Set of 4 Coasters & Holder - Carved Culture

Set of 4 Coasters & Holder

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A wonderful set of 4 mango wood coasters in the holder. Featuring a hand-carved elephant motif on each coaster and on either side of the holder. Mango wood is a fast growing wood and therefore a sustainable material. It takes approximately 7 to 10 years to grow which is much less than comparable hardwoods. These can be a gorgeous addition to any dinner table or just used singly to hold your cuppa! Each coaster diameter is approximate: 85mm - Overall size: 97mm x 35mm made in India (Fairtrade.) 

The elephant symbolizes good luck, wisdom, protection, and, fertility. These are a great meaning, and definitely worth having around you. It is quite incredible looking at each individual coaster and knowing that each one has been carefully carved by such talented craftsmen.