corn husk craft

Corn husk is the outer shell of the sweetcorn plant when the cobs have grown and are ready to be harvested, the green peel is usually thrown away. However skilled artists are making great use of this material and are leaving the husks in the sun to completely dry and turn brown.

Once ready they are able to weave them together by hand creating something that instead of just ending up in the bin as waste can be made into something beautiful like a rug that actually becomes the centrepiece of a room. They can also be naturally dyed using Hyacinth to make colour variations.

Husks shouldn’t be thrown away as they can have many uses in the kitchen also, such as cooking food inside, and making tamales (a popular Mexican dish) - a dough is cooked inside a corn husk or banana leaf, afterwards, the corn husk can be used as a plate.

Corn husk rug

Corn husks can be preserved for later use, you will need to wash them with clean water, remove excess water from them by blotting with a cloth and finally rub a little oil on them and place them in the grill until dry and preserved. Explore natural eco-friendly corn husk fibre rugs that are handwoven and carefully dyed with hyacinth.

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