Essential kitchen tools and equipment

Cooking cultural food is our passion and for some recipes you will need a specific set of tools to create them. For that reason we have created this essential kitchen tools and equipment guide so that you can be well on your way to cooking your favourite recipes at home.

1. Stainless Steel Saucepan with Lid

Stainless Steel Saucepan with Lid

Let’s face it, non-stick saucepans are awful, they scratch they burn and they are no good for your health, or your cooking. This stainless steel saucepan is premium quality and has a super deep depth holing approximately 3.8 Litres of food or soups. Just what you need with a big family, or for when you are cooking for a large amount of friends, it comes with a glass lid so when you cook something like rice you need to keep an eye on, you have the glass lid to watch it cook. Extra strong hollow stainless steel handles and aluminium 5.2mm encapsulated base.

Reviewers have said that the lid handle can get a little hot so always take care when handling, always use a good oven glove for safety reasons. You can even pop this pan into the oven to cook your food on slow, it is safe for temperatures up to 240c. It is suitable on all heat sources. When using your stainless steel pan, to make sure you get the best out of the product only use wooden, plastic or silicone material utensils to avoid damaging with a metal utensil. You will love the depth and size of this pan, it is great for every type of meal or dessert!

You may want to buy more than one of these pans, because surely you want your kitchen to match and have great style? You will need more than one pan for example your making curry, you will need one pan on for the rice and one on for your delicious curry. With its handy hanging gap you can pop it up on the pan rack on the wall so it doesn’t take up any room in your cupboards and it really is a beautiful pan to look at. It is dishwasher safe but you can also hand wash in hot soapy water.

2. Double Oven Glove


yellow double glove

Many people opt out from getting an oven glove and will just use any old towel or cloth, STOP! You do not want to use anything to remove a boiling hot oven even if its been in a few minutes. The benefits to having a double oven glove it that you can safely grab your food out of the oven without risking burns to one or both of your hands.

If you used just a cloth it could slip, its not thick enough and if it is wet in any way you will seriously burn yourself and from the shock you may drop the hot pan on the floor. It is not a risk you should be willing to take.

Things to love about this gorgeous double oven glove; it is completely 100% cotton, good for health and the environment, we love everything natural and believe the more you spend on natural the less plastic and environmentally damaging materials will be brought and made because of the less demand for it.  Polywadding filling for extra protection from heat. Do you or someone in your friends or family group love sheeps? nature? these gloves will be the best gift for an animal lover, the design is subtle yet stylish and super cute to look at. If you have a yellow or white kitchen design these will slot right in with the theme. Did you know? you can buy a matching tea towel, and a lovely tea cosy! You can mix and match with amazon and get different designs and colours just look.

Reviewers have mentioned that this oven glove is “A great product”, “Lovely made oven gloves. feel good quality”, “High quality”, “Great design”. So there you can see it for yourself, not a bad word to say about these oven gloves, they give safety and style, what more could you want?

3. Cast iron skillet

Cast iron skillet

This cast-iron skillet is an incredible frying pan. It’s suitable for frying, sautéing and much more. You can use a little oil to cook with it, but using it often will season it well and you will be able to dry fry. As it is made from complete cast iron, it can be moved from hob to oven. In the oven, it can be used for roasting, and even baking. This pan is great for frying eggs, sautéing vegetables, and even making pancakes.

It is extremely heavy-duty and has a solid construction which means that if cared for correctly it will last a lifetime. As it is heavy, you should use the extra support handle when moving it around. The handle does get hot so we would recommend pairing it with an oven glove if you do not have one. The handle features a hole which means that you can hang it up on a pan rail to save some space, or to add some inspiration to your kitchen.

We have tried and tested a lot of cooking equipment, and comparing this cast iron pan with non-stick cookware, cast iron wins every time. Non-stick pans use a Teflon coating which over time degrades causing food to get stuck, and on top of that, the Teflon coating is poisonous and leaches into food. Using this pan means you will no longer be exposed to Teflon which is a poisonous chemical that comes off of other not stick pans. With a good seasoning, the cast iron pan can be just as non-stick and will save you lots of money too.

When it comes to cleaning you should use hot water, clean the surface, dry, and put away. Do not immerse in water as that could cause the metal to go rusty. Instead, leave it to cool, remove any food from the pan with a spatula, and wipe clean with warm water. Avoid using washing up liquid as it removes the oil from the pan and this, in turn, removes its natural non-stick coating. If you do have to use washing up liquid then your frying pan will need seasoning again. To do this, cover the pan with a little oil, the grease will stick to the metal and create a natural non-stick coating.

We use this specific frying pan, and we love how it’s naturally non-stick. It features a spout on both sides, which allows for easy pouring when it comes to sauces. Once the pan is seasoned well, less oil is needed to cook and so we believe that this is an essential piece of equipment for healthy cooking. Cast iron has an even heat distribution, this means that the pan will not have as many hot spots, and will cook everything evenly. This product makes for a great gift for friends and family and is sold at a fantastic price, this is the best frying pan on the market and is the best frying pan I have ever used. We have had ours for years, it’s still like new, and I believe it's the only one we will ever need.

4. ZWILLING pro traditional chef’s knife

 4. ZWILLING pro traditional chef’s knife

When it comes to cooking the knife that you use is the most important tool. When I first left home, I brought a cheap kitchen knife from my local supermarket and I got on well with it for many years. I was really into my cooking and loved trying to make new cultural recipes. I watched many of my favorite chefs cooking on shows, and I took note of the knives they were using. After tons of research about knives and the benefits of using a well-made knife, it was clear to me that I needed to buy a better one.

It was only when I tried a real chef knife that my cooking took off. I use this exact knife and I love it, it allows me to cut everything with precision, and most importantly cut everything safely. As many chefs will tell you the most dangerous type of knife is not a sharp one but a blunt one. A knife that is either poorly made or isn’t sharp is the knife that will slip when you are chopping, and this is the type of knife that will cause an accident in the kitchen.

Whilst I have been very lucky in regards to not cutting myself in the kitchen, chopping onions with this knife has become extremely easy and a few months ago when I went to my mother-in-law to cook, I struggled to use her knife. I felt as though it was bouncing all over the place and the weight of the knife made it difficult to hold. Now when I go to her’s to cook, I bring mine with me, and I should really speak to her about upgrading her knife.

This chef knife by Zwilling pro has been ice-hardened. Ice hardening is a special process that guarantees the quality of branded knives. Allowing them to be corrosion-resistant, more flexible, and have better edge retention. We believe that a chef is only as good as there knife, and if you are a passionate cook, care for saving time when cooking, or consider safety a really important aspect then the Zwilling chef knife is for you. It’s such a multipurpose knife that can be used for pretty much anything in the kitchen.

It’s also recommended that you carefully hand wash your knife in warm soapy water, rinse, dry, and put away in a case as opposed to putting it in a dishwasher. The dishwasher is known to make knives go blunt, but if cared for correctly, your knife could last a lifetime. All knives do go blunt and from time to time it will need sharpening, for this you could either learn how to do it yourself using a special tool or you can get them professionally sharpened at a local knife sharpening service.

