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Showing 313 - 336 of 347 products
Bungkaka Bamboo Buzzer with handle
Bungkaka Bamboo Buzzer
Sale priceFrom £20.00
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Coffee wood and coconut catapult shaker
Catapult Shaker
Sale price£25.00
Feadog brass Irish whistle flute tuned to C
Feadóg Brass Whistle
Sale price£25.00
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Tradtional Indonesian gamelan sulling flute
Gamelan Suling Flute
Sale priceFrom £15.00
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30cm Hexagon Shamanic Drum
Hexagon Shaman Drum
Sale priceFrom £75.00
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Traditional Gourd and black bamboo Hulusi Flute with case
Hulusi Flute
Sale price£75.00
3 in 1 music instrument (guiro, shaker and drum)
Jati Guiro Drum Shaker
Sale price£30.00
Pair of solid wood dundun beaters
Dun Dun Beaters
Sale price£30.00
Lima kenari seed stick shaker with hanging hoop
Lima Kenari Stick Shaker
Sale price£20.00
Matsu wooden castanet spoon clapper
Matsu Castanets
Sale price£20.00
Matsu wooden spoon clacker percussion instrument
Matsu Spoon Clacker
Sale price£20.00
Pocket didgeridoo upright
Pocket Didgeridoo
Sale price£90.00
Shika box type wooden kalimba with deer inlay
Shika Kalimba (17 Note)
Sale price£30.00
Fruit seed husks on a string underneath
String Husk Agogo
Sale price£25.00
String of pangi nut cluster seeds
String Pangi Cluster
Sale price£20.00
String of stainless steel bells
String Sleigh Bells
Sale price£20.00
Jati Block Rainstick Upright
Jati Block Rainstick
Sale price£35.00
Pair of natural wool xylophone beaters
Wool Xylophone Beaters
Sale price£40.00
Jati bamboo thunder spring drum with fish design
Jati Thunder Drum
Sale price£25.00
5 note Indonesian gamelan xylophone
Gamelan Xylophone
Sale price£25.00
holding large lima nut cluster
Lima nut cluster
Sale price£30.00
small monkey drum with wooden handle
Rattlesnake Monkey Drum
Sale price£15.00
White Contemporanea tambourine
Contemporanea Tamborim
Sale priceFrom £35.00
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wooden rattlesnake painted ratchet
Rattlesnake Ratchet
Sale price£20.00

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