Toys for child's development

Here you will find the top 5 toys that we believe will help with your child’s development. If you are here because it is someones birthday you have come to the right place.

1. Toy dolly push along pram

lelin baby doll stroller

Giving your child this as a toy will help them to develop their emotional skills because it gives them a reason to be loving, caring, thinking of another baby, and not just themselves. Dolly’s are not just good for emotional development, but they are good for social development. This is because they will be role-playing with other friends/family or children doing the same thing.

Another thing that has a dolly is great for, when your child finally is ready to start potty/toilet training, you can use the baby doll to show them how so they can copy instead of the whole thing being a stressful time. Teaching your child to wash their hands with dolly can also be a great way of using it.

2. Wooden kitchen with toy foods

Wooden kitchen with toy foods

A toy kitchen is great for most children aged 1-5 years old but is also suitable for older kids too. It teaches them role play and is good for developing their imaginations. They can pretend to make dinner for each other and for you. It features a sink basin with taps, an oven top for saucepans and a cupboard to store utensils, cutlery and food. You can even pair this with a little chefs outfit to help them become a chef.

Wooden foods

wooden food

These foods can be combined with the kitchen above to make all kinds of meals and will help develop the child’s understanding of how ingredients go together and also how specific foods are prepared. Expect them to be making you lunch.

3. Words & Picture Snap

first words flash cards

These cute little cards are easy to store and are made out of cardboard. This means they are not too bad for the environment, and not to mention great for getting a group of children to play together and learn great social skills in a team. They are colourful, will grab your little one’s attention. Even you can join in the fun, and teach them how to read starting with small words ending with some larger ones if you think they are ready.

4. Colourful Rainstick Rattle Shakers

musical shakers

Rattles and rainstick’s are great from the age of around 4 months. They learn to eventually shake with their grasp of holding it tight, the colours develop their eyesight and grab their attention with vibrant noises and colours.

5. Different Emotional faces cards

mood image flash cards

Last but not least, we have emotion cards! They are an awesome way to find out how your child’s day has been. They can explain through pictures maybe instead of saying exactly the emotions they are experiencing. It also teaches them what makes a person feel a certain emotion and why they would experience that feeling.

6. Busy board toy

6. Busy Board Toy

If you’re looking to introduce your baby to the concept of toys, then this Busy Board Toy is the right gift for them! Suitable for 1 year olds, this board provides your little one with several fun activities to enjoy without stressing them out. It is complete with several unique materials and ‘puzzles’ to figure out and explore, allowing your little one to create their own games and develop their coordination. The game itself is extremely safe, consisting of larger pieces for your little one to play with and enjoy. To help them get the most out of the toy, we recommend you supervise your toddler at first so they can gain the concept of each item. 

It is particularly great for preschoolers as it challenges them in a way that promotes brain development and their fine motor skills. Being relatively light, the Busy Board Toy is also portable and so can keep your baby entertained on car trips, at the park or simply in the comfort of your own home. It is available on the Amazon store and has been recognised as a great introduction to the world of toys. Buy your little one a Busy Board Toy today and introduce them to a whole new world of concepts, colours and textures!

7. Pop Up Farmyard Toy

pop up farm animal toy

This fun brightly coloured animal toy will have your child coming back for more, they pop them up and put them away again, children will learn to develop repeated behaviours to see results. A great toy for just sitting up babies around 6+ months. 


8. Flying Ring Frisbee Toy

 frisbee throwing toy

Frisbee is the ultimate summer boredom buster. You can get all of the family down to the local field or park and stand with enough distance away from each other to be able to catch the flying ring as it comes towards you! Or if you feel like jumping in the sea why not play it down the beach? whoever is next to catch has to jump in the sea and grab it before the waves take it away. It’s a brilliant way to encourage someone to get in who doesn’t want to because of the cold.

There are rubber hand grips to make throwing it and catching it much easier as it won’t be slipping and sliding out of your hand and it means everyone gets a chance to catch it. Because of the precise flight it makes it easier for doing target practice or just throwing around for fun with friends. The frisbee is 28cm in diameter which is suitable for both children and adults to play.

For the price of only £3.99 with orders over £20 free UK shipping you can’t go wrong getting this as a gift for a friend or child. Because it isn’t too large you can pop it away in a toy box without it taking up so much space and its easy to just put in your bag and take it anywhere you want.

Reviewers have said that they brought for a child or adult friend but because of the amazing price they wanted to have one them self and got one for when walking in the park or walking the dog, dogs love to play too. Frisbee is a great way of loosing weight swell as having fun because it encourages you to run around catching it rather than standing still.

9. Orchard Toys Match and Spell Game

 match and spell game

Do you have a pre-schooler that is preparing for reception? Are you wanting to start teaching them before they start School? then this is the right thing for you. Orchard toys are known for their educational purposes of toys and games and they make learning and breeze and super fun. With this game your child will learn to read small words as it is for 4+ year olds you will need to support a child playing this game if they are younger. Phonics is learning the letters by sounding them out to make the letters put together sound like a real word.

There are instructions on how to support and help your child play and to keep it as fun as possible of course. When your little one starts to understand the letters and sounding them out, it makes them so happy because it is developing intellectual skills of the brain and they will feel reward and happiness every time they create a word and can read it for real. This activity can be done for just one child or there can be up to 4 players, however individual learning is so important especially If they are new to learning letters they will need one to one support.