5. ZWILLING Paring knife


pairing knife

Every kitchen needs a knife like this one, it is an essential piece of cook ware. This knife in particular is made for chopping smaller ingredients such as onions, fruit, ginger, garlic etc. Due to it being so sharp it is a great aid in the kitchen and will be your best friend when using it for cutting with precision and detail. Seamless transition from the knife’s head to toe to avoid slipping when suing it. You also have a great grip on the knife with its handle. Make sure to always use a chopping board to avoid damaging your kitchen sides and to avoid damaging your knife. To clean this knife simply wipe it down with warm/hot soapy water, do not leave in water as it could cause damage to the knife. Wipe dry with a towel and put away safely.

It truly is made to last a lifetime, if you look after it well you won’t need to be buying another one again. This pairing knife is cold hardened blade with friodur process. No one likes a blunt knife, you won’t get a precise cut and blunt knives are actually the most dangerous. The reason it is dangerous is because it will require you to use more force and pressure in cutting the piece of food. Increasing the risk to you when the knife is slipping out of your hand.

We have this knife at home and only have one other, that one is a larger version of this because of needing to cut meat and other tougher stuff up. You don’t need any more than two knives in your kitchen drawer, both do a great amount and you won’t need anything else for chopping.  A reason to buy this knife is sharp knives needs less brute force to cut than a dull knife meaning less damage to the food and you really can see the difference.

6. Lebbeck Spoon

lebbeck spoon

Our Lebbeck Spoon, made from sustainable Siris wood, is a handcrafted masterpiece boasting a unique reddish-brown color with lighter and darker bands. Choose between two classic designs - rounded spoon or slotted - each with its own unique decorative texture and dark finish. Siris wood is highly resistant to rot and has medicinal properties. Ethically made in India by a Fair Trade producer group using traditional techniques, this spoon is both sturdy and durable, yet soft and gentle, making it the perfect addition to any kitchen. Add a touch of natural elegance to your cooking experience with our Lebbeck Spoon.

Using stainless steel cooking utensil’s are possibly the easiest way to ruin all of your non-stick cookware. Yorkshire pudding tray ruined, cake tins ruined, non-stick frying pan, ruined. Don’t get me wrong, metal cookery tools are fantastic and are suitable for so many jobs. That being said they are not suited to all jobs. When they scratch your non-stick cookwares, it makes all food stick to them and this means that it becomes unusable. We hate waste and unfortunately we have been in this situation many times. It’s horrible when you have to throw them all out, and buy new ones again. Plastic spoons unfortunately are made from various toxic chemicals and are bad for the environment.

Wooden spoons on the other hand are the ultimate tool for the job. You can use them in all the same ways that you can with metal, only they are more gentle to nonstick products. On top of that they are great for mixing as well, but you already knew that! We love this versatile natural wooden spoon and at under three pounds, who wouldn’t. This product was made by Chef Aid and they say it best when they say “Kind to non-stick surfaces” which provides peace of mind for all of those in the kitchen. To clean it simply wash in warm soapy water, rinse, dry and then put away. A wooden spoon is an essential in any home, and it is suitable for a variety of uses. It’s ideal for use when baking but also for making hot sauces too. Wood has natural characteristics in its grain that makes each one uniquely different.  

7. Stainless steel potato peeler

potato peeler

It’s kind of misleading that this product is known as a potato peeler, especially considering when the tool was created back in the 1800s it was known more as an apple peeler, nonetheless it changed the world. Being known as a potato peeler somewhat demotes its value and this is because this wonderful tool doesn’t just have this one purpose. In fact it’s great at peeling all vegetables, some fruits, and it can be used in a variety of creative ways to even core apples.

There are many material options for this type of peeler, and out of them all stainless steel is the most robust lasting the longer, and is one of the most ecological choices. Stainless steel is also the most common material to be used by professional chefs in the kitchen at home and commercially, this is because it is the perfect material in terms of hygiene. Wooden handles for example, can be a host to bacteria, and plastic or silicone can leach toxic chemical residues into our food and will get on and into your hands.

The handle has a great grip so you won’t be slipping around when using it. It is so easy to clean just. pop it into some hot soapy water to soak then wipe down with a sponge/dish cloth or you can just put it into your dishwasher for easiness. I love how this peeler has a hanging loop so it can be hung up on my pan rail with other utensils so it doesn’t take up any room in my drawers!

One thing's for sure, the stainless steel vegetable peeler deserves a lot more credit. Other uses for it include shaving chocolate for a desserts garnish, shaving other vegetables like carrots or courgette to make a salad more interesting. Another reason to love this product is you get 25 years guarantee on it.

8. Mango Wood Chopping Board

mango chopping board

Our Mango Wood Chopping Board is a stunning and eco-friendly addition to your kitchen. Handmade by skilled artisans in India from sustainable mango wood, each board is unique with its own grain. It's not just for food prep - it can also be used as a serving board for bread, cheese, and antipasti. Available in small, medium, or large sizes, it comes with a loop strap for easy hanging. Perfect for a fair trade housewarming or wedding gift, this chopping board adds rustic charm to your kitchen. 

9. Loofco's coconut fibre washing up brush

coconut brush

Loofco offers two eco-friendly cleaning tools made of natural coir fibre and rubberwood - the Coconut Fibre Washing Up Brush and the Coconut Fibre Bottle Brush. Both are durable, versatile, and vegan-friendly. The coir fibre used in the brushes is naturally anti-bacterial, making them perfect for deep-cleaning without harming the environment. To clean with either brush, simply use warm water and washing-up liquid or soap. Once the brushes have worn out, they can be recycled, providing a sustainable and biodegradable alternative to plastic scourers, sponges, and brushes.

10. Pyrex mixing bowl

pyrex mixing bowl

Every kitchen needs a mixing bowl, it is inevitable you will need one sooner or later. If you love to cook like most of the world you’ll want to have one of these beautiful bowls in your cupboard, or two. There are many things you can do with this bowl, there are many recipes that actually allow you to mix in the bowl as well as cooking it in the oven without transferring into anything different, meaning less mess and less fuss.

This bowl is great for mixing large quantities of ingredients as it holds up to 1 litre. You can make your own homemade bread here's an easy quick recipe – How about having a go at making a lovely homely trifle, being see through and glass you will see all of the tasty layers from cake to cream and jelly in-between.

This bowl supports extreme temperatures which means you can pop in into a freezer at -40c to 300c without it smashing or cracking. Thermal shock resistant, it can go directly from a freezer at -20c into a hot oven of 200c that is unbeatable and why pyrex is on of the best makes around. Being made from glass means no harmful chemicals or nasties get into your food. It is a hygienic material that doesn’t retain any nasty stains or smelly odours that you don’t want to keep.

Pyrex kitchen tools and utensils are super scratch resistant meaning you won’t damage your beautiful bowl even with a scourer. Infact using a scourer while cleaning it actually gets off hard to remove stains like tomato and if you have cooked in it then it will help remove things like cake residue.

11. Pyrex casserole dish

17. Pyrex casserole dish

Here we have another one of my favourite pyrex products I wouldn’t be without my casserole dish and neither should you. Borosilicate Glass promotes safe optimal cooking for the rest result of tender and juicy meals. It comes with very easy grip making it safe and easy to carry from oven to counter, counter to freezer or to the table, making sure that if your table is not heat proof put a doubled over towel down before placing the dish down otherwise you could ruin your table top. 

