Just The Way You Are (Kalimba Tab)

The single 'Just the way you are' by american singer songwriter Bruno Mars was released on August 10th, 2010 and was extremely popular. The singer won Best Male Pop Vocal Performance at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards. The song peaked at number one on the US billboard hot 100, australia, Canada, New Zealand, and in the United Kingdom charts and peaked in the top five in many other countries around the world.

Below you will find a kalimba tab to play the song 'Just The Way You Are' and we have added both notes and number tablature as well alongside the lyrics to help you play in time with the song.  

Letter notes, number notation and lyrics

1°      1°4°   5°    6°

C       C F    G     A 

When I see your face 

1°        4°   5°6°     5°    4°5°      4°

C         F    G A      G     F G       F

Theres not a thing that I would change

4° 4°         5°   6° 5°

F   F          G    A     G 

be-cause your am-azing 

6°   5°   4°    5°   4°

A    G    F     G    F

just the way you are 

1°    4°       5°  6°

C     F        G   A

and when you smile

1°    4°     5°       6°     5°    4°       4° 5°4°

C     F      G        A      G     F        F  G F 

the whole world stop and stares for a while  

1°  4°        4°   5° 6°  5°

C   F         F     G A   G  

be-cause your a-ma-zing 

6°   5°   4°    5°  4°

A    G    F     G   F 

just the way you are 

Just the way you are (Kalimba tutorial video)


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