What is a sound bath?


Typically the musical instruments that are used in sound therapy or a sound bath are acoustical. The healing begins when the vibrations from the instruments are vibrating and overlapping each other. The vibrations create a tension in the body that switches off and shuts down your own natural fight or flight reflex. 

The tools used in a sound bath usually consist of a himalayan singing bowl, crystal singing bowl, drums, chimes and gongs. 

 These frequencies are believed to help with physical pain and assist in DNA repair: 396hz, 417hz, 528hz, 639hz, 741hz, and 852hz

The main concept of a sound bath was originally found and made in tibet around 2000 years ago but has become very popular all around the world used as therapy for mental health, past trauma or just general healing. 

Sound baths can help relieve some stress, anxiety and depression according to some studies and with that being said when stress of anxiety is removed you will see an overall improvement on other factors that are associated with those mental wellbeing. 

Sound baths are also known as sound healing which is a popular technique used for people over the years. It is usually used whilst a yoga or meditation session is taking place, as the person lays flat on the floor allowing the sounds to heal them. 

There has been research on whether or not sound baths can reduce pain so some providers asked people if they were in pain and what scale and they came out with a lower scale of pain after the sound bath. 

Bear in mind that sound baths are not a replacement for real professional that is qualified in mental health treatment but it can be used on the side as a natural remedy to try add better mental health.  

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