Mango wood FAQ

Is mango wood suitable for outdoor use?

The structure of mango wood naturally repels water which makes it a great choice for outdoor furniture. It is very durable and is highly water resistant but not as much as teak. If the furniture is going to be used as permanent outdoor furniture it should be treated to prevent insect and fungus damage. Before putting your mango wood furniture outside you should check to make sure that it is 100% solid mango wood and that it has been treated.

How to care for mango wood?

Whilst mango wood is water-resistant it is still not recommended to clean it by applying water to its surface. Instead you should wipe it with a slightly damp or dry clean cloth. if the mango wood has an oil and wax finish or a stain and wax finish it should be oiled twice a year. This will help to protect the wood and make it more water repellent. Oils have the ability to penetrate the wood, nourishing it and maintaining it's natural oils whilst also enhancing its natural grain. Depending on the finish you may also want to polish it to make it appear shiny.

Is mango a hardwood?

The short answer is that yes mango wood is a hardwood similar to oak, it is also sturdy and hard wearing. 

What are the pros and cons of mango wood?

Put simply there are four main pros of mango wood these are the fact that it is water resistant, as it is easy to work with it can be made into many designs and is a popular wood for carving. Another great thing about mango wood is that it is one of the most sustainable wood options due to the tree being grown for its fruit, finally it is a stunning wood that is a lot more affordable than woods that look similar.  

The cons of mango wood is that without it being treated it is prone to fungus and insect attacks. Luckily, all of our large solid mango wood furniture has been treated to prevent this from happening. Another con is that during dry weather the wood may become dehydrated especially if exposed to heat sources or the sun which is why it is recommended to oil it regularly if it becomes specifically dry.

Is mango wood expensive?

Mango wood furniture is as durable as other strong expensive woods like oak, it is just as beautiful but it's a lot more affordable. Solid furniture is usually on the expensive side and mango wood is no exception. High quality furniture is costly but solid pieces if cared for correctly can last a lifetime.

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Ryan Bomzer

To take care of mango wood furniture you should oil it every 6 months, the same goes for most wooden furniture and this will prevent it from cracking over time. Mango wood cupboards would be lovely and I would love to see a photo, feel free to tag us on instagram @Carved_Culture_


How does one take care of Carved Mango wood furniture. How to prevent it from developing cracks. Would it be wise to go for Mango wood cupboard that has a mesh-like structure for the doors.


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