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Lovely old wooden chapati rollers from Rajasthan in India. Sizes vary but around 28 -40cm. Each one unique, and ready for upcycling! Each Item will vary in size and colour and appearance. These can be given as a gift or brought for yourself why not treat yourself? These can be a great addition to your kitchen to have authenticity in your cooking. 

I have a few of these in my kitchen, and every time I see it in the drawer I feel inspired to get making chapatis. These are also perfect for little hands, sometimes I let my children roll out their own using these pins and they love it! 

Wonderful rustic and real wooden items from Rajasthan, India (Fair Trade.) These are a perfect addition to any kitchen, it adds a unique look and authenticity to cooking instead of your usual plain rolling pin these come in all shapes, colours and sizes so please refer to the photo as a guide only. With this, you will be cooking your own chapatis in no time. If you would like to choose one, please contact us and we will send you photos of our availability. These are rustic and are likely to have slight imperfections which add a ton of character and in my opinion, makes them perfect. 

Key features:

  • Authentic from India
  • Traditional Chapati Roller
  • Fairtrade Product
  • Rustic Design
  • Perfect Gift

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