how to use social media for business

In the industrial revolution when people would all be working together to create products when social media didn’t exist. The businesses worked efficiently and as time went on people were then replaced by machinery who could create products faster and this saved the businesses lots of money long term.

In those days we got on well without social media but as we have evolved into the digital age, social media has become a part of our everyday lives. Whilst it isn’t a must for your business, it could be the determining factor of your success.  You could think of your business as a burger and social media as the sauce and salad, without them, it will be very hard to stand out and do well.

According to various internet sources, the first recognisable social media site was created in 1997. Social media is popular because it allows people to chat with their friends and family worldwide over the internet sharing messages, photos, videos and more.

To fully utilise social media and be successful you must have content. This content could be in the form of photographs, articles and videos. To gain your client’s attention, you will need to post often, and consistently.

Pick a day that you would like to post on all your social media platforms and stick to it. People don’t subscribe to a YouTube channel directly because of the content available but because of the content that will be available. They subscribe to make sure that when a new video goes online, they get to see it. They want to keep up to date with you, and the best way to do this is by being persistent with the day that you choose. Not only that, posting consistently to YouTube at least two times per week will keep the algorithm happy which will in turn get your videos seen, thus earning you more money.

The benefits of social media for your business

  • Popularity and revenue

Social media could help you or your business to become more popular, this would result in more traffic to your website which translates to more revenue in one way or another. The more traffic you get to your monetised website the more chance you have in gaining a customer or making money.

No matter your business type, this concept is nearly always the same. Your monetisation methods could include – adverts, product placement, affiliates, services, selling physical products (items), selling digital products (songs, albums, games, software, etc.)

  • Customers and updates

Many people like to share the experiences that they have had with your company online. This could help you to gain more customers, as they would be sharing the post with their friends who will then be introduced to you. With the ability of them being able to like your pages, they will be kept up to date every time you post something new.

  • Ranking

In the world of websites, there are many ranking factors related closely to googles search results and one of them is backlinks. There are two types of backlinks, these are do-follow and not-follow. Whilst do-follow links to your website from others is better for ranking, not-follow links from social media and social shares are still beneficial for ranking as it improves your website’s popularity.


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