How to use Palo Santo Wood?

Palo Santo is a tree native to South America, more specifically Ecuador, Peru, and other countries in that region. You can find it in dry tropical forests, and it’s been one of the few types of wood used specifically for medical purposes. In fact, even today it’s widely used all over the world to treat stress, pain, and negative energy. While there is a lack of scientific proof regarding these benefits, people have been using Palo Santo Wood since the 15th century and they are convinced that these benefits exist.

How to use palo santo wood?

After you have purchased some Palo Santo Wood you will be ready to use it. You will need to light the Palo Santo Wood and this will create a mini-flame. Then you want to visualize your intentions and fill the space with this sacred smoke. Palo Santo Wood has a short burn time, which means you will have a lot of smoke. If you’re using Palo Santo Wood this way, you want to ensure that you have a fireproof surface so that you can put it down somewhere safe after use.

Light the wood at an angle for around one minute and hold it to a flame until it catches fire, blow it out as you would an incense stick, and begin the spiritual process. Whilst the smoke fills the room you are then ready to say some prayers and spells, do this alone or in a group of people.

What is palo santo wood used for?

Palo means in Spanish holy wood, the wood is used in spells and to remove bad omens, and in oil, form has been used for medicinal purposes like ayurvedic medicine.

To use the wood to remove evil spirits and omens simply burn the end of the stick (whichever side you choose) and when the stick begins to burn slowly move the stick around the area wanted for example a room where someone has a negative experience, bad dreams, seen bad spirits, etc and allow the smoke to move around the room on its own as if you would sage.

What does palo santo wood smell like?

The wood has a beautiful sweet aroma, like a mix between sandalwood, agarwood, and sherbet sweets, some would say it has some slight hints of citrus fruits and mint plants. When the wood is burning many people say the experience is nostalgic and homely feeling when inhaled by them. Palo santo also known as Bursera graveolens is a tree that is grown in Peru and South American countries.

Benefits of palo santo wood

Palo santo wood is known to improve our stress response, meaning for those of us that are in fight or flight mode it would benefit us to have the wood burning and the smoke in our surroundings, this could really benefit those with anxiety and depression disorders. In the history of shamans, palo santo wood is used to remove negative energy and bring everyone good fortune.

  • It could reduce pain (throat pain, headaches, and arthritis.)
  • It can be used to repel mosquitoes.
  • It could reduce stress.
  • It can reduce inflammation.
  • In Buddhism, the oil is said to balance the root chakra.

Can I eat palo santo wood?

Although we would not recommend it medically or professionally some people in ayurvedic medicine have said that they enjoy chewing on palo santo wood and sometimes even eating it.

What is palo santo oil?

Palo santo oil is good used in skin care routines relieving tension, inflammation and also has some antiseptic properties, when working with the oil it is best to use it in well ventilated area and mix with an oil such as avocado oil, coconut oil or any carrier oil for a massage, relaxation time or in skin care as mentioned above.

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