This oven casserole dish is safe in temperatures up to 300c meaning you can cook the perfect piece of meat for hours, a yummy homely casserole with all the trimmings.If you have leftovers you can pop it into the microwave to reheat your food. Just because of it being called a ‘casserole dish’ it doesn’t just make casserole in fact it makes tons more! I have made apple crumble, tender juicy meat, yummy cakes, cheese cakes, tender beef stew, tasty chilli con carne on slow, you can even cook up some brownies in this great dish.

Pyrex kitchen products are freezer safe and dishwasher safe, they are also shock resistant and can stand high heats as well as low freezing temperatures. Pyrex guarantees healthy and safe cooking and if you want to save your food for another day, week or month you can pop the lid back on and freeze it. To clean your dish emerge into hot soapy water and let it soak if it has been used for a particularly sticky dish with hard to clean edges. You can happily use a scourer to remove dirt and grime from it after a good soak and there is no need to worry about scratching it due to its scratch resistant glass.

12. Non Stick Baking Tray

non stick baking tray

A non stick baking tray will not only save you time when it comes to cleaning but will also allow you peace of mind due to it coming with a five year warranty. The tray is extremely versatile in the kitchen, it can be stored in the fridge, freezer. The carbon steel non stick baking tray is dishwasher safe and is just perfect for cooking roasting meats, and for baking cookies. Using non stick also means that you can use less fats and oil when cooking, this in turn can even improve your health.

13. Pyrex Glass Measuring Jug

Pyrex Glass Measuring Jug

It is transparent, meaning you can see right through it and it won’t hurt your eyes trying to read the numbers. The jug has measurements in ml and pints and litres, depending on what recipe you are using it will be helpful. It is dishwasher safe but you can also hand wash it if you prefer. This jug is made from solid hard glass meaning even the clumsiest of people can use it without worrying about it smashing.

Due to the jug being made out of such a thick material it can be quite heavy so make sure you get a good grip on it when using. With all recipes you will need a measuring jug, if you don’t measure out the right amount of ingredients the meal will not go to plan and could go wrong and you’ll have to start again.

I use this jug for everything, making pancakes, Yorkshire puddings, cake baking, cocktail making! there are many things to use it for, even if its just to add some water or stock to a meal at least with the numbers on the jug you know how much you’ve used and how much you have left. You can whisk ingredients together in this if you don’t have a mixing bowl at the ready, thanks to its pouring spout you can make perfect pancakes without spilling it everywhere.

Not only is this jug great for mixing and measuring things out, I found it helpful to keep cold water in it for when I wanted to cool my newborn’s bottle down quickly. Or if you have a tin of beans or soup that need heating up you can pour them into the jug and put it straight into the microwave, its that easy!

14. Stainless steel whisk

18. Stainless steel whisk

These fantastic gadgets are great at mixing, so well in fact that they can break down clumps of flour, ensuring that your sauce or gravy is completely smooth. It is made from high-quality stainless steel which ensures a long-lasting whisk, and if cared for properly could last a lifetime. It’s suitable for making sauces, custards, gravies, batters, dips and more. Above the handle, there is a little loop which means that you can easily hang it up on a rail to save space or to be more convenient so that it’s easy to find when you need it.

Its comfortable handle means that you can hold it sturdy and whisk to perfection. You will love this whisk unless you’re whipping double cream, then it will likely be your worst enemy. All jokes aside, this whisk is approximately 15 cm, is dishwasher safe, and is not suitable for use with non-stick pans as it could scratch them.

Unlike others, this one is completely made from metal which means no chemicals or nasties will leach into your food. Whilst metal whisks are suitable for the dishwasher, we would recommend cleaning your whisk by hand. It’s very easy to do, simply wash with warm soapy water, rinse and dry. If you’d like to get in between the creases, a bottle brush should do the trick! Metal is always a good choice when it comes to cooking as it is less habitable for bacteria and provides better hygiene. It’s perfect for mixing up your own cakes, and pancake mixes. You can hold it in one hand in a circular motion or place both hands together to whisk super fast.

15. Stainless steel stock pot

6. Stainless steel stock pot

Nothing could be worse than making up a meal and not having enough food to go round. This is a common problem in most households at one time or another, even more so if people are joining you for dinner. Luckily with this stock pot, you can be prepared for those occasions. If you are passionate about cooking tasty home cooked meals, then a stock pot is for you. All of the flavour of a meal usually comes from the stock cube and if you have ever made your own stock out of onions, celery, etc, you will know how much better it really is to make your own.

Despite its name, it does have various uses and is suitable in the home or commercial setting. It can be used to make slow cooked meat stews, japanese or asian broths, and even curries. To make traditional Indian curries, most restaurants and takeaways boil up lots of onions, herbs and spices in a large stock pot and they then use this sauce is a base gravy to make most of their curries.

If you tend to have people come around for dinner, a stock pot is a must have. It is suited to those situations when you have to make up bigger batches of food. Even if friends and family aren’t coming round, you can make up extra food portions so that you can freeze meals to make it easier later on during the week. This is especially beneficial when making stock and you can even boil it down to concentrate it even more. When you have one of these at home, the possibilities are endless. As it is made from stainless steel, it is built to last and is easy to clean. These are extremely versatile in the kitchen and make a fantastic gift for anyone who likes to cook.

16. Wooden rolling pin

 beech rolling pin

This is one of the most used tools in our kitchen, whether we are rolling out bread doughs, pastries to make pies or even bashing down some biscuits to make a lovely chocolate ganache, this tool is always needed. There are many variations of the traditional rolling pin, and nowadays there are many material options to choose from but wood is always the best. It’s smooth, perfectly round, and the edges have fine rounded detailing. With natural wood products you should hand wash and don’t let them sit in water as it could cause damage to it. Approximate length 40cm, this products offers luxury quality at a budget price.

17. Stainless steel soup gravy ladle

soup gravy ladle 

The large deep bowl of the ladle you can serve up big portions for all the family. Fancy a punch? filled with fruits and juices, how fun! with this ladle you can scoop up a cup or more worth of punch and pour it straight into your cup. This spoon really is amazing for serving up a good gravy to serve over your lovely Sunday roast dinner! I have found a gravy ladle to be the pest pancake mix pourer it makes the perfect size and best cooked on a cast iron pan. According to reviewers on amazon who recently bought this product it is “great value for money” and “a great buy” and “perfect for American pancakes”. Not only is the ladle good for serving but it is great for stirring and cooking your food before serving. Being made from durable stainless steel it gives you years if not a lifetime of cooking and serving, it has a smooth handle for complete comfort and controlled use.

Another plus about this ladle is you can hang it up on a pan rack for easy storage and to declutter your kitchen drawers! To clean you can simply wash in warm soapy water with a sponge but it Is dishwasher safe if you have one. With this gravy ladle it comes with a whole 25 years guarantee. You can also get this for free UK delivery on orders over £20 so why not have a look what else you want on amazon, it has plenty to find including other stainless steel kitchen products to make your kitchen stylish and ready for any occasion, such as a pizza cutter, graters, spoons and many more interesting utensils.

18. Stainless steel potato masher

stainless steel potato masher

Needed for making the perfect mash, but it does have other uses too. In my many years of motherhood to two little darlings, I took it upon myself to make my own baby food. Once they were old enough, of course, I made simple combinations of baby food such as carrot and apple. You simply cook down the fruit and vegetable of your choice and you can squish them into baby food with a potato masher.