A word of advise for parents playing this game with their child would be to give them your undivided attention, and don’t rush it. It is supposed to be a fun game and learning is just an added benefit to the game. If you have other things such as work, phone, other children then your child may find it overwhelming and that they aren’t getting the help they need which in turn can stunt development. So do allow time in a day for them to encourage the learning. If your child already knows the letters then the game is even better because they won’t need as much help and can figure some out alone!

10. Word Matching Letter Game

word matching game

This word matching letter game is great fun for kids, and is educational too. A perfect learning gift that is suitable for boys, girls, and toddlers alike. Let your child learn to spell words and learn basic literacy skills the easy way. This game is made with non toxic BPA free materials, and comes with a white drawstring storage bag to put the pieces back in for easy storage.

For ages 2-6 years old. Play on the go, alphabet puzzle cards, waterproof, easy to grip, promote colour recognition, hand eye coordination, and problem solving skills. The traditional teaching Montessori toy develops children’s sight reading vocabulary, letter recognition, spelling and fine motor skills. Upon using your child will learn the basic shape of letters and see them as words. Their job is to look at the puzzle and add the correct matching letters. This is really good for them, as it will help them to learn words and what they look like. 

 11. Building Stacking Counting Cups

toddler stacking blocks

This 8 pack of stacking cups promotes counting for children, each one is multicoloured, and are different sizes. This toy set teaches children problem solving skills, and is a great toy to play with in the bath as it has holes and lets water run through it. There is 2 different rainbow colour selections to choose from, and overall this toy improves concentration and thinking skills. Safety is guaranteed by the manufacturer. Whilst these stacking cups are great for in the bath, they are also suitable for a day at the beach to make little sandcastles. The set includes 8 cups, and is a great educational toy for any toddler. Build sandcastles, a tower, and learn basic science.

12. Fisher-Price Toy Phone

fisher price play phone

This fisher price toy phone has a wonderful old fashioned landline style. With the traditional spin to dial motion, your child will get a real taste of what it was like for their grandparents back in their day. These types of toys are great for developing role-play skills. As well as creative imaginative play, as they will pick up the phone and pretend to call ‘mummy’ or ‘daddy’. They will have a conversation completely made up or from a memory. Whilst pretending is only imaginary it can be good practice for when they are older and need to utilize such skills.

Developing confidence, social ability, independence and social awareness. As time goes by conversations on the phone become more complex. And as they build up their vocabulary their memory will be enhanced. Which will, in turn, support a strong foundation of learning at school. If you wanted to get involved and turn this toy into an activity to which you can both take part in. You could say things such as “can you please call a nanny and ask if she needs anything from the shops”. Your child will then say this and you can then ask what nanny said. Therefore they will reply with their own imaginative answer. Which opens many new doors for play and can easily turn a few toys into a complete adventure such as a shopping trolly, kitchen, dolly, tool workshop etc.

This phone has also been seen in one of the most popular films of all time, Disney Pixar’s toy story. The pull along push along motion with string will help your baby develop by pulling the string along using gross and fine motor skills. The wobbling moving eyes and the fun phone sound encourages your baby to stand up and pull along the floor. The dial with number 1-9 will encourage learning numbers.

13. Jumbo Primary String and Bead Set

beads and thread

String and bead set is a great activity and gift for toddlers 3+ years. It develops the child’s fine motor skills using their pincer grip and grasp development, they help also with concentration and co-ordination inserting the string into the bead hole. Having some one to one time with your child is so beneficial for both of your mental development as-well as social and emotional and a game like wire and beads really does bring you closer together, make it fun and a great learning environment and see the difference in your toddler.

This Set includes 30 pieces of jumbo beads that are durable for this age range and comes with three strings so suitable for a group of three or one independently playing. It comes in a range of different shapes and various colours being great for concentration, so your child can learn as they play! For older children, it helps promote sequencing and counting. This set can also be used to make small necklaces, bracelets and other jewellery type crafts. Your children will be entertained for hours making different things, they can do some building with the block shaped beads on top of each other making a complete different game to putting beads on wire.

The beads are made from non-toxic plastic material, environmentally friendly and no harsh smells and not bad for your little one whilst they are playing. This set comes in a cute storage bag which makes traveling and storing away for another day much easier. You can take them for a day out at the beach so they sit in the shade happily playing.

Always keep an eye on children whilst playing with toys like these, they should never been left unsupervised by an adult because they can be a risk to chocking, toddlers can be cheeky and store them in pockets, coats and other small areas so keep an eye on how many beads come with the set incase of a hazard.

14. Fisher Price Activity Gym

baby toddler gym

During the first year of your newborn’s life you will want to keep them close and safe near to you. But there will come a time when they need to be exploring with their bodies and a baby gym is the perfect start to learning how to hold up their own neck.

This activity gym is a must have in any family home with a newborn up until around 12 months, there is plenty to do and learn. It has bright colours, sounds, music, textures and toys to keep your baby’s hands and feet busy! Tummy time is when your baby will really love this as they will be just learning to lift up their heads whilst getting their tummy muscles stronger and stronger every time. With soo many things on this mat your baby will be keeping busy with feeling different textures, exploring with their senses such as hear, touch and see. The super padded mat is very comfortable for your little ones tummy, with it being easy to clean and machine washable it will be helpful for when your baby has a little sick up as all babies doo! It features five linkable toys on the soft overhead arches to keep your darling busy whilst you get some jobs done. Keeping an eye on them at all times obviously. As many babies tend to learn how to roll over on mats like these because they are soo comfortable!

What are the benefits of a baby gym?

