Amalfi coast views of Sorrento, Italy

I arrived in Naples, Italy at approximately 10.30am local time on the 3rd of May with my fiancé Ryan. As we got off the plane we were shuddered with rain, this is not what we expected from Italy, we had enough rain at home in the UK.

At the airport, there was an extremely long queue of people that seemed to go on forever, but beside the entrance, there were huge fragrant lemons that actually made being in Italy more real. Our transfer to the hotel was in a coach, and as we travelled around the Amalfi Coast - we saw mount Vesuvius and stunning sites that truly made you question whether you were dreaming or not.

views of the Amalfi coast

The coach eventually got to our hotel and we were called off as it was our stop, the hotel caravel. as we entered the hotel we gave our passports for photo id and were given our room key, door number. The room was beautiful with a view of Mount Vesuvius just from our balcony and of course the gorgeous pool. Apart from the rain, our pounding heads and our exhausted bodies from an excited sleepless night it was the perfect first holiday, we freshened up and headed out to find some paracetamol in the nearest pharmacy.

Little did we know Italy was very expensive. For something that costs only around 16p in the UK, cost a whopping 6 euro’s. The tablets knocked us for 6 and we slept for 4 hours in the hotel room. We woke up to the sound of beeps from the Italian drivers, and we found out it was time for dinner, how exciting!

The waiter Angelo (a real charmer) approached us, offering to take our jackets and to help ourselves to the table of stunning fresh salads, home-cooked Italian bread, and of course olives (my favourite). I order prawn cocktail for starter, and it was like no pub classic though, the prawns were huge. The sauce and salad were just to die for. Ryan ordered saucy basil and, tomato fusilli with the good old parmesan.

The next day was Saturday, and we a good kip with no children to wake us up. Strangely we woke up at 8 am, this was shocking considering that normally we can’t get out of bed.

We headed down to try what Italians have for breakfast, we met with Angelo again and were seated outside in the sunshine as the rain we were greeted with thankfully went away. We sat by the pool, I ordered a cocktail called blue lagoon with lots of gin, it cost me around 10 euros. Ahh well were on holiday it's not every day you get to sip a beautiful cocktail while relaxing in the 23c sunshine.

I went up to the room on my own to get my phone and to sort out some boring stuff to do with planes that I won’t go into, and as I checked out on the balcony Ryan wasn’t there, and his chair wasn’t either. I got in the lift, racing down to see where he had gone, but he was on the stairs on his way to the room, oops. While I was in the room the chair had collapsed with him on it, how funny! A typical Ryan thing to do.

Traditional Italian Pizza

We were getting peckish and didn’t pay for a 'full board basis with the hotel so we went out looking for, of course pizza, you can’t stay in Sorento without trying real pizza. We walked up just from the hotel, looked at a menu; a very tall guy came out and said “come in come in, ill give you cheap pizza and, good wine” we felt forced as he had no customers, but we gave it a shot.

He seated us but we said we wanted to eat back at the hotel so he said “no problem come see how your pizza is made” we were all gathered in the kitchen watching the real art of Italian cooking he gave us a great deal only 10 euro’s for two medium pizzas, he heated the stone pizza oven and began to cook chucking fresh tomato, mozzarella and basil randomly on the base.

stone pizza oven

It was a real work of art, the guy wasn’t all that bad he the boxed up our pizzas and off we went to the hotel, sat by the pool with a bottle of cheap red wine and chowed down the delicious pizza sitting in the sun it was pure bliss.

Real Italian pizza from Naples, Italy

Time went on and we got ready for dinner I know, I know; food food food that's all I talk about. For dinner, I ordered a fishy starter and, fishy main just because I thought i'd have a change but it honestly wasn’t my favourite choice, luckily Ryan shared his lasagne and pork escalope with me Yum! We both had the same desert which was a huge block of frozen orange flavoured cream with dried/frozen orange slices that was lovely not going to lie but very sickly. 


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