm. Used by shamans and spiritual practitioners during rituals and ceremonies, the drum's rhythmic vibrations serve as a conduit for channeling divine energies, facilitating healing, meditation, and spiritual awakening. With each beat, the Khenji Shamanic Drum invokes ancestral wisdom and invokes transformative energies, guiding practitioners on profound journeys of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment. Check out the Khenji Shamanic Drum here.

Shamanic Musical Instruments (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the shaman genre of music?

Shamanic music draws inspiration from the spiritual rituals of shamans, spiritual healers found in diverse cultures worldwide. It often incorporates traditional instruments like drums, rattles, and flutes, along with modern electronic elements.

What is the Khenji Shamanic Shaker made out of?

Handcrafted from branches in Pakistan and cow hide stretched and hand-tied.

What is a Dhyangro Shamanic Drum?

The dhyāngro is a frame drum traditionally played by shamans (jhakri) in Nepal and India, particularly among the Magars, Kirati, and Tamang communities, as well as by Tibetan Buddhist musicians.

How do I maintain my Shamanic Instruments?

Keep out of wet places and wipe with a clean damp cloth.

What are the uses of Shamanic Musical Instruments?

Shamanic musical instruments play a crucial role in indigenous cultures and spiritual practices worldwide. These instruments, including drums, rattles, flutes, bells, and singing bowls, are used by shamans and spiritual practitioners for healing, ritual, and connecting with the spirit world. The rhythmic beats of drums induce trance states, while rattles produce hypnotic sounds. Flutes and bells are used for communication and purification, and singing bowls harmonize the body, mind, and spirit. 

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