The best kids bath toys

Make bath time an adventure! Dive into the world of kid-friendly bath toys for a creative, joyful washing experience. Discover trends, safety tips, and top toys that promise a splashing good time, from rubber duckies to interactive games. Let’s turn a simple bath into an exploration-packed fun zone!

1. Light Up Dinosaur

Light up dinosaur bath toys 

These are guaranteed to make a boring bath time into a super cool bath party with these light-up dinosaurs that float around in the water. they have water activated LED lights. Let the colourful floating dinosaurs do their magic. Your child will love bath time with them; instead of making bath time daunting, they won't want to get out. These are a perfect toy for a two-year-old. 

2. Baff bombz

 Baff bombz

Children love bath time, but they love it even more, when their bath is sparkly, colourful and smells excellent, right?! With baff bombz, you get a set of 12 bath bombs with scents including kiwi fruit, strawberries, tutti frutti and grape. Don't worry, parents, there's enough to go around you can use some too. You can create a colourful fizzing bath adventure and bring back happy bath times! They are also very gentle on sensitive skin and a certified biodegradable gift set. 

3. Munchkin bath time toy crayons

Munchkin bath time toy crayons  

Every child loves to colour, and some children don't like a bath, but when you combine both, it makes bath time fun and very eventful in a good way instead of screaming and crying until it's time to get out. Whilst they draw on the tiles or other smooth areas on the bath, you can get the much-needed hair washing done without tears. They will be distracted drawing and won't notice that it's hair wash time. These crayons wash off super easily, ideal for little hands to grasp onto and hold and encourages active play.  

4. Colourful bath stacking blocks

Colourful bath stacking blocks 

Stacking blocks are a wonderful creation for little ones. They teach in so many different ways, and the fact they are also waterproof is excellent. They can be used in the bath, dried and played within the bed. They range from sizes small to large and come in many different colours. They are entertaining for children in the tub because they can fill them up with water and watch it drain out with a shower effect at the bottom. Children love sensory play and will enjoy these no matter where they are. 

5. Waterproof floating book

waterproof book

Every child loves being read a book, but we can't always do that, especially when it comes to bath time because of the obvious, there is splashing and playing, and the book can get damaged. Still, with this book, it can be used anywhere. It is versatile. It can be held underwater and have no damage whatsoever. Who wouldn't want their child to learn even when they're in the bath? Each book has a significant meaning behind it too. 

6. Bath basketball hoop and ball set

basketball hoop

Get your child coordinating and learning how to chuck and throw a ball into the net. Shout out score when they get one in. Even if you help them out a little, encouragement goes far! The set has three balls, a basket and suction cups to stick to the bathroom wall. As they get older, you can move the basket further away to make it more challenging or you stick it to any smooth surface for use when not in the bath.

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