This masher is a great kitchen utensil for so many things. You can make carrot and swede mash at Christmas time to impress your guests. Guacamole to accompany some tasty nachos and salsa. You can even blend cubed butter into flour to make the perfect pastry, just with one tool. Maybe you might want to make the perfect apple sauce for your pork and crackling on a Sunday roast. We have brought a few potato mashers simply because we didn’t do enough research in the first place. With this masher, you only have to buy it once.

It has a great grip with the horizontal handle, reviewers have said they hesitated because of the price but ended up buying it and have said that it will last a lifetime, compared to other leading potato mashers with a plastic handle that just breaks. This is true and we have experienced it first hand, not with just our masher but other items too. Plastic degrades over time and becomes weak. Something that is consistently used often, it must be strong, and this masher has a solid construction. Stainless steel is very easy to clean and with its design, it will be clean in no time at all. Just rinse and scrub in warm soapy water and dry with a clean towel. Professional chefs use stainless steel utensils as they are considered the most hygienic when it comes to bacteria.

19. Electric Kettle

Electric Kettle

In England, tea and coffee has got to be the most popular drink. I must drink around 4 or 5 cups a day. I drink tea no matter what my mood is like. Weather you need an energy boost or you have gone through a hard time, a tea is always on the cards. Many people use a sweet tea for shock as it helps bring someone back to feeling normal.

On the hob kettles are good, however electric ones such as this are better because of the fast boiling it means that you are not waiting around all day for the kettle to boil. People will find that making a new born baby’s bottle can be challenging at times, especially if you have left it to the last minute to make the bottle, but fear not, this kettle will help you make a bottle with ease and in no time at all. Kettles aren’t just for making a brew though, they can be very helpful when someone has a tummy ache or back ache, because you can just quickly fill up a hot water bottle to ease the pain.

As well as being super helpful this kettle comes in many other different colours such as white, red and cream with elegant ridged textured designs with a high gloss finish and polished chrome detail. Meaning you can design your kitchen around your kettle, they also have a matching toaster available for the ultimate kitchen appliance set!

With its 1.7 Litre capacity it can make up to 8 cups, this means you can invite your guests round and there will be enough hot water to make them all a cuppa. It comes with a rear water window to make filling it up easier and it also illuminates when it is on boil. The lid lifts off and it comes with non slip feet so your kettle stays put and doesn’t tip about.

20. Breville Toaster

Breville Toaster

Add some elegance and sophistication to your new kitchen, or maybe you are updating your appliances. With this toaster’s high gloss effect and ridged textured finish it is the ultimate kitchen accompaniment. If you buy smaller bread, this isn’t a problem due to its high lift facility meaning you won’t burn your fingers trying to reach in the toaster for your toast.

The toaster has variable brewing control, 9 toast settings to be exact. You get a nifty removable crumb tray, which should be emptied regularly to avoid burning the crumbs every time the toaster is on. You can even use frozen bread, just switch it to the defrost setting, need to reheat your toast? no problems theres a button for that too.

Tea and toast it the best breakfast, for everyone. Who doesn’t love tea and toast? When I gave birth to my daughter I was so in love, but starving hungry from all of the energy I used when labouring. The midwife came in and she said “tea and toast my love?” the words of an angel! every time I hear it, it gives me happy feelings and good memories of having my daughter and again with my son.

Coming from a large family myself, a two slice toaster has never been enough, as there are four of us in our house using a two slice toaster would not work, however the four slice toaster is essential for families making more toast quicker and easier. Toast isn’t just a breakfast meal though, you can have it for lunch with eggs and soldiers, beans on toast or poached egg on toast, trust me, this toaster will not go unused in your home.

21. Pyrex Glass Roasting Tray

Pyrex Glass Roasting Tray

I got gifted this when I was 18, moving out of my mother's house for the first time. It has been my favourite roasting tray, it not only does the best roast potatoes but you really can use it for anything. Things I love to cook in this tray are; chocolate brownies, these come out exactly how I want them, gooey inside and cooked on the bottom and top, yum. You can do an old school cake recipe where they cut it into squares and serve with custard. Savoury dishes can also be cooked in this, lasagne is one of my favourite to cook in this, you just load it all up and because of its deep capacity it holds tons of sauce and when you’ve had enough just store it in the freezer or fridge for another day, you can make casseroles, curries, shepherds pie and my favourite of all deserts, apple crumble.

The heat in this tray evenly distributes meaning everything in the tray will be cooked at the same heat and temperature(no cold spots). You have great easy to grip large handles on the side, just make sure you use an oven glove to avoid scolding yourself. Because of it being glass it holds more heat meaning once you have removed it from the oven you can go back for seconds without it going cold straight away.

You can use it in the oven up to 300c, microwavable, dishwasher and even freezer safe with its high thermal and shock resistance. Because of its glass material it means it is hygienic with no toxic chemicals going into your food and very scratch resistant, you can use a scourer on it to clean it and it will look brand new again.

22. Bread tin

bread loaf tin 

shop brought bread is really no good for your health with all its nasty chemicals, fats and all the rest. Everyone loves a bit of toast in the morning for breakfast, lunch and maybe a cheeky bread buppy (bread and butter) with a meal just for added carbs. You can make your own bread with this tin and it is so easy here's my bread recipe.

It is the best recipe around and only uses 4 simple ingredients that you can find in your cupboard, the process is simple and the reward at the end is your own soft white perfect bread that everyone will love. With its small amount of processing and no nasties it makes eating bread not such a bad thing. You can swap the white flour for brown flour, rye flour or gluten free depending on your dietary needs and wants.

This pan makes a 2lb loaf of bread that will last a while, it creates a real loaf of bread shape and holds its shape great. It has a thick 1mm carbon steel construction for durability meaning it won’t be warping and no corrosion.

Better for your health, Its reinforced with ceramics for extra strengthening and is actually 100% BPA-free which is what you really want to hear! Just to make this tin even better you get a huge 20 year guarantee and 5 years non-stick guarantee, you really cannot go wrong with this pan.

So we’ve talked about how good bread is made with this pan, however I make a juicy succulent sweet lemon drizzle cake that goes great in this pan and due to the non stick I don’t have to use any baking paper, it slips right out. Another one of my favourite puddings in this pan is sticky toffee pudding I impressed my whole family last Christmas and it looked great because it really held its shape in the tin! Get baking, anyone can do it.

23. Cake tin

 Cake tin

A cake is only as good, as the cake tin used. The same could be said for a chef, that he’s only as good as his tools. Imagine a professional chef chopping up ingredients with a blunt knife. The result is a poorly chopped onion and a stressed-out cook. If you love to bake like us then your cake tin is one of the important things. It is honestly the make or break of a good cake. A cake tin is responsible for cooking the dough or batter evenly, for ensuring that it doesn’t stick and this one has a loose base which means that once cooked, you can lift the cake right out of the tin.

The loose base is an incredible feature when it comes to making cheesecakes as it means you can enjoy the dessert but also how it looks aesthetically. Having guests come round for a slice of homemade cheesecake has never been better. Knowing that the tin is non-stick provides complete peace of mind that your puddings won’t get ruined. As with many items though, these do need replacing every so often, and this could be for many reasons.

