5 Common parenting quotes

Here are our top 5 most common parenting quotes that are commonly said by parents and children. They often hold little value but thinking back to them at another time is actually quite funny.

1. “In a minute”

Ahh, the famous “in a minute”. The minute that never comes, well at least not in the minute you said it. Your child is forever asking you to do things and you’re replying is normally that!

Quite bad really and I should probably stop saying it, it’s just that they always ask in the time that I’m really busy or trying to sleep.

2. “I’m hungry”

I know this one is meant to be a basic human right, and it’s not said from the parent perspective but from the child. It’s a tough thought to consider. That after breakfast and lunch, 2 pieces of fruit, countless amount of crackers, olives, carrot sticks and humous as a snack that you are still hungry. I also get the ‘I want more’ straight after dinner and I believe that I am extremely generous for a 2-3-year-old when it comes to dishing up the final meal of the day.

They eat adult portions, sometimes more than me and ask for more, I know they are growing but I still find it hard to believe! Plus the repetitiveness can be quite overwhelming at times, I try to get them to wait for their food to go down before giving them anything else, what do you do?

3. “If you don’t stop I will..”

In actual fact, you think you will, but you won’t. Mainly because we all say things to our children when we are angry to try and get them to do as you say. My children always play up on days out, my usual reaction is if you don’t stop doing that.

We will go home, but we don’t, we’ve spent too much money on the outing to go home because of a naughty child. Make your threats do-able, such as “if you carry on, I will put you to the step!” That is easy enough to follow through, but don’t threat something that cannot be done such as “if you do that again, we will cancel Christmas”. Plenty of us parents uses Santa as a threat.

4. “Wait until I tell daddy”

Woman, do not by any means demean your self! You are just as strong as daddy can be, maybe even stronger. Be the alpha mummy, and don’t let your child play up all day for you. Also, poor daddy, when he gets home from work, he has the kids worried to see him! Be firm and tough if needs be (but do not hit!) This phrase is being used too often. Most dads are seen as pure evil and are feared by their children. You should try to maintain a balanced equal relationship between being your child’s friend and parent.  Knowing exactly when to switch between is how you will gain more control, and to earn their respect. No one should fear anyone but you should both be known to deal with your child’s temper tantrums the right way.

5. “Because I said so, that’s why”

Right? Unfortunately, no. Our children need explanations for their questions. Sometimes what they’re asking doesn’t necessarily have an answer to it, or even make sense. However, you should always try your best to answer. No matter the situation, listen to them and try to understand what they want or what they are asking about. This is extremely important and will determine there a way of thinking. They will always mirror and learn from you, absorbing your ways of dealing with problems, and how you tackle a question.

Our children need our time and patience, I’m not great at being patient, but I will keep trying for my little monkeys. If you feel like this it may be a sign that you are a burnt out parent and you probably need a break. 


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