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Beautiful hand-carved mango wood owls, they sit either side of your books and look fantastic at the same time. Owls live within the darkness and are known in mythology for magic, mystery, and ancient knowledge, these are approximately 14.5cms and are a stunning home decor ornament, These are my personal favorite of the bookends we sell, mainly because of the natural wood grain that is on display, and the friendly welcoming appeal from the owls. (which is rare considering they are known as birds of prey.)

They will improve your home decor and will add a level of sophistication, animals and birds are a great thing to have around the home especially considering the symbolism of what they can represent, for example, most animals represent good luck, but thinking like an owl as it's spirit animal can bring you wisdom, good judgment, and knowledge.

Key Features:

  • Stunning owls
  • Holds a large number of books
  • Natural Wood Grain
  • Made from Sustainable Mango Wood
  • Perfect Gift 

Mango wood is extremely sustainable which is great for the environment, this is because once the tree stops producing its sweet delicious fruit, instead of just being cut down and thrown away to restart the process it is made into beautiful pieces of furniture, it can be made into all types of furniture because it is so versatile.

Find out more: All about mango wood

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