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What are arts & crafts? 

The definition of the term: “arts and crafts” is the; ‘decorating design, and handicraft - meaning; an activity involving the making of decorative domestic or other objects by hand.

Different types of craft materials

There are many types of arts and crafts using lots of different types of materials such as wood, leather, fabrics, clay, recycled paper, hemp twine, natural eco-friendly nuts, seeds, buttons, and plastic. There are crafts to do at home for toddlers, kids, and adults. Types of craft include but are not limited to sewing with needle and thread, jewellery making, DIY projects, pottery with ceramics and glass, mosaic, textiles, wooden carving, weaving, furniture, and paper crafts.

There are simply too many types to list them all, and although craft supposedly originated in the UK around the late 19th century, it has been extremely popular ever since. It is a great hobby to have, it doesn’t have to be a long project, even 5-minute craft has become popular. You can even craft a box for your pencils, or if you would like to make some activities for younger ones, you can draw faces on paper plates, or use a ready-made kit!

From my own experience in regard to making items with woods, knitting, and painting, I have adapted these hobbies into my lifestyle, from implementing ideas, creating and designing personalised gifts for birthdays, and I have found that it is very enjoyable, when you get it wrong it becomes a valuable lesson and when you get it right its so rewarding.

Before you start making

I know you are most likely eager to start, but before you do we highly recommend ensuring that beforehand you have a table where you can keep your tools, box of supplies, glue, and ensure you have the correct safety equipment before handling chemicals or sharp instruments such as gloves, eyewear, and a mask if necessary, your health is the most important thing here.

You can do arts and crafts through the use of recycled material, for example I have seen many crafted items that have been made using pine cones and these naturally grow and can be found around parks, conkers is another one or another good way is when you throw out some clothing, take the buttons from it and place it in a jar for use another day. Collect your materials, and then get ready for the fun. Here is our most popular arts and craft supplies.

1. Stationary pack

Stationary pack

This stationary pack is great for school, students at university, as a gift, in a business office setting, perfect for designing or even for teachers! If you work in the education sector, please contact us beforehand regarding wholesale.

2. Tagua seeds

tagua seeds (250g)


Tagua is known as vegetable nut ivory, and this 250g pack bag is perfect for beginner craft, in fact there are so many uses for tagua nut seeds. To name a few, it can be used to make jewellery using the nuts as beads for necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings or you can use them with other materials to make ornaments. We also have whole tagua nut seeds which can be used for many different applications and would be great as a paperweight, decoration and more. The pros of using this material is that it is natural, eco friendly, colourful, has predrilled holes ready for use and the cons are that the shape may not be exactly what you need for your project. 

3. Ghanian Kente Cloth Strip

ghanian kente cloth

These kente cloth material strips originate from Ghana, Africa. They can be used for sewing together to make patchwork rugs, pillow, upholstery, quilts, looms, scarves, bow-ties, backpacks for kids, tops, trousers and all sorts of clothing. They come in many patterns, featuring symbols, colours and different designs.

What makes our kente cloth special? 

As you may know there are lots of sellers of this African material online, in forms of yarn and ribbon, but the history dates back to 1701, kente is the local cloth in Ghana, and most of the resellers are not ethical, meaning that they do not come from Africa, they are simply prints, whereas ours are 100% genuine, fair-trade to the makers meaning that they get paid a good price for their product. By definition, it is a brightly coloured cloth consisting of separate strips sewn together. 

4. Recycled Sari String

Sari string


This is a wonderful fabric, that offers fashion, and style. Sari by definition is a garment consisting of a length of cotton or silk and usually comes from Asia. It comes as a ball of string that can be used for many types of craft including curtain tie making, if you have the skills it could be used to make art, parts for a bag, clothing accessories, puppets, etc. Each ball is at a length between 8 m and 10. 

5. Coloured Craft Felt

coloured craft felt

This craft felt is made of wool, they come in 1 metre balls and can be used to make hats and if you have the skills you could also make coasters, rugs, keyring, and for knitting. They come from Nepal, India and can be a variety of different colours, we have brown, green, yellow, red and pink.  

The wonderfully soft 1-meter length of Nepalese arts and craft wool felt comes from Nepal, India. The craft felt has been made by rolling and pressing wool with another suitable textile accompanied by the application of moisture and heat. This causes the constituent fibres to mat together to create a smooth surface. These Nepalese craft felt lengths have been made by skilled artisans working for an inspirational Fair Trade organisation in India.

All of their craft felt products are approved by BAFTS accredited producers in India. The product design and colour may slightly vary but loveliness comes as standard. They come in various colours such as brown, pink, green, yellow and red. They are often used as a hair accessory, they can be used as a craft or sewing material so get creative. Used for crafts or woven as dreads, H5mm x W100cm (1g).

