hand painted selection of clay ocarinas

An ocarina is a woodwind instrument that origin can be traced back to 5,000 BC throughout America, and India. A clay ocarina is made by firstly making the mouthpiece from clay and using a flat stick to allow air in, it is then added to a bigger piece of clay which will form the rest of the ocarina.

The clay mouthpiece is smoothed onto the clay ocarina body facing upwards so that the air hits the roof of it which it then bounces off causing the sound. A small hole is made in the body and it is carefully hollowed out, after, the hole is sealed back up and the finger holes are made, once it has dried it is painted.

There are many variations of ocarinas such as the submarine, animal, pendant, transverse, Inca, and many more and in many shapes and sizes, they are usually made from clay or ceramic, with 4 to 12 finger holes, and a blow-piece. They can also be made from glass, wood, plastic or bone.

Clay Ocarina Instrument Pendant

single ocarina pendant

The most popular ocarina among children aged over 3 is the classic Ocarina necklace pendant, it is small, fair trade, made from clay and each one is beautifully hand painted with many designs to match personalities, perfect for parties, and birthday gifts that won't break the bank. We have different types of ocarinas and woodwind instruments. See our range of woodwind instruments.

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