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Soft kitty is a kids song that was popularised by characters sheldon and penny in the american sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Originally known as "warm kitty" the song was written by Edith Newling. Heirs of Edith Newlin's filed a copyright lawsuit in December 2015 against various companies associated with The Big Bang Theory.

The song is featured in Season 1 episode: The Pancake Batter Anomaly, where sheldon is feeling unwell and asks penny to sing him the song that his mother used to sing to him when he was sick as a child. In 1937, the song was published in a book called Songs for The Nursery School and it went on to sell over 10,000 copies. This is probably the easiest song to play on the kalimba, see the tablature below.

soft kitty kalimba sheet music


D     B   B   C      A    A   G A  B    C  D

Soft Kit-ty, warm kit-ty, lit-tle ball of fur

D      D  B   B  C     C   A  A   A    G   A 

Hap-py kit-ty, slee-py kit-ty, purr purr purr.

Soft kitty kalimba tab video



sebastian Chinchila



In te end, shouldn’t it be G A G, instead of A G A?

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