The Best Sunday Roast Pub in Sussex

Martha Gunn – Upper Lewes Rd, Brighton

This roast dinner is extremely delicious, and is definitely at the top of the list. They cater well for large parties of people, and it is our go to pub for a late Sunday lunch. It works out quite expensive at around £15 per head for a roast that lacks many roast potatoes (which are my favourite.)

The biggest meal they do comes with two small potatoes. There is lots of space inside and they also have a beer garden which has outdoor heating and plenty of space for children to play. As well as being suitable for young children, they also have many outdoor toys such as scooters, car, and more which keeps the kids busy whilst the adults chat.

White Horse – High St, Rottingdean

Despite its negative reviews, the roast dinner is very nice. It does suffer from undercooked vegetables that are slightly on the hard side, and the service is a hit and miss. I would recommend booking a reservation also as they tend to be super busy. Inside the restaurant / hotel, there is plenty of seating. They are family friendly with high chairs available upon request. They also feature outdoor seating with great views of the beach. The portion sizes are good and you get great value for money. If you visit, I would highly recommend the clotted cream ice cream and chocolate brownie for dessert, it’s unbelievable how good that is.

Devils Dyke – Devil’s Dyke Rd, Poynings

A beautiful roast dinner with good portion sizes. Every time I have visited the service was extremely quick. A great place for families with stunning views of the downs. The only negatives are that the food is a little expensive, and on warmer days the car park lacks spaces which can be a nightmare. There is plenty of seating inside, and they even put water out in a bowl for the dogs.

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