How to make a scented bag?

Scented bags are also known as a sachet, scent bag, sweet bag, potpourri, perfume cushion, fragrant bag and dream pillow. They were first used in China and were worn to absorb sweat. After that, they became a token of love. In Europe, the sachets became known as a Plague bag that was worn around the neck or dangled from the waist; it was believed to protect you again parasites. They contained storax, benzoin, cloves, and other herbal fragrances in ancient times. The Queen of Spain filled the scented bags with Rose and carnation petals, and in the 19th century, they were filled with hops and were used by George III and Prince Albert to help improve sleep. They are used in dressers, drawers, and other places to keep bad odours away in modern times. 

In January, we were considering adding room linen scented bags to our products range, but the essential oil scents were limited to Agarwood, Madurai Jasmine, Desi Gulab Rose, Mysore Sandalwood, Nagpuri orange, and Patchouli Vanilla. These products are made by an Indian supplier called: Organic Goodness, and this is when we realised the opportunity to learn how to make a scented bag and then share how to do it with you. The process is surprisingly easy and not worth charging money for; you can make a scented bag in 3 easy steps. 


  1. In a bowl, combine rice, Epsom salt, flowers buds, and drops from your chosen essential oil, then mix well. 
  2. Place this mixture into a muslin pouch.
  3. Put the scented bag anywhere you would like it. 

Frequently asked questions

Where to place a scented bag?

Great places for scented bags are in wardrobes, certain cupboards, drawers. You could even make small scented bags and keep them in places with bad odour, such as near the trashcan, in the bathroom, or even under the sink. 

How long will a scented bag last?

Depending on how much essential oil you use in your scented bag, the scent will last for about 2-3 weeks, and so when the scent becomes weak, you can refresh the scented bag by adding more drops of essential oil. Some scents can last a lot longer, and if you keep the bag sealed, it could last up to 9 months. It’s as simple as that, enjoy and let us know what scents you prefer, where you like to put them and whether you think we should add these to our product range!

Do you have to use essential oil to scent it?

Whilst you don’t have to use essential oil, we recommend you do because essential oil is a concentrated extract from a plant that can provide some health benefits and is a great way to scent the bag. If you wanted to, you could use whole herbs or spices to scent the bag like rosemary, cinnamon, cloves, and star anise, but the scent will not be strong enough. You can put oil Fragrances or perfume in the scented bag, but it is difficult to trace what they are made from, which could be harmful to health. I can’t even wear aftershave without getting a headache from it.

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