green bamboo canes

You might be wondering, why bamboo clothing? Well, there are many reasons why you might want bamboo clothing, firstly because it is naturally antibacterial, keeping you smelling fresh and clean, preventing odours.

Absorbs sweat, keeping you dry, offers good insulation, keeping you cooler in summer and warmer in winter, it is naturally breathable, and is very light in weight! Bamboo clothing does take longer to dry when wet due to its absorbency. The processing of bamboo involves first cutting the canes as clean as possible to ensure new healthy growth.

bamboo shards

Stalks are then cut and crushed into smaller chips, then an organic textile soaking liquid is added, the bamboo pulp is produced after soaking.

bamboo paper
The pulp is then dried into long sheets which helps it to dry evenly and is efficient for storing.
bamboo soft pulp

Once they are dry the sheets are ground-up and spun into a soft bamboo cellulose fibre. With the bamboo cellulose fibre, it can be quickly turned into yarn, wool, thread. It can be used the same way as cotton in terms of knitting and is sent to other factories for further processing into all types of clothing/dye processes.

In other terms the extracted cellulose is turned it into viscose rayon, bamboo leaves, the inner material, and the hard outer wood are extracted using a steaming process, it is then crushed to extract all of the cellulose, for this reason, it is one of the softest fabrics available.

Some even argue that bamboo is softer than cotton even with a much lower thread count. Bamboo is as strong as steel in tension and stronger than concrete in compression.

Bamboo clothing is great to wear because

  1. supersoft

  2. 40% more moisture absorbent than cotton

  3. A breathable fabric that keeps feet fresh and dry

  4. comfortable

  5. naturally anti-bacterial

  6. durable and stronger than cotton

  7. hypoallergenic

Why Bamboo and not cotton?

Bamboo grows without the need for fertilisers or pesticides. It naturally requires less water (a third of the water required to grow cotton.) Farmers don’t need to irrigate their crops, saving water in a country where water shortages are a big problem.

Bamboo yields are ten times higher per hectare than cotton and the plant rarely needs replanting, sprouting on its own. Bamboo yarns require less dye than cotton and keep their colour for longer, discover bamboo clothing.

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