Musical Instruments (Difficulty 5)

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 products
small 8 inch traditional african djembe drum
Ghanaian Djembe Drum
Sale priceFrom £112.00
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Karinding Jaw Harp
Karinding Jaw Harp
Sale price£18.00
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Red Tenang Gamelan with hammer beater from Indonesia
Tenang Gamelan
Sale price£88.00
small darabuka drum solid metal plastic head
Sawt El Ahram Turkish Darbukas
Sale priceFrom £42.00
Traditional Indian bhangra dhol dholak drum
Dholak Drum
Sale price£42.00
pair of foot percussion standing shot
Foot Percussion Shaker Set
Sale price£38.00
Solid Tuneable Bongos with white background
Solid Tuneable Bongos
Sale price£62.00
Traditional African talking drum with beater
African Talking Drum
Sale price£128.00
Bhangra Dhol Drum
Bhangra Dhol Drum
Sale price£78.00
Large Indian fancy dholak drum
Fancy Dholak Dhol Drum
Sale price£182.00
Kanji thunder drum with blue lightning design
Kanji Thunder Drum
Sale price£16.00
dot painted ontong drum with black handle
Ontong Monkey Drum
Sale price£18.00

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