  • Stimulates your babies senses, with the bright colours, toys and images to look at it will for sure grab your babies attention.
  • Encourages movement and freedom, your baby will have been clinging onto you as you feed and cuddle them but now their at the age they can learn to hold their shoulders and neck up, and start to roll around safely.
  • Creates a portable activity centre for on the go parents. You can take the baby gym anywhere, just fold it away and chuck it in your bag to keep your little one entertained always!

15. Bright Starts Walker

bright starts walker

This is a simple baby walker by bright starts. Not only can your child sit in it whilst you are busy doing some household chores. But overall they will be having fun playing with the little toys that are attached. They will also be able to put their feet on the ground which will help their development along as the muscles in their legs strengthen. Over time this will help them be able to walk. The design features bold colours that will stimulate your child’s senses grabbing their attention with every bright colour and image.

It can be adjusted to three different heights so that it stays suitable for your small child. The tray has a part where you can attach your baby’s favourite toys to turn the walker into a complete play station. If the seat cushions get mucky, it can be cleaned in the washing machine. Look no further than this bright starts baby walker. It is a must-have.

The age of your baby depends on when they can fully support their neck and sit upright with their back, usually this occurs around 6 months old so before they turn 6 months get some practice in with sitting up so they can enjoy using a baby walker and start to strengthen them muscles. I wouldn’t recommend using this walker until they are strong enough with their neck as it could potentially be dangerous and they could hurt their head. Another safety precaution would be making sure you keep an eye on your little one whilst they are in the walker, they will eventually get overly confident in it and start to run into things which could cause injury, make sure they are not in the kitchen whilst the oven is on as they could burn themselves.

16. Mega Bloks Building Blocks (60 Pieces)

mega bloks building toy

Why should I buy mega blocks?

Firstly, this is a great gift for everyone! weather it’s your son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, niece or even your nephew. in this bundle contains 60 pieces of multi-coloured building blocks in different shapes and sizes. These building blocks are ideal for little hands, they develop fine and gross motor skills putting the blocks together and pulling them apart. It comes with a large storage bag so children can easily unzip and put their toys away safely and clean up.

How can building blocks help my child develop?

Building blocks help your child develop by using their imaginative skills, creating an environment to build things such as houses, gardens, towers, cars, trains etc. children can use their social skills talking about how many blocks they have built together and what colours there are in the bag.

It improves mathematical skills in older children as they learn to add blocks together to get a certain amount. It teaches them about balancing of the blocks when they are towered up on top of each other and they learn about gravity when it eventually cannot hold anymore and topples over. Children use good hand-eye co-ordination skills as they have to see if one can be securely placed on top of the other.

Both my boy and girl ages 3 years old and 4 have theses, they do not go one day without getting them all over the floor and chucking them around before eventually sitting down and making something out of them. There really is so much to make from them it is incredible and with both of them playing I can get on and do my household chores such as washing up, ironing, washing clothes etc, or even having a cuppa myself! Every now and then you should clean these blocks referring to the manufacturers instructions.  

17. Bright Starts Safari Door Bouncer

bright starts door bouncer

This door colourful bright starts baby door bouncer is ideal for your little ones development. They can use it from the age of around 6 months. They should be starting to sit up un aided by now. The prop pillow is added for support.

It is fitted with a sturdy door frame clamp that provides safety when clipped on the door frame. It comes with a lovely comfortable padded seat for your little ones comfort when using it. There is straps that allow you to adjust accordingly to your little ones height. As they may need to be higher up or lower down depending on their size. The baby door bouncer design is colourful and very attractive to the eye making it a good baby toy. It will keep your little one entertained for hours! There is no specific gender type for this product both boys and girls can enjoy it. Being so leight-weight it can be carried from house to bag and even over to a friend or families house.

Personal use story

When my daughter was 6 months old my mum got me this, at first she wasn't too sure about it, we did have to adjust the height as she was little for her age and she needed propping up a little but once she got into it she demanded it every day! Door bouncers are made to strengthen your baby’s legs to help them for when they eventually start to crawl or walk, the more strength and muscles in their legs there are the stronger they will be. Bouncers are a god send when your a busy parent, i used to use mine when i needed to wash up, do the washing, hang washing on the airer etc. my daughter would stand there watching me in the bouncer having a good old giggle and i could talk to her and make her laugh at the same time. 

18. Baby Doll Toy With Pram

baby doll with buggy

This amazing bundle comes with a baby doll fully clothed, pram and a feeding bottle, this is a great gift for a grandchild, niece, nephew or son or daughter. All children no matter their gender or age will love pushing along this sturdy metal pink buggy pram. It encourages their imaginative play, they could play mums and dads, taking in turns to hold and feed the baby whilst the other pushes the buggy along. Buggies can help develop gross motor skills in smaller toddlers to help them pull up and learn to walk.

laying with a doll encourages social and emotional skills, as they feed the baby and cuddle it, they develop and form a bonding feeling which will aid them in parenting when they are older. They learn to develop responsibilities looking after a baby doll, changing a nappy, placing a cover on it and feeding will help them later in life with looking after siblings and having an understanding of other babies around them.

Imagination skills will be developed also, this will happen as the child pretends the baby is crying, hungry, tired or needs a clothes/nappy change. Dolls are the oldest toys that children have played with, this means our grandparents and great grandparents and even further down the family tree would have at least once played with a toy baby doll.

My children love it!

Both my son and daughter own a dolly and a pram, they love to play mums and dads, or brothers and sisters pretending to take their babies out for the day and buying shopping and other things parents would do. my son sometimes even just plays with the buggy placing his favourite teddy bear or car in for a change.

