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These handmade paper notebook come from the city of Jaipur, India. Jaipur has become well known for their handmade paper production and the industry itself provides thousands of jobs in and around the city. This particular paper is made from mainly recycled cotton and thus reduces waste. An envrionmentally friendly and pollution free method. Each notebook is approximately 8.5cm x 12.5cm. 

The two main themes are based around leaf based triangles, and geometric floral patterns, the designer of these is said to be a young female entrepeneur with a passion for design and it definitely shows! These are not your usual notepads and do not have lines for writing but are more for keeping in a small bag ready for when you need to write something down such as someones number, an event that youd like to attend, etc. Everyone should have one of these! 

We have five different colours and, patterned designs:

- Cocoa brown with orange and pink triangles

- Cocoa brown with teal, and lime triangles

- Grey with teal, and lime triangles

- Cocoa brown with pink and lime flowers

- Cocoa brown with teal and lime flowers

- Grey with teal and lime flowers 

If you would like a specific one, please do leave a delivery note and we will try our best! If you do not contact us beforehand, we will send one at random, but dont worry, they are all great!


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