6. Twig crayon pencils

twig pencils

My children love these pencils, they use them every single day! Ten different colours, perfect for drawing, art sketches, and made from the twig of a tree, what could be more natural, more beautiful, these always impress, make sure you have a sharpener handy!

7. Mixed Tagua Slices (2kg)

mixed tagua slices 2kg

Similar to our 250g packs but also very different, this bundle features many different shapes, sizes and colours, for the intermediate to advanced craftsman. This will ensure you get a great mix so that you can make the type of jewellery that you want.

8. String craft set

String craft set

This is the ultimate gift for any lover of arts and crafts, there are so many things that can be made with these including; jewellery, key rings, friendship bracelets etc. The set comes with 200 pieces so you will never run out of things to do with it. Vibrant colours and a great indoor activity for the winter! It comes with 10 pieces of each colour, 10 snap hook clips, 10 key ring clips and more. Many customers have come back for more and brought as a gift to keep the ‘kids busy’ meaning it could be a good idea to buy for the long 6 week school holiday, everyone needs activities to do during that time. These make great scoobies and will keep everyone quiet for hours due to complete concentration.

9. Tie dye kit

Tie dye kit 

This is the ultimate sleepover bundle! As there are so many pairs of gloves and dyes there is enough to go around for a very large group of children, teens or adults. It makes a change from the usual video games playing or watching films not talking. This bundle is interactive, it’s fun and its experimental for everyone. No two clothing items will look the same, and that’s the beauty of it.

In the pack you will receive: 18 squeeze bottles of dye, 12 pairs of very protective gloves, 90 rubber bands, a protective sheet to avoid staining the area where you are dying things, instructions and a cool handy carry case containing it all. If you are a teacher, you could introduce this kit to a classroom full of children so you can sit around together and learn how to tie dye.

You will need some old white t-shirts, skirts, trousers, socks, anything that is light in colour that will take to the dye well. If you want to you could also tie dye your own backpack to jazz it up. In the reviews section people have posted pictures on how well their tops have turned out and it’s so impressive how amazing they look. The colours are vibrant and the patterns are so beautiful and unique. One person said not to open too many bottles at a time unless you are colouring more than one shirt as there is more than enough dye in the bottles to go around.

Every person who bought this product was thoroughly happy with the outcome. Some have even developed a passion for doing it all the time. It makes a change to a normal Sunday afternoon with your family swell, you could all get together around the table and have a real creative session decorating clothing, bags, hairbands and more.

10. Make your own scoobies kit

Make your own scoobies kit

This will be a great stocking filler or small birthday present to chuck into the pile, everyone loves a scoobies kit! There’s soo much fun to be had, with all of the bright and glittery colored plastic strands. You can make necklaces, keyrings, rings, hairbands, and even bracelets. This pack comes with 40 scoobie strands.  The packet contains three different types of stitches with clear instructions and details.

These were once upon a time a huge trend, it seemed as though everyone was making little keyrings with them. I personally had these when I was younger and even to this day I haven’t forgotten how to craft with them. This box of scoobies will teach you a new craft that once you understand how to do it, you won’t want to stop!

This can be a great gift for a pre-teen (tween) or even a creative loving adult! Once you know how to use these bands you won’t be able to stop. It can be a great distraction for those children who get over hyperactive at school, it’s something that they can fiddle with their hands but still learn because it doesn’t take much thinking once they know-how.

Even though the trend has settled, every now and then it picks up and becomes really popular especially in times when going out and doing things is not always an option. This could be for a variety of reasons, if you have an injury and have to stay inside, these could keep you busy and entertained. Also if the weather is not great, these can be something that you get out for that rainy day. You can use a variety of different colours to make your own patterns and designs for special occasions. Combine them with beads or other materials to make your own stylish jewellery or accessories. If you wanted to, you could make them to sell in your spare time at jumble sale style events, or give them as a special gift for a friend or family member on their birthday.

11. Crayola paints

Crayola paints

The Crayola Washable Ready Mix Paint is a fantastic way to let your little one’s imagination run wild. Coming in a simple to use, resealable bottles. The paints are a great opportunity for your child to paint and draw until their heart’s content. They make use of the three primary colours (red, green and blue). To allow your child to come up with a wide range of colours and explore how different paints change colour when mixed. This makes them usable for a wide range of different arts and crafts. As well as a learning experience for your child. The paints are available from ages 3 and above being safe for your child to use and easy to clean in case of spillages and accidents, after all, paint can be a very messy experience especially with small children around.

