shamanism ritual by a fire

In a nutshell, shamanism is a practice that is found all around the world in many cultures. It is said to be one of the oldest religious practices and the oldest form of religion. A shaman is a practitioner reaching an altered state of consciousness to help them interact with a spirit world, they are channelling energies into this world.

It is used to heal people by calling on spirits from other realities like our own to restore spiritual power, restoring portions of an individual or group soul, many religions use shamanism, it is not specific to one. Shamans are healers that gather information from the spiritual realm and bring it back to our reality, these people are the medicine of the tribe who deal with imbalances, illness, as well as poor physical and emotional states. Today this practice has stayed the same and has also modernised, helping to deal with more up to date challenges such as health, wealth, business and relationships.

Shamanism is about us all being connected, it can benefit your health and wellbeing by tackling diseases, imbalances, in a partnership with botanical medicines, diet changes and other types of therapy. Due to shamanic healing being individualized to each unique person and their illness, there has been little interest in providing any financial support to find research within this practice.

When most of us hear the word shamanism we think of a tribesperson dancing around a fire at night that is involved in a ritual, with accompanying drum beats and singing but inside that costume is a person with talent.

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Shamanic drums or rattles can be used to create something known as divination, this helps us to create a certain level of expanded awareness, the participant can come with us on this journey.

With each drum beat, they can close their eyes whilst laying down, or gather around the fire to feel the energy, embark on a spiritual journey. It is not just about musical healing, that is a small stepping stone.

The intense stimulus of the drumming and rattling combined with a culturally manful ritual, ceremony, chants, singing, and dancing are all equally as important for shifting consciousness into a visionary node of shamanic perception.

Another part of shamanism is the elements:

  • Earth keeps us grounded, and laying down can help us tap into these energies.

  • Water can cleanse your emotions, washing away pain, judgment, problems.

  • Fire can be used for energy and to throw representational items into, to burn away your problems.

  • The air clears everything, we can feel the air on our skin, blowing problems away, as we inhale and exhale we can feel it within our bodies calming us, helping everything to work better.

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We have shamanic drums and rattles that can be used for shamanism around a fire leading a group into a spiritual journey, but overall and more importantly, to help you and others feel better!


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