Let your child’s imagination run wild. I would definitely recommend this product my daughter still has it going strong after two years.

19. Infantino Sensory Textured Ball Set

baby sensory development toys

These sensory balls are the perfect toddler and baby toy, they encourage the development of a babies love of textures. They can use them to teeth on at the hard painful times when they need to chew on something. This provides your baby with some relief and also provides them with a distraction to the discomfort they are experiencing. Whilst there is no way of removing pain entirely, this textured ball set is certainly a great way to relieve pain. 

As they come in all shapes, sizes and textures they’re great for all ages, boys and girls will love them. Due to the various differences between each ball, your baby will be able to distinguish their favourite from the set and begin to better understand their own personal preferences. Not only are they great for toddlers, but also great for children too. Adults can have a game of throwing and catching with their children, which will help to develop their balance, as well as their hand-eye coordination too. The earlier your baby is able to do this, the faster they will be able to develop their muscle strength and physical abilities. However, it is important to remember that all babies develop at their own pace and therefore each baby will begin to throw and catch when they are ready. 

These will look amazing in a sensory room for children with autism and even newborns will love to look at them from a distance whilst doing tummy time. Especially because babies love to explore with their mouths and hands using their gross motor skills to pick them up and chuck them down. With so many options to choose from, each providing an alternative sensory stimulation, your baby will never get bored. Once they are finished with one ball, you can pass them another to begin playing with. Each pack contains 6 balls that are completely BPA free so no need to worry about harsh chemicals going in their mouth. Your baby can safely play with, chew and throw each ball without any risk or damage. Just make sure they don’t accidentally throw a ball at someone else in the house!

20. Little Tikes Outdoor Slide

little tikes slide

Kids love going to the park and sometimes going their is not always an option. This could be because it is too far away, you simply do not have the time or maybe the weather is just not allowing it. The last thing you want to do when it is raining heavily is go to the park. At the same time, your children may be full of energy.

As long as you have space to store it, this is when having a slide at home could be extremely beneficial. Suitable for children from 18 months up to the age of 6-years-old. Your children will constantly climb up the steps and will have a great time whilst sliding down. In the summer, we had one set up on our patio.

It was leaning over a small paddling pool which made the experience even more fun. They made a big splash, and it’s by far the best way to cool off when the sun is out! The benefits to this type of slide is that it is fairly lightweight. Which means that during the summer it can be outside in the garden and in the winter it could go in any room of the house. Thus providing a fun toy that helps to keep your child active. If you have the space and you want the whole park experience, you could instead go for a full wooden climbing frame set with a slide included. The colours of this slide, being blue and green makes for a gender neutral gift for your grandson or grandaughter. Your grandchildren will love coming to nannies house, if it means they get to play with a special slide!

Development benefits of a kids slide:

  • Helps with spacial awareness, as well as their balance overall.
  • Provides excitement, helping towards the thrill seeking part of their personalities
  • It will improve turn taking which will help them develop patience
  • As your child does it for the first time they may be feeling nervous, over repetition they will become more confident and then will be able to explore the various ways to go down the slide, thus developing creative imaginative play.

21. Vtech Baby Walker

interactive walker

This Vtech baby walker aids development with children and babies who are just starting out learning how to walk. They will learn loads with this 2-in-1 baby walker and activity centre. With the buttons, sounds, and music your little one will be soo entertained for hours! It features textured colorful wheels, a sturdy frame to hold your toddler safely. As they learn to pull themselves up with a very easy-grip handle. When your baby gets tired of learning to walk they can sit down on the floor and you can remove the activity center so they can sit pressing different buttons for noises, music, and sounds.

There is a phone, shape sorter, gears, 5 interactive buttons and more your child will not be disappointed! They can role play with the phone pretending to phone ‘mummy’ or ‘daddy’ or ‘granny’ etc. This walker is the perfect gift for any toddler from the ages of 6 months old. As they may not be walking yet but they will be able to sit next to it and learn colors, numbers, sounds, and animals. As they grow older they will start to learn how to pull themselves up on things, and what’s better than a noisy colorful toy like this?

When my daughter was 6 months old we received a walker just like this for her Christmas present. From then onwards she used it religiously every day. It was so colorful and had great eye-catching lights that my daughter just could not leave alone! The more she used it the more she grew confident getting stronger and stronger on her little wobbly legs, but eventually learned how to walk alone without using a walker, she wouldn’t have been able to if it wasn’t for using it for so long though.


22. Mathlink Cubes Counting (Set of 100)

 100 mathlink cubes

These math link counting cubes help develop mathematical skills in children. You can do adding and taking away as easy as 1,2,3. Just pull the blocks apart or add more on its as simple as that. But your children will find this very fun especially if you make a great deal out of them learning new skills! They will teach your children different colors. Such as red, green, blue, yellow and orange, there are 100 in a pack. You will receive a free activity guide to help with ideas for activities to do with these. I and my children like to pretend we have made guns and hide around the house to ‘shoot each other’ acting out as if we have hit the floor. We also do games such as making robots, people, characters and patterning like white, black white black etc.

These can help to count to 10 for younger ones and to count to 100 for the older ones. You can teach them to make different shapes as there are connectors on each side of the cube. You could be clever and make a star, diamond, square or even rectangle. Since I was a little girl, math link counting cubes were used at school for maths. We did activities that the teacher had set out, for example, she would have an image of a ‘worm’, I would have to out blocks together until it matched the length of the worm. There were other activities like who can build the largest tower with the most blocks. The teacher would draw different shapes on a piece of paper and we would have to stick together (using fine motor skills) the blocks until they would match the shape shed drawn. Once we had completed the shape we then had to count how many pieces were used.

