Should kids have a drink with their meal?

It is often debated whether kids should have a drink with their meal. When I was growing up, for some reason I was never allowed a drink with my main meal. I remember asking consistently each dinner time for some water, and it was not allowed. I even tried making it myself. However, I would always be told ‘stop drinking water, you’re going to fill yourself up on it.

Whilst yes they should have water with their meal if it is particularly dry or spicy. Dry or salty food can quickly turn to disaster in your mouth. Spicy foods that burn your tongue can in some cases ruin your meal making it very unpleasant. As I was brought up a certain way being told I was not allowed to drink whilst eating. This in some ways has affected the way that I place this same rule for my children subconsciously. Even though I don’t even agree with it. Mainly because I don’t understand why it was put there in the first place.

Some would argue that it fills the child up and stops them from eating their dinner leading to food waste. If you think of the way that your mouth produces saliva before eating to help you break down the food then surely the brain asking for water is a similar process to avoid choking when eating. Perhaps to clean the flavour palette to help make the food more enjoyable. Is this such a bad thing? What does science say?

Does it fill them up and stop them eating?

Studies suggest that drinking water during or after a meal aids in digestion. Water and other liquids may help break down the food so that your body can easily absorb the nutrients. Wow, so all of this time I was not allowed water with my meal. Even though it would have been beneficial.

In this regard my grandparents were right, drinking water does boost your metabolism, cleansing your body of waste, and does act as an appetite suppressant. If I were allowed to drink water with my meal the result is that I would likely end up wasting more food. Although, I would have been nutritionally healthier which I think is more important.

Specialists are recommending to people who are trying to lose weight to start drinking water with their main meal as it can reduce the amount that you consume whilst also keeping you full and hydrated. The water during a meal or after actually causes the stomach to swell up. Scientists are however saying that water-rich foods would be better. This is because it helps us to maintain the vitamins and minerals within our cells. Some of the highest water-rich foods include Cucumber, Lettuce, Courgettes, and radishes.

As we wrap it up and come to the conclusion that yes drinking water whilst eating a meal is good for you. But what about other liquids? Drinking tea with a meal for example can be harmful. This is because tea leaves are acidic and will affect digestion. Also, if you were to consume protein in a meal, the acid from the tea could harden the protein making it even more difficult to digest. Tea even has the capability to interfere with iron absorption which brings us to our next debate which is whether caffeine is bad for kids or not.


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