Whilst the paints themselves are not essential in your child’s life, they are a fantastic way to introduce your little one to the world of art from an early age. They will assist in early cognitive development. This will help your child to enhance their perception of the world as they see it and develop their imagination from an early age. Using a paint can help children to learn about sizes, shapes, designed and patterns, features that they will have to learn in the early school curriculum. By doing this from an early age, they will have that learning edge when they first begin school. Another benefit of painting is that it boots memory. Children will often paint things that they have seen throughout the day. This results in them improving their memory through reinforcement. This is a skill that they will use both later in life and during their time at school.

12. Finger paints

finger paints

With this paint set your children will be able to have fun without the worry of the paint staining their clothes. It is easily washable and will come off in the washing machine. The formula is also free from parabens, is hypoallergenic and is 100% mixable which means they can experiment making their own colours.

This is a great first paint set simply because it doesn’t need to be used with a brush. To use paint with a brush your child first needs to learn and master the pincer grip, this paint kit refers more to experimentation and creativity through the art of finger painting. Not only that, your child can their hand in the paint and make some cool handprints on the paper. Pair the paints with multicoloured paper and you have a fantastic gift for a 1 year old. Even though the paint washes off, you should still supervise, otherwise things could get messy. This four pack paint set comes with mixed colours: Blue, yellow, green and red. It makes for a wonderful Christmas or birthday gift.

13. Crayola felt tips

13. Crayola felt tips

This Crayola pack of 24 pens contains a wide rainbow array of colours so that your child will never be at a lack of choice. Crayola is at the top of their game. They’re well known for pens, crayons and other artistic equipment alike. They are always innovating to find new ways to make drawing even more fun. Colouring in a book or drawing a wonderful picture would not be the same with a semi-average writing instrument. Children love colouring and they love to have a choice, which is why this set is perfect for them. You could buy them as a gift for their birthday or just as a gift to help improve their development, they are also a great stocking filler at Christmas time.

You could encourage your children to make birthday and Christmas cards. My children personally love to make nanny a birthday card and their nan is always so happy when she sees a personalised card from her grandkids who she loves so much. Pens don’t have to be just for drawing and colouring in, they can also be used for practising with their writing. Toddlers that are just going into primary school will be at the age where they will be practising number, letter and name writing.

Colouring and drawing builds creativity, your child will let their imagination run wild. Thinking of new ideas and bring them to life right before their eyes in a bold colour. After they have created, they will likely want to show you their masterpiece. Depending on your reaction, you could help improve their confidence which will help overall at making them feel good about themselves and their skills.

As artistic creations are nice to look at, it could start up a social talking point. When they see family members they could show them their pictures and can speak about them. General expression, all types of people can feel many different emotions all at different times. Anger, sadness, stress can all be reduced when you express your emotions through art. It is simply so therapeutic, enjoy.

Overall practice makes perfect, and if your child spends a lot of time drawing and colouring their skills will improve. As an adult, they could be somewhat of an artist. Utilising this skill to make extra money on the side or as a full-time career. They could even help your child learn to read and write.

14. Jewellery making kit

 Jewellery making kit

This jewellery making kit is specially designed to create a wide range of different jewellery pieces. These items range from elegant bracelets and anklets to beautiful necklaces, rings and earrings.

All of which can be specially customised with gems and glitter chosen by your little one. With over 300 different beads, shapes and gems, this jewellery making kit provides endless fun for you and your child. Together, you can create a wide range of different designs and patterns. Which is perfect for a memory box or to be placed around their room.

This kit is suitable for children above the age of three-year-old. However, it is advised that adult supervision is provided when it is used due to small parts. It is a fantastic activity that you can do with your child. Letting their imagination run wild with their designs. Soon your child will be living like royalty with the wide jewellery collection they own.

As your child gets older. They can begin to use the kit without supervision, being perfect for use with friends and younger family members for countless hours of fun. The kit itself is not essential for your child’s development. However, it is a fun activity that you can do with them, or they can do with their friends, helping to develop relationships with others.

The main benefit of using the kit is that your child will better understand shapes and designs. Making jewellery is a fantastic way to improve your child’s cognitive development, helping them to better understand different shapes, as well as the ways that different patterns work. Another benefit of this kit is that it is a fantastic way to bond with your child. Whilst making the jewellery, you will make memories with them that will help to bring you both together, enhancing your relationship for the future.

15. Jumbo crayola crayons

Jumbo crayola crayons 

Help your little one explore their creative side with our Jumbo Crayola Crayons! As a child, it’s likely you spent countless hours creating pictures of your family, pets and things you had experienced throughout your day to day life. Using crayons is a great way to help your child explore their creative side and if introduced early can also help them to quickly gain control of a pen or pencil. Fantastic for children over the age of 12 months, this jumbo box contains 24 unique colours to choose from. This will keep your child entertained for hours, exploring new colours and textures as they draw their own pictures. 

