How to use wax melts with an oil burner

Oil burners are a great way to diffuse some essential oil to make your room smell nice but a technique which is often overlooked is the wax melt. A wax melt is a solid piece of wax that has a blend of essentials oils or fragrance in it and it works by using it instead of the essential oil. 

How to use wax melts with an oil burner (video)

The first thing that you want to do is place your oil burner on a coaster to avoid burning your surfaces as it does get very hot. Light a tea light candle and place it into the oil burner.

We make our own soy based wax melts with scents of cinnamon, star anise, and patchouli which we sell on our website but you can use any wax melts that you want. For health, we recommend that you only use an essential oil based wax melt and not one that contains artificial fragrances or has paraffin in the wax. 

Place the wax melt on top of the oil burner and the wax melt is going to slowly melt and is going to release the aroma into your room. The oil burner will become very hot so do not touch it. 

Enjoy the scents from the wax melt and when it has fully melted and the scent dissipates, you can either add another one if you want to continue or blow the candle out and allow to cool before cleaning and putting away. 

If you want to use essential oil with your oil burner, you should check out this article first to ensure that you are doing it safely. Our comments on YouTube suggest that most people didn't know that you are supposed to add water to the oil which is a safety hazard. 


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