If for example, the non-stick starts to wear off, you will need a new cake tin. The best way to ensure a long life for your cake tin is to make sure that you care for it properly. The best care instructions we could give is to hand wash your tin with warm soapy water, rinse, dry, and immediately put away. Do not use any sharp abrasives like scourers to clean, and avoid using metal on it at all costs, instead opt for a wooden spatula to avoid scratching it.

This specific tin shown in the photo is 20 cm, however, if you follow the ‘buy now’ button, you will have the chance to select another size. Other sizes available are: 11 cm, 15 cm, 18 cm, 23 cm, 25 cm, and 30 cm. A small cake tin means that you can make a small cake that is great for family and friends coming over to enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee. Whereas a larger cake tin is more suited to making celebrations, birthday cakes, etc. Whatever the occasion make sure that you’ve got your cake tin at the ready. Know someone that loves baking? This is the perfect gift, and we would recommend pairing it with a cake baking book, and some yummy ingredients so that they can get started right away.

24. Stainless steel sieve


Not owning a sieve is a real limitation to what you can achieve when cooking. Without a sieve even the most simplest of tasks like cooking potatoes or pasta, then draining the water, becomes extremely difficult. You would have to use a spatula or something else to try make do and drain the water from the pan and I’ve been there before, usually you end up spilling a potato or two into the sink and its really not fun.

I find after I have made a soup and given it a good blend sometimes I do find there are a few little bits of veg peel left so I strain it over another saucepan pushing it through with a spoon I keep the left over bits and pop them into the compost heap to help grow our plants.

Sieves are not just good for draining liquid and making sauces but can also be used in baking. Many bakers say that sieving your flour before adding to a mixture can help it remain even more airy and light instead of dense and lumpy. That being said, it also helps remove any chaff that is left in the flour. The chaff is a part of the wheat that was meant to be removed upon milling.

A really cool way to make the perfect scrambled eggs is to strain 3 whole eggs through the sieve into a hot pan with a drizzle of oil and watch the magic happen! It makes fluffy, silky and smooth. You can also make your own poached scrambled eggs in hot water, they come out looking super cool, its just another way to enjoy this colander. With its stainless steel construction it makes it rust resistant and overall healthier for cooking and eating as it holds less nasty bacteria.

25. Hot chocolate molinillo whisk

Hot chocolate molinillo whisk 

This handmade whisk features a long comfortable to hold handle that is suitable for frothing milk to perfection using both hands. Frothy milk is a vital part of making a traditional Mexican hot chocolate and the molinillo whisk is an essential part of the process. What separates a regular stainless steel whisk for a molinillo whisk? A metal balloon whisk is suited to mixing things very well, incorporating more ingredients into sauces, etc. Whereas the purpose for a molinillo whisk is to create froth throughout. Not just suited to making hot chocolate, but pretty much anything where a frothy consistency is required.

Many would argue that the molinillo whisk is not needed. However, we would strongly disagree. Imagine a simple coffee made using instant coffee, water, sugar, coffee, and milk. Your thoughts? It’s ok, its coffee, but now imagine a cafe latte. This is not just a twist using Italian words, but a homemade simple drink compared to a luxurious frothy coffee made using real ground beans, and bubbly milk that changes the whole experience of the drink. Most coffee shops are packed, and if they weren’t making good coffee then people would stay at home.

This is the difference, a hot chocolate made with instant powder, with hot water and milk from the fridge vs slowly melted high-quality single origin dark chocolate made with slowly heated frothy milk. The rich chocolate flavour combined with the foamy, creamy milk is out of this world. That is the type of drink that people over time would pay a lot for in a coffee shop, but luckily, you don’t need to pay a lot, all you need is good chocolate, milk, a classic molinillo and the rest is history.

Each one is handcrafted to perfection in Mexico, and there are two designs available. With two or three loops, it doesn’t matter because the frothing mechanism comes from the non-removable head. This authentic traditional Mexican whisk features an intricate design making it perfect for making hot cocoa.

This cultural product is exclusive to Carved Culture and comes with free UK shipping. It is the perfect gift for any hot chocolate lover, pair it with a good quality dark chocolate so that they are all set and ready to get making. Making hot chocolate from scratch is so therapeutic.

26. Beechwood Spatula

beechwood spatula

Here we have an ethically sourced FSC certified beechwood spatula, it is the best price for quality and you will not regret buying it. Not only is it a definite stylish kitchen utensil but it really is an essential to have. Spatulas are used for flipping things such as a piece of meat, or a pancake (if your not confident at flipping it), getting a cake out of a cake tin, you can even use it to stir your dishes when cooking.

The benefit of this wooden spatula is that it will not scratch your non stick pans unlike metal ones, it will not ruin them. Another fact is that when you are scraping food out of the pan with a metal utensil it can make a horrible high pitched scratching sound and it is not pleasant to the ear, however with a wooden utensil you don’t get that terrible sound.

Due to it being wooden and not metal it does not conduct heat, meaning it will not alter your cooking temperature and you can keep everything the same heat. Being 30 cm in length you have plenty of depth to it for larger pans and dishes. In our kitchen we like to have everything ethical, we have one of these and would not dare to go back to metal as all of our pans had to be chucked because of the scratches. Wood is a beautiful material, amazing to look at with it natural grains and patterns and good for the environment.

To clean your spatula due to its material do not leave in water as it in turn damages the natural look. Simply hand wash (do not put in the dishwasher.) Rinse clean with a sponge and if needed, a little washing up liquid and dry straight away.

27. Wood bristle pastry brush

wood bristle pastry brush

These brushes are perfect for dipping in egg wash and glazing on top of pastries. A pastry brush will allow your baking to go from home cook to professional chef in an instant. When a pie is cooked, it doesn’t quite look right unless it has been egg washed. The colour looks saturated, and all that’s missing is a few strokes with a brush to give that golden brown hue.

Online there are many substitute hacks with bloggers claiming that they have found the perfect alternatives but when put to practice they are not exactly up to the job. An example of this is one blogger suggested that a paper towel is good for the job and when it comes down to it, the paper either rips and gets stuck to the pastry or it causes light damage to the pastry in the process which kind of defeats the object.

Another one recommended using a spare toothbrush instead, firstly its quite unlikely that you would have a spare toothbrush, and in the off chance that you did. A toothbrush usually has hard bristles which would again damage the pastry and not hold the egg wash very well, if you kept on, you may end up with a soggy pastry that could fall apart before it even gets cooked.

It’s worth realising that whilst the hacks seem like a good idea at the time, you really shouldn’t compromise. Someone worked really hard to invent a tool that made the process easy, and instead of looking for ways to find a substitute we could be baking! This specific one features a simple wooden handle, and to clean you should wash it by hand with warm water.

It has various uses in the kitchen, and not just for pastries. It can be used to add glazes to meats, candy making, or even more delicate glazes to cakes and cookies. If you know someone who is into making their own baked goods and is passionate about cooking, this would make a great gift for them or if it’s you with the passion, then what are you waiting for.

28. Heavy duty garlic press

heavy duty garlic press

The amount of time I have spent in the kitchen chopping garlic by hand is a lot. The fact is that chopping garlic takes a lot of effort, first you have to peel away the skin, and then you have to finely chop it, and if it was the only job to do, it wouldn’t be so bad but often you will find yourself chopping garlic, onions, peppers, and meat.

