wooden tortoise candle tea light holder

Discover the most popular tea light candle holders so that you can add style to your home, restaurant or cafe. Candles are an important addition to any room as they provide a lot more than just light and smell. Candles provide a moment by creating a mood that can help make you feel relaxed, it is almost guaranteed that you would have had a candlelit dinner with either a friend or a loved one. Candles themselves have a range of benefits. The smell from a natural essential oil candle can provide many health benefits whilst producing a romantic atmosphere improving the overall mood of the dinner.

A solo candle is not going to be very attractive to look at and once lit it could quickly make a mess which is why it is important to use an attractive candle holder. an unattractive candle holder can dramatically impact the mood. With that in mind, let's discover the most popular candle holders. 

1. Circle of elephants

circle of elephants resin candle holder

Made from resin, this candle holder has a dark design which allows the light to reflect onto the elephants making it create a relaxing atmosphere. 

2. Circle of friends Surin candle holder

Surin resin candle holder


The Elegant sculpture design on this Surin circle of friends candle holder has been cast in resin and is reminiscent of Kenyan soapstone carvings. To make these beautiful resin figures, a wax original is carefully hand carved and then made into a mould. Into this, the craftsmen are then able to pour the resin and create these wonderful, deep black figures. 

These abstract candle holders have a central base that is perfect to hold T-light candles which is surrounded by abstract human forms with interlocking knotted arms. When epoxy resin is completely polymerised, it cannot contaminate the environment which makes it to eco friendly. Also most resin products can be recycled with other products to be reground back into the original material that it started as. The Surin candle holder is a beautiful candle holder ornament that was made in Thailand, is suitable for for tea light candles, is fairtrade, and makes a perfect gift. The size is approximately 9cm x 9cm x 8cm, weight is 120g.

3. Yin Yang Tea Light Candle Holder Set

ying yang candle holder set

Restore balance with the ying yang candle holder, the attractive set of two candle holders with candle slot together to form the Yin and Yang design. It symbolises two primal opposing but complementary forces found in all things in the universe, the size is approximately: 13cm, and was made in Thailand. A bold Yin and Yang design, Interlocking shapes, Supplied with black and white candles and is of course fair trade, this would make a great gift. Ying Yang essentially means balance, the balance of dark and light. Happy and sad, it can be truly interpreted anyway that you would like. Originating from china, it was found on skeletal bones of various animals in the 14th century. The elements are in fact opposites, however they are inseparable. 

4. Teak Root Candle Holder

solid teak log candle holder

The teak root candle holder has been made from recycled teak root and small off-cut pieces left over from the production of furniture. It is hand crafted in Thailand, teak is a tropical hardwood tree species that comes from the plant family Lamiaceae. Teak is also known as Burmese teak, Central Province teak, as well as Nagpur teak.

Candle holders are specifically designed to improve the look of your candles, bringing back that romantic atmosphere to your restaurant. Each is designed in its own unique way. We pride ourselves on providing a unique range, with each and every one of our holders being carefully crafted to provide a unique look.


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