tweeya thuya wood burl grain

We love thuya wood and here's why. Not only is it's colour extremely unique, but it has a burr grain which is like no other wood, despite being a member of the cedar family.

It has a beautiful pine-scented aroma that adds to its attraction, it is an exotic wood that is exclusively grown in Morocco, northwest Africa. The people living here earn their income from either fishing or selling thuya wood. It has so much character that it can form as a standalone ornamental piece.

This rare conifer tree is harvested not by its trunk or branches but from the actual roots and new growth. They are around 70 years old before they are cut. Even today oil is extracted and is used in aromatherapy.

It can be used to make any type of small or large furniture such as coasters, boxes, business card holders, pen pots, dominoes, magazines stands, etc. With thuya wood the possibilities are endless and it will always make a unique gift!

In the past we have had a set of six round Moroccan thuya wood coasters and they look absolutely stunning on a coffee table and the aroma is extremely welcoming. 

Popular Thuya wood products

Thuya & Walnut Locking Box

This stunning locking box comes complete with a key and is perfect for storing jewellery and other little treasures. It has a Walnut inlay and outer edge border with Moroccan thuya wood in between. Sized approx. 18cm x 13cm x 8cm. Limited stock on this product, and when its gone, it's gone. 

Thuya pencil pot

Thuya pencil pot

The handmade thuya wood pen pot was made using traditional tools and is approximately 10.5cm tall and 8cm in diameter. Even though it is a pen pot it can be used for many different items such as pens or paintbrushes in the office, toothbrushes in the bathroom or for hairbands and jewellery for a bedside unit.

Thuya letter rack holder

Thuya letter rack holder

The thuya wood letter rack holder is great for keeping hold of important letters so that they do not get lost. You can keep it in your hallway near the front door so that you can pop the letters in there until you are ready to take a look at your mail. It has three spaces so that you can easily separate and organise your post, as well as receiving mail, it could be used for outgoing mail and would be useful for your office desk. The dimension are as follows: 24cm x 8 cm.

Thuya Pestle and mortar

Thuya Pestle and mortar

I have seen many pestle and mortars made from many different materials, but this one is very special. It can be used just like any other kitchen tool for grinding herbs and spices to make pastes, marinades and more. The natural rustic Thuya wood pestle and mortar has a food grade finish is the perfect birthday or moving in gift. The mortar is approximately 4 inches and the pestle is 6.5 inches. 

Thuya wood coasters set

Thuya wood coasters set

The round thuya wood coasters are stylish and come as a set of 12 coasters with a handmade burl thuya wood holder for easy storage. As with all thuya wood it is produced in Morocco. Each coaster is approximately 7.25cm.

Thuya dominoes

Thuya dominoes

Fancy a game of dominoes with a stunning fairtrade set made from thuya wood, the package includes a sliding thuya wood box for easy storage and a pack of individually numbered dominoes. The total size is 16cm length x 6cm width and 5cm height. 

Thuya sphere candle holder

Thuya sphere candle holder 

If you are looking for a unique tea light candle holder then look no further than the aromatic thuya wood sphere, it has a perfect round hole in the top for slotting in a candle. Make sure you use a candle that has a metal casing around it for safety. The size is approximately 7cm x 5cm.

Thuya jewellery box

Thuya jewellery box

The cylindrical thuya wood jewellery box is a little bit on the pricey side but it is a big pieces that is perfect for storing cufflinks, shirt ties, mens and womens jewellery, and so much more. It is a lot of thuya wood for your money and this rare wood is only grown in Morocco making this piece truly special and unique. The size is approximately 17 cm x 13 cm. It comes complete with three matching solid thuya drawers and classic handles.

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I recently purchased a box made of thuya wood. I absolutely love it but its smell is extremely strong and very unpleasant and it doesn’t have a eucalyptus or a pine scent. Is has been sealed with something that may be varnish but it doesn’t have a varnish smell. Is there anything I can do to help reduce the smell? Thank you.

Ryan Bomzer

@Kelley – Here is how to care for Thuya wood. To remove dust, dip a clean cloth in warm soapy water, wring it out until slightly damp then wipe the wood with the cloth. Afterwards, get another cloth and dry the wood. A general rule is that even wood with an oil or wax finish will need to be oiled about once per year to prevent the risk of it cracking. There are many suitable oils that you could use but we would recommend mineral oil, olive oil or linseed oil.


How do I properly care for my carved thuya wood box? Thank you.

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