If you cook from scratch every lunch and dinner time, then you are likely a victim to spending a lot of time chopping. Why is this a problem? Simply because time is our most valuable resource that we have, repeating that chopping everytime and spending too long doing it kills your creativity. When it comes to cooking, I love to get experimental and when you can make life easier for yourself you should, and I don't just mean by using a garlic press instead of chopping by hand but by using an electric whisk instead of manually, and instead of chopping all together use a food processor.

If saving time and achieving more makes me lazy then I guess I am lazy. I like to achieve as much as possible in one day and that doesn’t mean that i have to work harder. The way I look at it, is that the glass is either half full or half empty, they are both the same but i’d rather go with the positive aspect.

A garlic press in many ways is a tool that enhances your creativity, save you time, and let’s face it time is money, and on top of all of that, a garlic press minces the garlic which gets more flavour out of each clove and one like this that is heavy duty and is made from stainless will last you a lifetime if you care for it properly. It’s not just good for crushing garlic, we keep a spare one in our kitchen for when my son wants to play with his playdoh. He makes the likes of spaghetti, noodles and worms with it, what a wonderful tool it is.

29. Stainless steel pizza cutter wheel

 Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter Wheel

Have the real Italian experience by cutting your own homemade pizza with this spectacular stainless steel cutter. With this cutter there is no more cutting pizza with that old pair of scissors or kitchen knife making uneven slices because you will get precise and perfect pieces for everyone. You can cut all types of thick and thin pizzas, just glide it along the way you want and it will go right through even the thickest of crusts. Homemade flatbread? slice it with the cutter, tasty tart? even slices every time!

You can really impress your guests by having a pizza night, letting everyone make there own and you can all use the cutter after so that everyone gets a taste. Imagine hosting an American pizza night without a pizza cutter, your guests would likely find it strange but how would you feel with people coming round, the glorious pies at the table with the scissors or knife at the ready expecting them to hack through the pizza in a struggle. If you was the unfortunate guest that came round then you know that this would make the perfect gift. Suitable for any pizza lover unless they like ham and pineapple.

All jokes aside, a pizza cutter is an essential tool for every kitchen and for safety when using there are finger guards to stop you hurting or cutting yourself. It is made with shiny stainless steel that is completely rust resistant to last you years and years, in fact it comes with a huge 25 year guarantee.

Don’t want it taking room up in your utensil drawer? Simply hang it up with its handy hanging hole, meaning less mess and fuss. It has the best and easy grip for safety. To wash your pizza cutter, hand wash in warm soapy water, rinse then dry, or you can just pop it in the dishwasher which is perfectly safe too.

30. Yorkshire Pudding Baking Tray

Yorkshire pudding tray

This baking tray is suitable for baking the perfect fluffy yorkshire puddings but it also doubles as a muffin cake tin. To get the best out of your tin, you should drizzle it with a little oil before use to help that non-stick work even better. This specific tin is made from carbon steel and is suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher. The heavy duty construction of the tin resists warping, and also makes it extremely stain resistant. It features 12 slots which is plenty when it comes to making yorkshire puds or fairy cakes. Each cup slot has a 3cm depth, and measurements of the tin are approximately 35cm x 26cm.

Every kitchen should have one of these baking trays, especially if your from England and you love to make a classic sunday roast each week. If you want to make muffins, you will need to use a muffin case that slots perfectly into each hole. In this case the tin will provide a base to encourage the growth upwards of your muffin supporting it as it cooks.

Even if you don’t own a dishwasher, as these are non-stick they are fairly easy to clean, especially if the tray was greased before use. To clean it, wash by hand with warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly, dry then put away. As with all non-stick products you should avoid contact with metal and other abrasives that may damage the teflon coating.

Instead opt for a wooden spatula or silicone as it will be kinder to the non-stick. Extending the life of your product and caring for it the right way will not only reduce waste but will save you money in the long term too. Whilst yorkshire puddings are fairly cheap to buy frozen, making your own tastes better and is one of the most rewarding things that you can cook when you get a good rise. As a bonus, here is a foolproof yorkshire pudding recipe that is purely perfect every time.


31. Acacia serving board

Acacia chopping board 

The chopping board is one of the most essential items in your kitchen, it is your go-to place when you start every mealtime. The base of most meals consists of diced up onion, meat, or vegetables. This means that your journey always starts at the chopping board, and it could be said that this starting point is the most important of all. Now you’re likely thinking, obviously I need a chopping board, but what makes this one so special?

We have tried and tested many different types of boards, conducted tons of research and the common materials are hardly equal. Plastic, for example, is useful for its easy to clean properties but it’s missing the point. It’s a man-made material that contains so many chemicals and toxins that are extremely bad for humans. Plastic doesn’t stay strong for very long and degrades rather quickly. On top of that, it causes many problems for the environment and wreaks havoc on wildlife. Now we turn our attention to wood. Wood is the most common material for a chopping board. This is because it offers a strong work surface that provides stability when chopping. Wooden boards efficiently protect our worktops from damage. Again not all wooden products are made equal and there are thousands of species of trees.

Alder wood is a commonly used wood for the manufacturing of cheaper chopping boards and it is commonly referred to as “Poor man’s cherry”, whilst nowadays the value has risen quite substantially, it is a softwood that is susceptible to shrinking and warping. Another common wood used for chopping boards is beech. This wood also has some problems for shrinkage and is said to have more movement than any other type of wood. Bamboo is not wood, it’s more of a woody grass but it is super strong. So strong in fact, it’s said that bamboo board can make knives go blunt which is not what you want from a chopping board.

When it comes to acacia wood, it is the best for long-lasting due to its water-resistant properties meaning that it won’t warp easily. It is also highly resistant to fungus, it’s naturally antibacterial which proves good hygiene for preparing fresh food. The hardwood acacia tree has over 1,300 varieties and it is native to Australia, that being said it is now available worldwide. When it comes to chopping boards, acacia is up there with the best choice. This chunky board has a handle which helps it double as a serving board, and features a stunning grain. The handle has a hole which makes it perfect for hanging up on a rail which saves space in your kitchen. To clean your board simply use warm soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly. This product is sold as part of the Jamie Oliver range.

32. Stainless steel pasta maker machine

9. Stainless steel pasta maker machine

Say goodbye to buying fresh pasta in the supermarket, and say hello to making your very own. In many cultures, fresh pasta is considered superior over dried but this is not always the case. Traditionally in Italy the uses for dried and fresh pasta vary a lot,  it’s believed that fresh pasta pairs perfectly with thick sauces and dried goes best with those oil based sauces where in most cases there is a lot less sauce. Whilst this is quite accurate, it doesn’t mean that you can’t break the rules, after all cooking is all about experimenting.

It also comes down to personal preference, and I absolutely love fresh pasta. I find that it has a lot more flavour than dried and has a more interesting texture. With this pasta machine, making your own pasta has never been simpler. A fool proof recipe that I use every time is 100g of plain all purpose flour, and one egg. You can adjust this recipe to however many people are eating. Combine the ingredients together, and roll them the dough out, adding a dusting of flour if necessary.

Finally put it through the stainless steel machine that will cut it to precision. With it you can cut out spaghetti, Lasagna, and tagliatelle with ease. Featuring 7 different pasta thickness settings. Setting up is so easy. Using the clamp provided, attach the machine to your kitchen worktop and your set. The machine can be assembled and disassembled which allows you to save space in your kitchen. Whilst making your own pasta is sure to impress guests that come round for dinner, we believe that a pasta machine is a must have kitchen tool, and should be in every household. Know someone who is crazy for Italian food or have just moved into a new home? This pasta machine would make the ultimate gift.