With so many colours to choose from, you can also introduce your child to new colours they haven’t seen before. This will help to interact with their natural curiosity and acts as a natural gateway to teaching them colours once they’re old enough. You can also choose to draw pictures with them to give them guidance on what they should draw. (Even if you’re not quite Pablo Picasso, I’m sure they won’t mind!). Introduce your child to a whole new side of creativity with fun, child-safe crayons.

16. Blow pens

Blow pens 

Looking for a perfect present for your grandchild? niece? nephew or son/daughter? or even a friend, look no further! These blow pens will keep any child happy for hours on end. There are 15+ templates for them to copy and create an awesome look. These create a fantastic airbrushed image. It will help the child (or adult) find a new fun way of colouring in a picture! They will learn that blowing softer and harder ads a completely different effect on the stencils. This product is recommended for ages 4+ years. As younger ones may not understand they have to blow the pen instead of suck inwards.

Make sure suitable clothing is worn during use as this product could stain and therefore ruin decent clothes, So get out those aprons! Also make sure if they are using the bio pens keep an eye on them incase of chocking etc. I will be buying these as a stocking filler for my 4-year-old daughters Christmas present, she loves to colour and create and I think these will be one of the best gifts she receives!

This set can be beneficial to keep any child occupied while you have a cuppa and relax or even to get on with some needed house chores. As there are loads of stencils to use, it means more than one child can use these, you could invite round a cousin, or school friend and they can bond whilst you have a well-deserved break. Even us adults can benefit from using these, they are great fun for all the family. Art can really relax you so why not get creative and calm in your quiet evening as your children sleep. These pens will develop artistic skills and will also encourage fine motor skills using pincer and grasp reflex with their hands.

17. Water drawing mat

Water drawing mat

These mats are great and can provide endless hours of fun for your children. You simply fill up the pens with water and you are then able to draw pictures, letters, numbers, or color in. This mat is rainbow-colored when wet which allows for a colorful creative space. Once you have drawn your picture, you can then let the mat dry and once it is fully dry you will be able to start all over again and draw all the pictures to your hearts content. You can also purchase more water pens so more children and adults can get involved together, each having their own corner of the mat.

Kids love to draw, color and create with pens and paintbrushes. Upon doing those things I have seen first-hand how many paper sheets kids can get through with scribbles, that fill every part of each sheet and are just chucked away and not getting the most out of one piece of paper. Whilst this is good for their development in regards to practice, creativity, and their hand grip, etc.

It is not good when you consider the paper waste. This mat, however, resolves that problem. With this product, there is no longer any waste other than the small amount of water. Your child will love playing with this mat and pens daily as an activity. Takes only 12 minutes to fully dry and easily folds away after use. To make it extra special you could set up camp outside on a sunny day and your children can have hours of excitement and fun at the same time as getting fresh air, shaded from the sun so their pictures don’t dry straight away. Another great thing about being outdoors doing this activity is when they’re finished and want it to dry quicker to make another image, just hang it out in the sun and watch the images disappear and start again.

18. Whiteboard easel

Whiteboard easel 

Whiteboards play a vital role in children and teenagers lives. They will be around for years because of the possibilities they give. It will help reading, writing, art and many more skills. Your child can learn how to write letters and number and if they mess up, all they do it wipe away and its gone and can be started all over again.

Not only are whiteboards great for children but they are also more than suitable for work presentations, writing up your weekly tasks, setting up rota’s, reminders, recipes, dinner ideas etc. This whiteboard could also become a family favourite as your children and you can sit together taking in turns guessing what the hidden hang man letters there are, drawing different images and guessing what they are drawing, it can create hours and hours of fun for all as well as being educational and beneficial.

For teaching a whiteboard is amazing, you can homeschool your children with one of these, it is the old fashioned way of learning as everything is now on technology bring back a bit of realness. Because it comes on a stand it means everyone can gather round, and they will all be able to see your notes. Another great use is if you are a youtube influencer, you could make a fantastic explainer video using a basic type of animation. The possibilities are completely endless.

For work we use a whiteboard to set out daily focus tasks that are needed, and after the kids get back from school we then finish up work and play some family games together making laughter all around. A whiteboard can benefit everyone in the house for different reasons, find out what it may be for you, maybe you want to take up art, start with a whiteboard and possibly become the next picasso.

19. Jute garden twine

Jute garden twine 

Jute is a great material that is often used as garden twine with its main function being useful for tying plants and separating areas of the garden but you can use it in your arts and craft projects to and can use to crochet into coasters, baskets, pot holders, placemats, ornament, dreamcatchers, keyring and so much more. You don't have to stop with weaving either as it can also be glued for more decorative items.


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