How Adam Fiasco Can Transform Your Music

Adam Fiasco is a producer, mixer and songwriter that is based in the UK. He helps Alt-Rock and Country artists get traction with their music by creating professional productions and mentoring. He maps out an action plan with the exact steps they need to take.

He’s been writing, producing and mixing music for nearly 15 years and loves working with artists who are passionate about what they do. He helps them create amazing records and work towards their goals. 

He started playing music at age 6 when he learnt the Piano after being fascinated by this instrument as a child and begging his parents for lessons. As he loved learning new songs and playing them so much, he started classical training so that he could take his grades and go on to achieve Grade 8 ABRSM in Piano.

In his teens, his music tastes changed towards rock music - specifically pop-rock and pop-punk. Favourite bands included The Offspring, All American Rejects, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Foo Fighters, All Time Low, and so many more. Adam said, “I just knew I had to learn some more instruments.” And within a few years, he was proficient on the guitar, bass, drums and vocals.

At this point, he became obsessed with music production. He loved the sound of these records so much and started to wonder “what is a music producer? How do I become one? After lots of research, listening to podcasts, watching interviews, and taking courses, engineers like Chris Lord-Alge, Howard Benson, Bob Rock and Al Schmitt became His idols. He bought a Zoom digital HDD recorder and recorded everything and everybody that he could.

Over the years his passion for music production grew, as did his studio and he now works with artists all over the world where my production and 1on1 mentoring services have helped artists get local and national radio play, get signed to record labels and management companies, have their music featured on big Spotify playlists, play bigger and better shows supporting other bands or headlining their own nationwide tour. Artists that used to play local shows to less than 50 people, now perform in front of audiences of thousands. 

He runs an online Facebook Group and free mailing list for independent artists called Label Worthy where he gives away tons of advice, tips and content including free drum samples, tutorial videos, tips on growing your fan base and E-Books. 

Recent clients include Conflare, who have been building their fan base consistently got to organise and perform a UK headline tour in the Spring of 2019 where they also sold a ton of merchandise, and also Lauren Faye Moss who has had her 2019 single ‘Sing It’ played on national radio stations in over 10 different countries including the US, Canada, Australia, Europe and several in the UK, including the big mainstream station ‘Country Hits UK’.

Adam says “Your goal is my goal, and I will work with you step-by-step to help you achieve it. So if you're looking to start taking giant leaps forward instead of small steps and constantly second-guessing yourself, then watch the video below and then reach out and book a free consultation call with me via my website. I'd love to hear from you and help you reach your goals."

Adam Fiasco


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