Mary had a little lamb Kalimba tab

Mary had a little lamb is a common kids’ nursery rhyme by composer Lowell Martin. The song is based on a real-life incident involving Mary Elizabeth Sawyer. Mary was born in 1806 on a farm in Scotland and she had a pet lamb that she absolutely loved. The song is commonly taught very early on in school, being both very relaxing and enjoyable for children to sing along to.

The simple melody is very easy to pick up, which makes it one of the best options when it comes to introducing your child to music. When played on the kalimba, the instrument adds further to the relaxing tune which can be used to help both you and your little ones unwind after a long day. 

This kalimba tab is suitable for any beginner and one you learn to play the first two lines, it is then repeated. Once you've got used to the changes, you will be able to sing along. Kids love a good nursery rhyme before bed, and when it's played on the kalimba it has a dramatic calming effect.

For reference, here is a video of me playing the song on a coconut thumb piano so that you can hear what the track sounds like. When your confident, play along with me!



E    D   C   D E  E    E      D   D   D      E   E    E

Ma-ry had a lit-tle lamb,  lit-tle lamb, lit-tle lamb. 

E    D   C   D E  E    E       E    D       D      E      D   C

Ma-ry had a lit-tle lamb, Its fleece was white as snow.

E    D   C       D     E   E    E      D   D    D      E    E    E 

Every-where that Ma-ry went, Ma-ry went, Ma-ry went. 

E    D   C        D     E   E   E       E    D       D      E   D   C

Every-where that Ma-ry went, the lamb was sure to go.


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