raw peanut butter vs roasted

This week we took on the challenge of making our own peanut butter, little did we know that we were doing it the healthiest way possible. Raw peanuts are higher in cell defending antioxidants and roasted salted peanuts are associated with high levels of sodium which health professionals have linked to heart disease. 

Normally peanut butter you buy from the store can be quite salty, oily or even too sweet, when you make your own it’s a whole other story because you can adjust it to your own taste, prefer it sweet? add some honey, enjoy the natural flavour of peanuts? Leave it plain. When the peanuts and oil combine, you will have a unique nutty but delicious taste.

Shop bought peanut butter is usually made from roasted peanuts, but we made ours without roasting them for a healthier twist. The texture, taste and look was completely different from your usual roasted peanut butter.

It had a more mellow flavour, the texture was slightly tougher, and it was more pale in colour. To spread on a rice cake was a challenge as the texture turned out more dough like, but we put that down to the no palm oil. We added honey and a pinch of salt and it really brought out the flavour.

The benefits of raw peanuts


  • Raw peanuts provide you with beneficial fibre and protein, which makes them a great snack for when you’re working out at the gym.
  • Magnesium and copper - raw peanuts add much health to your diet thanks to their magnesium and copper content, copper plays a role in your immune system and magnesium promotes health muscle function and helps your cells produce energy. Raw peanuts also have higher cell defending antioxidant properties.
  • Versatile when adding into meals. 
  • Aids in weight loss. Despite their high fat and calorie content peanuts aid in weight loss due to their healthy fats and experts suggest that they may even reduce the risk of obesity.

The benefits of roasted peanuts

  • Roasted peanuts can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet and contain vitamins and minerals. 
  • The flavour is tastier due to the higher fat content, if salt is added, they become even more delicious.
  • In direct comparison to raw peanuts they are less bitter, and the texture is improved.

In general roasted salted peanuts have a more intense nutty flavour and are more delicious, but they do contain more fat, which means they are probably not the best choice if you are trying to lose weight. Whilst either can be eaten as part of a balanced diet, we would recommend eating homemade raw peanut butter rather than the roasted variety.

As we come to a conclusion it is clear that roasted peanuts are associated with a deep flavour, whereas raw peanuts are a healthier option.

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