33. Morphy Richards Slow Cooker

slow cooker stainless steel

Slow cookers are amazing, my experience with them was when I first moved out and had no appliances to cook with, not even a microwave. My nan gifted me her slow cooker and it helped me out. What I used to do was go shopping and gather some ingredients then put all of them in the slow cooker and let it cook all day.  It is honestly the closest thing to have someone cook for you, and the result is always great. In mine, I had the likes of stews, soups, sausage casseroles, and more.  These energy-efficient tools are a great addition to your kitchen, they remain at a low simmer heat with that being said they can be adjusted from low to medium or high heat.

The ceramic dish inside is removable which makes it easier to serve the meal and also makes cleaning a breeze. Featuring a stainless steel frame, ceramic dish, and toughened glass lid.  If you want to move the appliance whilst cooking, this can be done as well because of its cool touch handles. The ceramic dish is naturally non-stick. Other reviewers have said that it has changed the way that they cook, and now they try to cook with it as often as possible. When it comes to slow-cooking chewy, tough or flavourless meat, the slow cooker can help you out. The process of cooking for 7 hours on a consistent low temperature can rescue the meat!  It’s no wonder that so many people that brought one of these “rants and rave about it!” This product was manufactured by Morphy Richards and features a 4.5 Litre capacity which is enough to feed a family of 6. This would make a perfect gift for anyone who loves good food but has less time. It does require minimal effort and the result is always great.

34. Kenwood Food Chopper

kenwood food chopper

This is essential in every home, whether you are a large family or a single person, it makes life so incredibly easy. Do you tire of spending ages chopping everything precisely for your meal? do you end up washing 2 chopping boards and knives, and for the result of it end up with an achy hand? then this is the perfect product for you.

Maybe you are whipping up a quick chicken and vegetable stir fry, or you need onions chopped quickly to chuck into a casserole, this machine will be your kitchen lifesaver. it saves washing up, it saves risking cutting your hand/fingers during the rush of dinner time, and it’s so easy to clean, simply hand wash in warm soapy water, or if you have one, put it in the dishwasher.

The possibilities are endless. so you have onions, and vegetables to chop in a hurry, throw them in, and get cooking. You can whip up your double cream in literally seconds! You can churn heavy cream into your very own homemade butter, how cool is that? You can turn rolled oats into your very own healthy gluten-free flour, You can turn your beef into minced beef.

How about making ice cream? simply pop in some frozen bananas and add a teaspoon, or two of Nutella and there you have your very own chocolate and banana soft serve ice cream. You can even whip up mayonnaise in a matter of minutes! Craving hash browns with your weekend fry up? no worries! chuck in your peeled potatoes and watch them turn into shreds, then add in your onion for the traditional hash brown. Finally, you could even make tasty coleslaw to accompany ribs, burgers, chips, or a bbq. So there we have it, this food processor chopper is an essential item.

35. Soapstone Pestle & Mortar

Soapstone Pestle & Mortar


A pestle and mortar is an essential tool, as there are many things that you can make. Made from carved soapstone which is used in the kitchen for crushing herbs, spices, making marinades and even sauces such as pesto.

Pesto is a favourite in our home, children love it, we love it and so do our guests, simply add all of the ingredients in and crush them for a real Italian meal for the family. Make yourself a caesar dressing for the ultimate salad. Have you made a real tasty salad with all the trimmings? croutons, cucumber, lettuce, chicken, tomatoes? you will need to top it with a stunning Cesar salad dressing, put the ingredients into the pestle and mortar and you have the best salad topping in minutes.

We all love nachos, its just in our nature. However it is not nachos without a tasty guacamole to accompany it. Just mash down your avocado and add the in your herbs and there you have it, the perfect combination to have with nachos. Being made from soapstone it is a natural material found, meaning its not going to let you down! These have actually been used in the ancient times in medicine and pharmacies to crush down medicines to ground them into a powder. With its heavy weight it gives you the perfect stability when making things such as powders and sauces. This product is easy clean simply rinse with warm water, try not to leave or emerge into water as it could damage its natural material. Wipe dry or air dry.

36. Silicone Non-Stick Baking Mat

The silicone non stick baking mat allows you to cook all your favourites without worrying about food sticking. This results in less washing up as it will prevent trays from getting dirty and to clean the mat it is easy to wipe down. Simply wipe clean, no scrubbing needed. This is an absolute must for baking and catering businesses. Simply place the silicone mat on a baking tray and you’re ready to go, no greasing is required.

The alternative to using a mat like this is baking paper but this is more sustainable and will save you money. Baking paper is used as a disposable solution but this is permanent and in turn is a better option for the environment. To provide peace of mind the manufacturer offers a 10-year-guarantee. Silicone bakeware is suitable for high heat, all ovens, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. The size of this heavy duty silicone mat is 37cm x 27cm.

37. Haji ceramic spice chest

spice drawers

The Haji Ceramic Chest - a vibrant and colourful addition to your home decor. Handcrafted by skilled artisans from sustainable mango wood and hand-painted ceramic drawers, this chest is perfect for storing trinkets, small jewellery, or spices in your kitchen. Each drawer is hand-painted in complementary colours and designs, making every piece unique and full of character. Keep your go-to spices organised and easily accessible, or use it to store your favourite jewelry pieces.

38. Patna Small Bowl Set

patna small dishes

The Patna small bowl set is a gorgeous addition to your dinnerware. Each bowl is hand-painted with a blue rim, star motifs, and a floral pastel bloom in the center. These bowls are perfect for serving tapas, snacks, and more. They make your food look outstanding. The collection also includes cups, dinner plates, and spice jars with the same design. These bowls are a lovely housewarming or wedding gift for anyone.  

39. Nyeri Spice Spoons

single spice spoon

Experience the beauty and functionality of Nyeri Spice Spoons - handcrafted from African-grown olive wood. Available in four designs, each boasting a unique natural wood grain for an authentic cooking experience. Handmade in Kenya using traditional skills passed down from generations, olive wood is a strong, beautiful, and sustainable material with antibacterial properties. Your Nyeri Spice Spoons can last a lifetime with proper care, making them a must-have for any kitchen.

40 Le Creuset Saucepan

Are you fed up with washing up with washing up a dirty saucepan as well as an oven dish from the same meal, just because you couldn't put the pan in the oven? With this Le Creuset signature cast iron saucepan you won't have that problem anymore. We all know how frustrating and messy it can be to transfer a stew, curry, casserole into an oven proof dish, its just not fun! You want more time relaxing or having fun with your family and not standing over the sink washing up all the time!

You may be opting for a cheaper option but despite the price tag being high these pans are built to last a life time and you will have it for many many years to come. I personally love a good cast iron pan and have one small and one large in my kitchen, we have not ever replaced them, they hold their colour so so well, they're shiny and just incredibly beautiful to look at. We hang them up in our kitchen because why hide them away in a cupboard? if you've got them flaunt them!

Luckily the pan has heat resistant handles on the lid and both sides of the pan for even weight distribution. The lid is vented with a steam hole so your food wont bubble over, keeping your oven clean and tidy. It has versatile use because of it being cast iron it holds much more heat, saving you on your gas/electric bill because you won't have to keep it on high to contain the heat. With other saucepans they don't always hold much heat and it can be frustrating.

