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The song happy birthday has got to be the most famous song of all time. It is sung to any person on their birthday, and the song has been recreated in every possible language. Whilst the origin isn't entirely known, the melody of the music dates back to 1893, in which the original song was called 'good morning to all.

The song was composed by American sisters Patty Hill and Mildred. The song was remade again in 1912 with the new lyrics: "happy birthday to you." Below are the notes to play the music on the kalimba, and it is in line with the songs original lyrics. Choose if you would like to play the lettered notes or the numbers.

Letter notes, number notation and lyrics

G     G   A     G     C B

5       5   6     5      1 7

Hap-py birth-day to you

G     G   A      G   D  C

5     5   6      5   2  1

hap-py birth-day to you.

G     G   G      E     C      B  A

5      5   5       3      1      7  6

Hap-py birth-day dear (persons name)

F      F   E      C    D C

4      4   3       1     2 1

hap-py birth-day to you.

Happy Birthday to You (Kalimba tutorial video)

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