How to cut boys hair for beginners

I am by no means a professional hairdresser, I have however had quite a lot of experience with cutting my sons hair and so if you follow my advice, you should be able to perform a simple haircut that will look like it was done at the barbers! When cutting my son’s hair, I used to do a standard cut all over with the same number. Unfortunately, my son has a hairline like mine where it grows completely even in all directions and when his hair gets long it looks a mess. Not to mention that the curly sideburns end up in his ears-just as what happens to me and this can be super itchy.

Whilst I go out to the hairdressers, this is because it is very difficult to cut my own hair and have it look good at the same time. Going to the barbers is not always possible for a little one, especially considering that - 

1. They don’t usually like to sit still.

2. Children’s hair can simply grow so fast.

3. Haircuts in the barbers are not exactly cheap.

I cut my son’s hair myself using a pair of clippers. Each time I cut his hair, I now experiment with different styles and sizes. As a general rule, for a boy, you could do a simple but stylish cut by cutting all over with a number six or seven and afterward do the sides and back at a number four. This will give a simplistic style that will allow you to spike up the hair on top whilst keeping the rest of the hair neat.

How to blend cut hair?

To blend the different size hair together to make it look more natural and better flowing you could go in between with a number five. To finish the hair cut you should take the extension off and use the number zero to trim sideburns equal on both sides and at the back to straighten it out a bit if you prefer.

I would highly recommend giving it a go, and realistically even if it doesn’t turn out exactly as you expected or you make a mistake, you could always cut the rest of the hair with the number four to give an all-round cut. After you have cut his hair you should give him a bath, as the loose bits of hair can be itchy. Try to avoid using shampoo as it will restrict the oils and later on it will make the hair look greasy. To wash the hair, just use the water from the bath.

Finishing touches and aftercare

To finish the hair cut and make it look at its best, you can of course add product if you’d like. However, I would recommend trying to avoid it if you can. Instead use a hairdryer if you own one as it can give the hair some volume and make it look thicker. Go all over with the hair dryer and it should make the haircut look neat. If you do want to use some product, a little wax can go a long way and is great for spiking up hair. Whilst gel can look just as a good, later on it may cause dandruff or flaky scalp.

How often will you need to cut their hair?

Every person is completely different and their hair grows at varying rates. It is also down to preference and the look that you are after. As a general rule cutting their hair once a month should be enough to maintain style.


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