Now, this pan isn't just good for casseroles and stews, you can actually cook anything in it! Soups, pasta, rice, roast potatoes, veg, there are endless possibilities with it and you will not be disappointed! The pan is dishwasher safe but can also be hand washed, they have been known to clean up very easy!

41. Waffle Maker Iron Machine

non stick waffle iron

If your like me, you get bored of eating the same thing every morning for breakfast. Its either cereal, toast and on the rare chance when you have a lot of time you might make some pancakes. There is nothing exciting about eating the same food every day. This waffle iron allows you to switch it up a little, or better yet, switch it up a lot. You can turn your boring breakfast into something motivational, sparking excitement for the morning and fueling your energy for the day. Imagine going to sleep feeling excited about the food you are going to be eating in the morning. With absolutely hundreds of ways to switch it up, breakfast won’t get boring again.

Make them sweet or savoury with fruits, honey, cheese, syrup, or go for one of my simple favourites (cinnamon sugar). The choices are absolutely endless. The shape of waffles makes them super fun to eat, and to make them you only need a handful of ingredients. Make yours soft and fluffy and enjoy them right out of the waffle iron. If you want to crisp them up afterwards then put them in the oven for a few minutes. Children absolutely love waffles and if you don’t fancy having these for breakfast one day then you can always have them for dessert. The thought of a warm tasty waffle with vanilla ice cream, toffee sauce and drizzled dark chocolate for me is extremely seductive.

In this waffle maker, you can make two yummy waffles at a time. It comes with a two year warranty, which gives you complete peace of mind. The non-stick tray allows waffles to be removed easy and without mess. The tray can also be removed for easy cleaning. The stainless steel waffle maker belongs in every kitchen, and when not in use due to its compact size, it can fit snug in your cupboard. If you know anyone that loves waffles, give them this gift by VonShef, they will love it so much.

42. Senegalese Woven Fruit Bowl

fruit bowl

Our Senegal-made woven fruit bowl adds a unique, visually pleasing touch to your home decor. Handmade by skilled artisans, these bowls are not just decorative but also a functional storage solution for your fruit or household items. Each bowl is unique due to its handmade nature, adding charm to your countertop. It's also a sustainable and eco-friendly choice that adds a touch of natural elegance to your home. 

43. Copper Cup

copper cup

Our handcrafted Copper Cup, made of 99.7% pure copper, offers amazing Ayurveda benefits, balancing the three doshas and turning water into natural alkaline water. With three design options, a capacity of 300ml, and a size of 10 x 6 cm, it's perfect for everyday use, picnics, and outdoor activities. It's lighter than glass, more eco-friendly than plastic, and adds a touch of elegance and health to your daily routine.

44. Copper Serving Tray

copper serving plate

Our Copper Serving Tray - a versatile and elegant addition to your dining experience. Handcrafted with pride by skilled artisans using traditional techniques, this tray is made of 99.7% pure copper, ensuring its high quality and durability. Use it as a decorative tray or an eye-catching underplate for serving, and impress your guests with its unique charm. Available in two design options - classic or hammered - this tray adds a touch of sophistication to any setting. Elevate your dining experience with our Copper Serving Tray.

45. Lagos Salad Servers

olive salad servers

These Lagos salad servers are an exquisite addition to your dining experience. Handcrafted from African-grown olive wood, these salad servers feature intricate beaded details on the handles. The set includes a spoon and a spork, providing the perfect combination for mixing and serving your salads. Each piece is unique, with a sturdy and durable construction that is built to last. Add a touch of natural elegance to your dining table with these beautiful salad servers.

46. Mango wood tea box

tea bag box

The mango wood tea box is a simple yet stunning addition to your home decor. Handcrafted from sustainable mango wood, this box features the word "Tea" imprinted on the top and comes with three compartments, making it perfect for separating your different types of teabags. The rustic and charming design of this box adds a touch of countryside cottage feel to your home, making it a perfect housewarming gift for someone special. The strong metal closing fixture on the front keeps your tea bags safe and secure. Pair this box with some fair trade tea bags and you have the perfect gift for any tea lover.

47. Mango wood recipe book stand 

book stand

Introduce functionality to your kitchen with a stunning mango wood recipe book stand. This handmade stand features intricate carvings of mushrooms and hedgehogs, painted with a white wash finish to create a rustic look. Measuring approximately 19(W) x 26.5(H)cm, with a 4.5cm book space, this free-standing stand is perfect for holding cookbooks while you cook. Handmade in India and Fair Trade certified, this outdoor-friendly piece is a perfect addition to your kitchen decor. Elevate your cooking experience and bring nature indoors with this elegant stand. 

48. Young chef baking set

Young chef baking set

One of the many delights of being a parent is all the food your child will make you. From crayon pasta to playdough burgers, you’re always in for a treat! If your child displays a love for cooking and food, why not introduce them to the real thing with our Young Chefs Baking Kit? Equipped with all the tools needed for a great bake, you can help your child create anything from shaped cookies, cupcakes, or even a small cake if they fancy a challenge. They will also have their own oven gloves, rolling pin and whisk to prepare the food before it goes into the oven. 

This kit is a fantastic introduction to real baking and can help your child to explore and develop new skill sets that are otherwise overlooked in school. They could quickly discover a real passion for baking, or simply take it up as a hobby they share with their parents. No matter what their plan is, it will provide you with hours of fun with your child, helping and supervising as they create one bake after another. At the end of all the baking, you can both sit down, relax and enjoy some tasty treats together.

49. George foreman grill

george foreman grill

This list wouldn't complete without a george foreman grill. You can use it to make the best cheese toasties. Sandwiches are so good, and for lunch there is probably only one thing better, a toasted sandwich. When it comes to making toasted sandwiches, the first choice it make it then put it in the oven to cook. The problem is that usually the bread goes dry and separates from the sandwich itself, this leaves the filling inside to heat up without being covered causing them to also go dry.

To really make a great toastie, you do need the right tool. A toastie grill is the best choice because it pushes the bread together securing the filling inside. Not only that it has an even heat distribution which means that the toasted sandwich will be cooked to absolute perfection.

Grilled cheese has got to be the most popular type of toastie that you can get but recently the rise of basil pesto, red onion, and mozzarella has become exceedingly popular too! In fact, I love making these. The tray is non-stick which makes cleaning up after a complete breeze and also helps reduce mess when removing your sandwich. This grill was actually introduced to the market as a healthy way to cook due to its fantastic non stick properties.

This grill can do a lot more, it’s not just sandwiches, it can also grill meats such as burgers, steak, salmon, and it does it extremely well. When cooking with this grill, you don't need fats to help things cook inside it, and due to the design, natural fat from meats can easily drain off the food and into the drip tray. It can also be used to improve the appearance of food, like adding charred lines to paninis wraps, etc. This grill comes in two different colour choices: Gunmetal grey or red, and makes for a perfect git that comes with a two year guarantee.

50. Teak pestle and mortar set


teak pestle

Elevate your cooking with our durable Teak Pestle & Mortar Set, crafted with love by skilled artisans in Bali. Available in small, medium, and large sizes, this set adds sophistication to your kitchen while being resistant to decay, insects, and bacteria. Made from carefully managed teak reserves, it's a perfect investment for any home cook.


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