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The Story of Ravi Kumar Video

His Upbringing

Ravi’s story started in Bangalore, India on November 7th 2001. He was born into a low-income family, in which his mum worked in factories during the day and cared for him when possible. His father left when he was extremely young, which forced his mum to work full-time whilst raising a child. 

As a child, he attended a free school named Christel House, who cared for him whilst his mother was at work. Though she worked hard to bring in an income, the food she could afford was focused on rice and instant noodles which meant Ravi did not have the nutrients he needed to thrive. This eventually resulted in malnutrition and severe heart problems at only 19 years old. 


These problems cause him to often find blood in his saliva as well as consistently shake and often faint. Although Ravi wants to improve his diet, he simply doesn’t have the financial support to afford anything other than rice. As a result, he remains malnourished and unable to pull himself out of poor health and financial ruin. 

Current Circumstances

Ravi Kumar bath facilities

As Ravi has grown older, his situation has only become worse. COVID-19 has hit India extremely hard, placing those already in poverty into even worse situations. Currently, Ravi is living in dire conditions. He currently has no access to any sanitary system and therefore uses a hole in the floor as his toilet. To keep himself clean, he must sit on the floor and use bleach power and water over himself. This powder is further damaging not only his heart, but also his skin and lungs. 

If this wasn’t bad enough, Ravi is also struggling to gain access to clean water. Much of the water in his local neighbourhood is contaminated with not only bacteria and viruses, but also metals and arson. While the bacteria are usually killed through boiling the water, the metal and arson cannot be removed so easily. As a result, Ravi is forced to risk his life every day to simply stay hydrated. 

To resolve his problems with water, he would need a water filter installed to keep the water clean from harmful substances. At the moment, this simply isn’t an option. For now, he will continue drinking water from any place he can, often resorting to wastewater pipes when days are particularly hard. 

How we are helping

At Carved Culture we always do our very best to help those in need. We believe that by simply helping one person, you can help improve society as a whole. We are currently sending Ravi the food packages he needs to help get his body functioning as it should. Our packages contain all the vital nutrients he needs to function normally, allowing him to live a more fulfilled life and support the community around him. Here are the contents of our first package:

first parcel for Ravi Kumar

Milk Powder

Growing up on a diet consisting of rice and noodles meant that Ravi was missing out on a mineral we all need to thrive: calcium. Milk powder allows him to begin introducing calcium into his diet, which will help to improve the strength of his bones and heart. Due to the hot climate of India and without access to a fridge, it is impossible to store natural milk. Milk powder will ensure Ravi has over 3 months of milk to implement in his diet. 

Cherry active Juice

This particular product was chosen due to its high level of antioxidants. In total, it has over 750 Montmorency cherries, which is the equivalent of several fruits and vegetables. It’s very easy to make, only needing 2 tablespoons in a glass of water to consume. We hope this helps to boost Ravi’s immune system. 

Beetroot Shot

Beetroot is extremely nutrient-dense and is not widely available throughout many areas of the globe. In particular, they provide the body with several nutrients including fiver, folate, vitamin B, manganese, potassium, iron and vitamin C. We hope that with these shots, Ravi can help to improve his blood circulation and lower his blood pressure. This will help him throughout daily life when completing chores and supporting the community. 

High-quality Cocoa Powder

Though we commonly associate Cocoa with chocolate, it actually has many benefits. It’s extremely rich in iron and fibre and also provides caffeine that can act as a mood booster. Though not essential, we hope that this will help to improve Ravi’s mental health as well as provide him with the opportunity to taste chocolate for the first time. 

Tinned Fish

Ravi informed us that he had never tried fish before, often needed early due to its natural Omega-3 content. This oil is essential for brain development and also supports bone health and liver functionality. Ravi said that around once a month he gets to have meat, though this is almost always chicken as it’s all he can afford. We have sent him some tinned sardines so that he can improve his overall protein intake, whilst enjoying Omega-3 in his diet. 


With such a nutrient deficit diet, it’s almost impossible for Ravi to get all the nutrients he needs to survive. To provide him with more nutrients on a daily basis, we sent him a large pack of multivitamins. This will help to significantly improve his overall vitamin intake, which over time will help his body to recover from the diet he has been forced to eat his whole life. 

How you can help

Although we are doing our very best to help Ravi, sending parcels to India is extremely expensive. At the moment, we are sending him up to 2kg in food to help him survive. With your help, we can begin to increase the amount we send and help Ravi begin living a somewhat normal life. A life that all too many of us take for granted. 

We understand that there are millions of individuals stuck in Ravi’s position and want to help as many as possible. We will begin by supporting Ravi Kumar and his mother with monthly parcels and with your help, we will be able to support more individuals both in Ravi’s community and throughout India. 

We believe that Ravi deserves a chance at life. Will you help him too? Donate now. If you want to go the extra mile and help other children in India you can support them by donating to Child Rescue Nepal.

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