Katapot Shaker (Sound Demonstration)

Katapot Shaker (Video) 

The Katapot Shaker, a unique percussion instrument from Ghana, creates a lively rhythm with its construction of flattened bottle caps threaded onto a thin stick, featuring a Y-shaped handle for easy grip. Perfect for both percussion enthusiasts and cultural enthusiasts, this shaker adds a distinctive flair to musical performances. They are crafted using a traditional method that involves threading flattened bottle caps onto a thin stick or handle. The bottle caps are typically collected from recycled materials, making the Katapot Shaker an eco-friendly instrument. Katapot Shakers hold cultural significance in Ghanaian society, often used in traditional music and dance performances, as well as in social gatherings and celebrations.


Where to buy the Katapot Shaker?

Katapot Shaker

There are many things we love about the Katapot Shaker, it's natural, it's eco-friendly, and hand crafted. The distinctive sound of the Katapot Shaker comes from the movement of the bottle caps against each other when the instrument is shaken, producing a lively rhythmic sound. You can purchase the Katapot Shaker here.

Sound demo

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