23. Multi coloured counting puzzle

counting puzzle

Numbers. They’re a best friend to some and a nightmare to others. No matter your preference, there’s no arguing that they’re certainly needed throughout day to day life. Whether you need to work out your bills, add up the shopping, or help your child with their homework, you’ll need numbers at one point or another. This is why introducing your little one to numbers sooner than later is always a good idea. With our Multicoloured Counting Puzzle, you can do this in a fun exciting way (rather than reading numbers off a whiteboard). This puzzle is designed to help your child through pictures and interaction, making the process of learning numbers a fun one!

Each puzzle piece displays an animal that your child will relate to. Starting with a single friendly elephant, they will have to count the number of each animal and place the number of animals into the puzzle piece. This relaxed imagery will help your child to be at ease whilst learning, rather than feeling stressed about new concepts. As a result, they will enjoy the process of learning numbers from an early age, which will carry through to their school experience. Numbers have never been so fun!

24. Science Lab Experiments Set

science lab kit

These types of gift are always filled with fun, nothing can be more exciting than experimentation. This Science lab experiments box set is filled with just that! Experimenting is essentially the only way to learn, we do not even know how to walk until we experiment. Besides from just experimentation, this set will also help with developments of your child in regards to social skills as they work together as keen-problem solvers following instructions.

Another benefit is that this set will encourage scientific thinking skills amongst small ones which would strengthen their core science, as part of their school curriculum. This could help boost their learning at school but they may also develop a passion for science. This box set uses a basic level of the three fundamental sciences; chemistry, biology, and physics.

You will need to supervise your child or children whilst they are playing to ensure safety. Not suitable for children under the age of eight-years-old. This product contains latex in case of allergy.  This boxset is manufactured by Galt toys who have been established since 1836.

What’s included in this science lab experiments set?

  • A 32-page booklet that has up to 20 different experiments
  • 3 test tubes and rack
  • Safety goggles
  • Bouncy ball crystals and mould
  • Magnifying glass
  • Spinner
  • Slime
  • Food colourings
  • Petri-dish
  • Pipette
  • PH scale and paper
  • Stickers
  • Notepad and some extras!

By exposing your child to new things like this science lab kit, your increasing there knowledge and are allowing them to become expressive with new things. Once exposed, the initial interest will increase over time. Who knows, they may end up really enjoying science as a topic or the philosphies of the world. The interest could show itself later on, and could help them become a scientist. Your children must explore and learn. 

25. Primary Science Lab Set

science lab

Science is a subject that many of us loved in school and one that we will remember for the rest of our lives. There was no better feeling than getting into the classroom to find that the bunsen burners had already been set up. To help your child explore science from an early age, our Primary Science Lab Set is the perfect item. Packed full of fun, exciting and most importantly safe experiments, this lab set will allow your child to explore science before its introduction within the classroom. 

To get the most out of the science lab set, you can conduct experiments with your child to test different outcomes. This will help you to further bond with your child, whilst also introducing them to science in a fun, relaxed environment. 

The contents of the lab kit include multiple test tubes, measuring jugs, filters, a pipette, and of course, goggles for safety. This comes with instructional cards that will guide your child through several experiments, exploring the basics of what science has to offer. Suitable for children over the age of 3, the set is a great way to enjoy science before it’s introduced to the classroom. This will give them that extra head start they need to thrive in an academic environment. 

26. Little Tikes Touch n’ Go Racer Car

little tikes car

This Little Tikes kids toy car is super fun to play with and makes for a wondeful gift. It has a red shell, but other colours are also available such as grey. The touch sensor buttons feature a key which when pressed starts up the cars engine making a great humming sound and makes it do a rocking motion like a real car would when the key is in the ignition, run your finger upwards against the button on its rear to make it rev-up, and when your ready press GO to watch it zoom away fast, just make sure you have a flat surface!

Young children will enjoy racing it to each other, and when the batteries get low, they will just push it, nothing to stop them using their imagination.

Supporting fine and gross-motor-skills, as well as helping the imagination blossom. To use their fine motor skills they will use their fingers to use the touch screen motion on the buttons. To use their gross motor skills they will use their upper and lower arms to push it along the floor or down the stairs or on the grass, the possibilities are endless. Your child will become the driver of the car, and is suitable on many materials, try it outdoors for some fresh air and more like the real thing.

Your child will use their imagination using role play making noises, pretending they are really driving. They will also use sharing skills with their siblings or friends taking it in turns to have a go. Watch the video below to see how the car works, and this is our daughter in action having the time of her life playing with her brother sharing together.

27. Fisher-Price Interactive Vacuum

fisher price hoover

This children’s interactive vacuum cleaner toy is great fun, they can walk around the house pretending to hoover just like mummy! or daddy? The hoover keeps your little one entertained and enthusiastic towards walking. It can be used for pre-walkers and already walking children. This interactive vacuum comes with fun sounds and phrases that encourage your baby to push it along the floor.

This toy is colourful, playful and will keep your child happy for hours! Children of the ages 12 months and above can enjoy this toy as a birthday or Christmas present, it’s not too large so you can chuck it in the car to take with you to grandparents, aunties and uncles or even friends houses. You can make cleaning fun if theres things you need to get on with such as cleaning the house, your baby can walk on by next to you pretending to do the same. This toy is very good for personal and social development because it promotes great role play.

