shamanism ritual by a fire

In a nutshell, shamanism is a practice that is found all around the world in many cultures. It is said to be one of the oldest religious practices and the oldest form of religion. A shaman is a practitioner reaching an altered state of consciousness to help them interact with a spirit world; they channel energies into this world.

It is used to heal people by calling on spirits from other realities like our own to restore spiritual power, restoring portions of an individual or group soul; many religions use shamanism, it is not specific to one. Shamans are healers that gather information from the spiritual realm and bring it back to our reality; these people are the medicine of the tribe who deal with imbalances, illness, as well as poor physical and emotional states. Today this practice has stayed the same and has also modernised, helping to deal with more up-to-date challenges such as health, wealth, business, and relationships.

Shamanism is about us all being connected; it can benefit your health and wellbeing by tackling diseases, imbalances in a partnership with botanical medicines, diet changes, and other types of therapy. Due to shamanic healing being individualized to each unique person and their illness, there has been little interest in providing any financial support to find research within this practice.
When most of us hear the word shamanism, we think of a tribesperson dancing around a fire at night involved in a ritual, with accompanying drum beats and singing but inside that costume is a person with talent.

Shamanic drums

variety of shamanic drums

Shamanic drums or rattles can create something known as divination, helping us create a certain level of expanded awareness. The participant can come with us on this journey.

With each drum beat, they can close their eyes while laying down, or gather around the fire to feel the energy, embark on a spiritual journey. It is not just about musical healing. That is a small stepping stone.

The intense stimulus of the drumming and rattling combined with a culturally manful ritual, ceremony, chants, singing, and dancing are equally crucial for shifting consciousness into a visionary node of shamanic perception.

Another part of shamanism is the elements

  • Earth keeps us grounded, and laying down can help us tap into these energies.
  • Water can cleanse your emotions, washing away pain, judgment, problems.
  • Fire can be used for energy and to throw representational items into, to burn away your problems.
  • The air clears everything; we can feel the air on our skin, blowing problems away; as we inhale and exhale, we can feel it within our bodies calming us, helping everything to work better.

Shamanic rattle shaker

shamanic indian maraca 

How to use your Shamanic Drum?

The shamanic drum is a powerful tool used for healing and connecting with the Spirit world. It has been used for centuries by shamans as a way to communicate with spirit guides and to heal physical, mental, and spiritual ailments. When used correctly, the shamanic drum can be a powerful tool for connecting with the Spirit world, and for creating a deep personal connection with the natural world.

The most important aspect of using a shamanic drum is to create a personal connection with the drum. This can be done by drumming in a circle, or simply by sitting in a place of solitude and connecting with the drum. It is important to create a sacred space for the drumming, and to connect with the spirit of the drum. This can be done through meditation, visualization, or simply by using your intuition.

The next step in using a shamanic drum is to begin drumming. Drumming circles are a great way to connect with the Spirit world, and to create a space for healing. Drumming circles involve a group of people drumming together in a circle. Each person has their own drum and will keep a steady beat while the other members of the circle improvise. The group will then create a unique piece of music together and will use it for healing or for connecting with the Spirit world.

The final step in using a shamanic drum is to listen to the drum. Listening to the drum can be a powerful experience, as it allows us to connect with the Spirit world and to open our hearts and minds to healing energies. Listening to the drum can be done in solitude or in a drumming circle. It is important to take time to really listen to the drum and to connect with the Spirit world.

Using a shamanic drum is a powerful way to create a connection with the Spirit world and to open ourselves up to healing energies. By creating a personal connection with the drum, drumming in a circle, and listening to the drum, we can create a powerful connection with the Spirit world and open ourselves up to healing energies. This can be a deeply spiritual experience, and one that can help us to heal and connect with the Spirit world.

Caring for your shamanic drum

The shamanic drum is a sacred tool used in many spiritual practices and rituals. It is important to care for your drum, as it is a living being. In this guide, we will discuss how to best store and condition your drum, so that it can be used for many years to come. 

When not in use, it is best to store your shamanic drum in a cool, dry place. This will help to protect it from humidity, which can cause mould, warping, and other damage. Avoid storing your drum in direct sunlight, as this can cause the hide to dry out and crack. If possible, store the drum in its own special bag or box, as this will help to protect it from dust and dirt.

When it comes to conditioning your shamanic drum, it is important to use natural products. Avoid using synthetic materials, as these can damage the hide. Instead, use a gentle, natural oil to moisturise the hide. Examples of natural oils include jojoba oil, almond oil, and olive oil. Gently massage the oil into the hide of the drum, taking care to avoid the edges. This will help to keep the hide supple and in good condition.

In addition to oiling the hide, it is also important to condition the handle of your shamanic drum. Many people use a mixture of beeswax and jojoba oil to condition the handle. This helps to keep it soft and in good condition. Be sure to avoid any synthetic materials, as these can damage the handle. 

Caring for your shamanic drum is an important part of keeping it in good condition. By following these tips for storing and conditioning your drum, you can ensure that it will last for many years to come.

How are shamanic drums made?

Shamanic drums are special drums used in shamanic rituals and ceremonies. Their crafting is steeped in tradition and symbolism, and are not merely utilitarian but are imbued with spiritual significance.

The materials used for making a shamanic drum vary depending on the specific traditions and rituals of the culture or shaman. Generally, the drum is made from a wooden hoop, from which raw hide is stretched. The raw hide can be from a variety of animals, such as cow, goat, elk, deer, or bison, depending on the desired sound and the spiritual meaning of the animal. It is important to use the hide of an animal that has been treated with respect and reverence.

The drum is then constructed using a variety of tools. This can include awls, knives, and needle and thread. The hide is stretched over the wooden hoop, and the edges are sewn together. If desired, carvings can be made in the wood and decorated with paints, beads, and other adornments.

In some cultures, each shamanic drum is crafted differently and with its own unique symbolism. Kits for making shamanic drums can be purchased, making it easier to craft drums for those without access to the traditional methods or materials. The kits include the necessary tools, raw hide, and wooden hoop.

Once the drum is made, the shaman can use a drum beater to create rhythms and sounds that are meaningful to the ritual or ceremony. The beater can also be used to make a variety of sounds, depending on the type of drum and the desired effect. To make a shamanic drum, one needs a wooden hoop, raw hide, the necessary tools, and a drum beater. Kits can also be purchased which make it easier to craft the drum.

What is a shamanic circle?

A shamanic circle is a gathering of individuals who come together with the common intention of connecting with the spiritual realms, exploring their inner landscapes, and seeking healing and guidance. It is a place where the shamanic practitioner facilitates a safe and sacred environment for participants to embark on transformative journeys. We have shamanic drums and rattles used for shamanism around a fire leading a group into a spiritual journey, but overall and more importantly, to help you and others feel better.

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