Gowdagere Chamundeshwari Temple

Ravi from Bangalore, India was suffering from chest pains due to his heart problem and was having blood appear from his mouth. His hand was shaking, he was fainting and his neighbours told him to go to the Gowdagere Chamundeshwari temple which is located in Mysore in the state of Karnataka.

Ravi Kumar at the temple


People all over India travel to this temple because they believe that this temple can change their life and give them a good future. It is also said that people come to this temple for healing. Although Chamundeshwari is a Hindu god that is known all around the world you do not have to be religious to go here. For example, Ravi is not a Hindu but is free-spirited and accepts all religions and beliefs.

Ravi believes that god helped him and this is what he said: My experience after I went to the temple is that it was like a miracle. God might be everywhere but when I was on my deathbed Ryan and his family came and helped me. I feel that God is everywhere and in every person.

The temple has a rich history and the Temple is located in Channapatna which is known as ‘the town of toys’ this is because the city is famous for its wooden toys and lacquerware. In this region, there are many temples but the Gowdagere temple is among the most known. In Mysore the Chamundeshwari temple is known as: ‘Above the miraculous mountains and in the era of the gods, Chamundeshwari killed the demon Rakshasa. Chamundeshwari is a Goddess praised by the Royal Family and King of Mysore.

When Ravi arrived at the temple he was in extreme pain and was feeling faint all the way there. He stayed at the temple for a few days and in that time the people who lived close by in the village gave free food to everyone this consisted of rice and curry.

At the temple, there is a bull that is believed to be a goddess. People staying here sleep in front of It and the bull walks over people whilst they sleep as part of a Hinduism ritual. The bull is 18 years old and the people that live nearby worship the bull as a god because they believe that God is in the bull. For this reason, the aggressive bull is considered a member of the temple and is free to roam as it pleases.

Whilst Ravi stayed at the temple he saw the early construction of a goddess statue which will be made in a steel mould. The reason for building such a statue is so that the temple can become famous and well known all over the world. During this small time staying at the temple he met lots of people and didn’t want to leave.

The Chamundeshwari temple has its own YouTube channel which has over 14,000 subscribers and since it launched back in October 2017 it has accumulated over 7 million views.

About Basappa (the holy cow) 

 Hindu god bull

The holy cows' name is Basappa, and it was born and raised in Gowdagere by the people living at the temple. The cow didn't eat regular cow feed but instead ate healthy foods such as rice, banana, fruits and vegetables. The cow represented the god Chamundeshwari and was strong for many years and lived to 19 years old. 

Hindu people believe that the cow can predict the future. If you lay down in front of the cow, it will cross over you, and if it does, it is considered good fortune. If it doesn't cross over you and comes to a halt, it is said to be a sign that you have done something bad in your life. 

The village locals said when you have a prayer or a wish to build a house or buy a car or any status of social life or education. If you go to the cow and bring betel nut or betel leaf, jasmine flower or a small banana, you can sit down in front of the cow, keep both hands together and give the cow the food. If the cow steps on your hand, it equals success, and if not, it is a failure. 

The temple priest will stand with the cow and predict what will happen, what to do, and advise what not to do. The religious cow is famous throughout Bangalore and the state of Karnataka and visits every nearby temple. Unfortunately, the cow died on Sunday the 6th of March from natural causes, and as a result of religious beliefs, the people will not eat the cow.

The village people are sad, and at the moment, we are not sure if god will represent another cow or if it is the last cow of the temple. Either way, people will be praying for the Chamundeshwari god, and there will be at least three months gap, and after that, they will be able to do a Puja Hindu worship ritual.

Gowdagere Chamundeshwari Temple (Video)

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