I will be getting my son one of these for his third birthday, he enjoys pretending to hoover with our hoover so I think he will prefer to have a replica of our own one just like mummy!

Imaginative play is vital for a child’s development because it encourages them to revisit familiar and unfamiliar events in life. Whilst supporting the development of their imagination through familiar, real and complete fantasy. role play helps interaction and communication between young children, as they learn to think more about what they need to say before they say it. And learn how to get their point across. Role-play also allows children to learn new expressions and sounds as they happen around them while others play different games, toys and nature.

28. K’NEX Model Building Set (618 Pieces)


These Knex piceces are on a similiar wave length to the likes of lego and are commonly compared. However, they should not be compared and the reason why is that Knex are so much more complex, these can be used to make many types of vehicles with wheels and even a working motor. You can make planes, cars, bikes, animals, bridges even rollercoasters! I spent much of my childhood in my room with these all over my floor. I would sit their every day just building away happily.

Something that I really like about it is that once you have made something, the pieces are quite strong and you can actually play with your creation as if you have just made yourself a toy. With buck standard lego, you just keep putting the bricks on top of each other. Knex is not like that at all, you get pieces that are all shapes, sizes, and colours. You get rods, and all sorts. This building set contains 618 pieces which is enough to your child busy for a long time. This set is the best birthday or christmas gift of all time!

How does Knex help children's developement?

  • Improves fine motor skills - If they spend a long time building, it will help build up those little muscles within their hands which can actually help them with other skills such as learning to write.
  • Play together - A great excuse to play together with friends or perhaps a sibling that is of a similar age. Just make sure they are over three as some pieces could be considered a choking hazard. Playing together can improve social ability, as well learning to share.
  • Confidence - You get an idea to make something and this can be challenging, however when they actually build it successfully this is likely to inspire, and also improve their confidence.
  • Develops creativity - Your child will able to express themslves through art, this will lead to self improvement. It could also train their brain to think even more creatively. Your childs imagination is their only limitation.

29. Remote Control Car

remote control car

This amazing remote control car is the best present! It is stylish, it has a vacuum style which allows it to climb on any flat surface. So it could even climb the ceiling, floor, table, glass, and even wood. And when it is in floor mode the vacuum stops and allows this car to move faster along the floor.

With its 360 degrees spinning rotation stunt it can spin around in all directions with its infrared remote control the speed can be adjusted and the direction indicator can go in all directions. The playtime is around 20 minutes in floor mode and 9 minutes in-wall climb mode. This remote control car will not fall directly off of the wall as it will automatically go into lower power status which lets it suck onto the wall. So no worries about damages to this little gem!

It comes with a USB charging cable and will power off after fully charged to make it electrically safe for your children to play with. Multi Channels and Firm Struction; three different frequency channels to allow 3 RC cars to race together(How cool!!) Which makes it the best car toys for kids and teenagers and even adults. The Mini RC Car has a lightweight heavy duty body that won’t break even if it falls from the ceiling or wall.

With awesome LED Lights: Featured with intelligent LED lights auto-switch based on how you drive. The two headlights will bright when moving forward; rear lights will bright when drawing back. Creating endless fun for kids (girls and boys). The CAR SIZE: 4.72*2.56*1.57 IN. As this blue and white car is a very popular toy gift, it will be subject to availability.

30. Kinetic Moon Sand Set

kinetic sand 

Let your child’s imagination run wild with this kinetic Sandcastle Set. Specially designed to be simple and easy to use. The sand can be moulded by hand to make anything your child can imagine. From beautiful castles, to giant towers and bespoke mountains. The set includes 3 different plastic moulds that can be used as well as a tool and a sand tray to prevent the sand from getting around your home. It also comes with an instruction sheet for your child to follow to understand how the sand works.

This is a fantastic way to stimulate your child’s imagination and due to the high quality of the sand it never dries out. This means that your child can build until their heart is content, encouraging creativity in every way. Available in a wide range of different colours, the sand itself is easy to clean up and can simply be stuck to more sand in order to clean. This allows for play time to be quickly cleared by your child, without the usual hassle of mess.

This set is a fantastic way to let your child engage with their imagination and let their wildest dreams come true in the form of sand. It is fantastic for play time and can be a great way to bond with your child through collective creativity. One major benefit of the set is its interaction with your child’s imagination. A child’s imagination is something that should never be limited. With this set, they can play until they have no ideas left. Another benefit of the set is that it’s a fantastic opportunity for your child to express themselves. You can play games with them in which they can build castles and towers with you. Thus allowing them to express themselves in the form of design and art.

31. Disney Frozen 2 Deluxe Figure Playset

Children will love making up their own imaginative scenes and fun ways of changing the story, or they can keep it the same but using objects around the house. Your child can re-enact all of the fun things, the scary things and the singing times with all of the characters together.

As they are plastic children can also have fun using them in the bath without the risk of breaking. Girls and boys will love these as a gift because not only is the film great, but these can be a lifetime toy if they wanted it to be, along as they are looked after right they will last a long time. It’s not fun watching children sitting around watching TV all day, so having a toy to play with instead is much more fun.

These toys are not only for fun, you can create the most amazing stunning birthday cake for the perfect princess or prince. Just look around on the internet tons of people will show off their great frozen cakes with these exact figures to make it that extra bit special.

Reviewers have said the figures are ‘study’, ‘great detail’ as some products don’t actually look like the real thing.  These are official Disney store toys meaning a lot more attention and work for the details has gone into making these toys. Not only are these amazing to play around the house with but they are the perfect size to be used in a dolls house, children can pretend to put the figures to bed, have the snowman sat on the sofa, the possibilities are endless and hours of fun are to be had with them.

32. Tub Of Dinosaurs (18 Piece)

 18 dinosaurs

Dinosaurs were one of my favourite toys to play with as a kid. Now that I am an adult, I can clearly see how much my son enjoys playing with them. These are a great starter set for any child aged five-years-old and above. Figures are of the likes of well-known dinosaurs such as the tyrannosaurus rex, the stegosaurus, brachiosaurus, raptor, and more. Your child will be able to lay all of them out and get creative telling a dinosaur story.

They all come in a convenient tub that after playing, all of the figures can go back into the tub to help keep their room tidy! This set will help your child’s imagination whilst encouraging play and stimulating the mind. Whilst these toys can offer great fun, this is not their only purpose. Many parents who have children that love dinosaurs have used these as cake toppers. This is mainly because there are so many young children that like dinosaurs and these ones are quite small which makes them perfect decoration for a cake.

I’ll be 100% honest on this product. This set at £4.50 is of course cheaply made as you would expect. Whilst this can be annoying for adults. Things such as ‘great detail’ are not really noticed by young children, and for the price, the amount of dinosaurs you can get is good value. You get many different types which are more than enough to provide an educational toy. You can teach your child the names of the dinosaurs. If you would like a high-quality set. You’ll likely pay £5 plus per dinosaur which may be worth it, if your child is passionate about collecting these types of figures. As some of the creatures are very small. It’s not suitable for under three years old due to being a possible choking hazard. If your child is under three, it may be worth getting some bigger ones.

33. Peppa Pig Trampoline

peppa pig trampoline 

This pink Peppa pig trampoline is an ideal first trampoline for toddlers. It is easy to assemble and offers safer bouncing. It has a low to the ground safety mat for extra security, with non slip rubber feet. The soft grip handle is perfect for your little one so that they can hold on tight whilst jumping. The trampoline is ideal for bouncing inside or outside and will overall help develop a Childs sense of  balance and coordination. Place the trampoline in the kids bedroom for endless fun. Peppa pig is a character that is loved by most children, therefore this trampoline makes for a wonderful gift. Let your little one jump on the trampoline whilst watching their favourite Peppa pig episodes.

 34. Fisher-Price Baby Cot Mobile Light Up

cot mobile

This musical baby cot mobile brings a calmness to your newborn. He or she will love to lay there listening to the sweet sounds of music and soft soothing white noises. There is a choice of three different audios, including soft lullaby music, white noise or soothing nature sounds to bring them back to the womb. It projects stunning starry lights onto the ceiling that will distract your baby from crying. For older babies such as 3 months and above the soft hanging, butterfly teddies will keep them entertained as they will reach out for them and kick them.

Cot mobiles are not essential but they do make bringing up your newborn a delight. If you’re in need of a little break or five minutes peace they can safely be placed into their cot for a nap whilst they are comforted by the soft sounds and lights in their room. White noise is known for calming your newborn, it imitates being in the womb, and encourages them to fall asleep and stay asleep for longer. This mobile can even be placed onto your newborn’s buggy for extra entertainment when out and about.

I have personally had a cot mobile for both my children until they were around 6 months (as they could pull them off after this age). They were calmer than ever when the white noise was on. I found it relaxing having it on in the same room as me whilst feeding the baby, as the projection of light is only slight the environment is still homely and calm enough to go back into a deep sleep.


Cot mobile benefits

  • They provide visual stimulation for all ages.
  • Develops motor skills as they will learn to reach out for the objects hung above.
  • It creates relaxation and sound stimulation.
  • Educational benefits, learning sounds, and musical lullabies.

35. Active Pop Up Ball Pit

ball pit

No matter how old you are, resisting a ball pit is no easy task. Now you can bring the ball pit into your home with your very own Active Pop Up Ball Pit! This ladybird design ball pit has been designed specially for young children and helps to develop hand eye coordination, grip strengths and colour recognition from a young age. Simply fill it up with balls and create your very own at home soft play! The many exciting colours are more than enough to keep your little one entertained for hours at a time and includes holes to put balls through too! It can be paired with a play pop up tunnel for the ultimate play experience no matter the weather outside. 

As your little one begins to grow up, you can begin leaving them in the ball pit without the need for consistent supervision. Instead, you can check on them every now and then to ensure they’re still having fun in a colourful, exciting environment. Once you’re finished, you can fold up the ball pit for easy storage and to keep it out the way until it's used again. Introduce your toddler to the ball pit and let their imagination run wild!

36. Interactive Phone Toy

toy phone

This interactive toy phone is suitable for toddlers, and they will love pushing its buttons. The toy phone is also available in different colours and designs such as pink, dark blue, blue and red. There is a phone toy suitable for boy or girl. The shell is made from non toxic wear resistant material, it has small glowing bunny ears, great gift, it is a light and is suitable for baby to play with indoors or out. It's bright colours and music will attract baby to it, and the lights and sounds will stimulate babies sensory perception. Features LED lights, and to save battery, if the product is not in use for 15 seconds it automatically enters power saving mode. It requires 3 AAA batteries (not included), and comes with a 90 day warranty.

37. Pop up tunnel toy

pop up tunnel

As a child, you definitely ran through tunnels at the park, at nursery and at home. Now you can bring this fantastic toy to your little ones with this Pop Up Tunnel Toy! This multicoloured tent is quick and easy to assemble and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It promotes physical activity amongst children, which is extremely important throughout their development. Kids will love going through it, spending hours playing games and letting their imagination run wild. Its size is (L x W x D): 120 x 42 x 42cm and can therefore be placed in any larger room within your home if the weather isn’t on your side. 

Once it arrives, it’s quick and easy to assemble and is a great addition to other toys within your home. It has holes to put balls through as well as other toys when playing games. Once your little ones have finished playing, you can quickly de-assemble the toy and place it back into its box for later use. Quick, easy and no hassle at all. Buy this Pop Up Tunnel Toy today and introduce your children to a whole new world of adventure and exploration. Once they’re in the tunnel, it’ll be hard to get them out!

 38. Beige Cuddly Children’s Teddy Bear

teddy bear

This is a simplistic soft teddy bear that your little child will love to cuddle up to. It is creamy beige in colour and is the perfect size for cuddles. Being approx 30cm tall there are lots of cuddles to be had. With soft plush toys, you never really know which one your baby is going to take a liking too. For example, my daughter got so many teddies as a baby. One that she specifically likes the most is her cat teddy. If you don’t like the beige colour doesn’t worry, there is a chocolate coloured teddy bear if you prefer darker. Which can be useful when having little ones around for stains.

My son when he was born, got one very similar to this. And two years later it is still his favourite. A teddy always makes for a great gift and this one specifically has cute brown paw pads on his feet. This teddy bear is machine washable which is always good, kids do tend to get their teddies quite mucky! Especially if you take them on a picnic. My son even now tries to feed his little bear a jam sandwich and some water. Our daughter, on the other hand, is a big fan of her cat teddy, she was given it at 6 months old she is now nearly 5 years old and relies on her for cuddles every night. Even though he is a soft toy, as a parent you should always supervise your small child as they may pick up small pieces from the floor. They may manage to damage something, and with under one-year-olds, everything tends to end up in the mouth as they explore. This could be a choking hazard. I even keep a teddy like this myself, whenever I’m feeling sad or emotional and my partner isn’t around I can always have a little cuddle with a teddy for some support and comfort.

39. Nuby Soft Activity Book

buggy book

Perfect for babies and toddlers around the age of one, the Nuby Primary activity book is a great way to encourage your baby’s interest for books and reading. Whilst babies are not able to read themselves. The distinct colours used on the book make it particularly interesting for your baby to look at, feel and explore. The high-contrasting colours attract your baby better than any other toy, introducing them to a wide range of new colours and patterns.

If this wasn’t great enough, the book also encourages sensory play for your baby, making use of different textures throughout. This makes the book a perfect toy in your baby’s early life as they get to experience a wide range of new and exciting situations.

All from the comfort of their bed, home or pram. Its small size means that it can be taken on the go too. Your baby can hold and play with their little book whilst on the move. Whether they are in the car, a baby chair, or elsewhere, they will be able to play with their toy. Whilst the book itself is not a need, it is a fantastic addition to your baby’s toy collection. Not only will it help to encourage an interest in books. But it will help to encourage your baby’s senses and promote exploration from an early age.

One benefit of the book is that it helps with your baby’s cognitive development. By experiencing new sensory pleasures and colours your baby will be able to develop their brain resulting in greater cognitive development. A second benefit is that your baby will become comfortable around books. This is a fantastic advantage for later life in which books will be used throughout their school curriculum.

40. Dinosaur Letter Tracing Handwriting Book

handwriting book

It’s time to make writing fun again with our dinosaur letter tracing handwriting book! Give your little one the advantage they deserve, combining their love for dinosaurs with the opportunity to improve their handwriting. Learning to write for the first time can be extremely stressful for children, especially if they’re struggling in school. This book allows them to remain relaxed whilst they practice, enjoying the dinosaur theme to improve calmness and improve the overall learning experience. With each letter of the alphabet included, your child can quickly grasp their very own writing technique with your help to ensure they follow the guided lines to the best of their ability. 

If there are certain letters your child is struggling to learn, or you simply want to introduce them to letters before they start in school, this book is the ideal purchase. You can simply guide them through certain letters at first, then eventually let them take over and complete the book by themselves. Learning to write doesn’t have to be boring or stressful and our dinosaur tracing book is an easy way to improve the learning experience altogether. 

41. Baby’s Very First Musical Play Book

 musical book

This musical play board book by Usborne will be loved by your baby. Babies will love looking at the bright pictures, listening to the sounds, lifting the flaps and running their fingers over the touchy-feely patches in this delightful book. Using their find motor skills using a single finger or a whole hand to feel the textures. Let your little one press the buttons to hear gentle music sounds which relate to the pictures on the buttons. Suitable from birth but as they age it will help them develop the independence to do it on their own. Use this book at story time or you can use it during the day, out doors in the garden, it’s suitable for any were at any time.


This book will develop musical skills in younger and older children, it will excite them when they see and hear the sounds and colours. Colours are a vital part of development for newborns and older because of their eyes gradually getting used to colours, at the beginning they will only be able to see black and white and then as they grow older they eventually see brighter colours. It will always be a favourite in your toddlers room, they will not grow out of it, there is too much to enjoy in this book that they won’t get bored. My son who is 4 this year loves and I mean loves baby books like this still, and my 5 year old girl does too. Children and babies love colours, sounds, pictures. They will do anything to have a sit down, have a cuddle and get into a good book. Although this book doesn’t have any words, you can make up a story as you go, use the images to be imaginative, and make up a story with your toddler?

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